Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Flying Sporran's Weekend Diary-

I was a little startled to see at the weekend a protest by Thais against a German national who
stabbed to death a Labrador belonging to a Thai Royal Navy Chief Petty Officer.

The German national claimed that the unleashed Labrador, or Golden Retriever in earlier reports,  made a vicious attack on himself and his dog as he walked his Rottweiler in Sattahip on the Eastern Seaboard.

Now many dog lovers regard Labradors/Retrievers as very benign dogs and Rottweilers as much more of the attack dog variety.They are on the U.S. list of dogs most likely to kill. But then I also read this report in the Denver Post.

In any case the 65-year-old German Alfred Gatt was fined 1000 baht and in turn he is suing the owner of the Labrador for 300,000 baht for injuries caused. Bad move, though he appears to have genuine injuries he also appears to have, at least the reports say,  stabbed the Labrador 17 times.

German speaking Thai
What he did not perhaps expect was the mob that turned up at his door to protest. According to PattayaOne their leaders were invited in to discuss the matter.  

They declined. They wanted him outside in front of the cameras so they could make a spectacle of the man.  They brought a German speaking Thai along with them.

Coming from a nation of animal lovers, and animal rights groups,  even I was taken aback at the viciousness and language of the protesters.

On their placards they wrote such things as ‘Thai people hate you’’, ‘Ficken (Fick)  Dich’ (F*ck You!) Hau Ab! (scram!) and ‘boese’ and ‘grausam’ – cruel and vicious.

The Petty Officer was there to thank them for their support and police too appeared to be supporting the protesters and posing for pictures with them.

The German’s Thai wife brought out pictures of his injuries but was shouted down.a Rottweiler mob protesting the killing of a Labrador.

Alfred should not volunteer for an interview on Channel 3 to put his of the story and should forget about the court case. Most importantly he should look after his own dog from now on very carefully and he might even consider moving.

Wife shows Mr. Gatt's injuries
Reminds me of the time a newspaper sent me to Nigeria to investigate why German Shepherd Dogs (Alsatians) were being stolen from homes in the U.K. and being crated up and flown to Lagos.

The Nigerians as it turned out clearly needed more guard dogs than the Brits did and were willing to pay good cash (or their security firms were).

I actually saw more human corpses in Lagos than Alsatians being brutalised (including one corpse on a sun lounger in my hotel – apparently it could not be moved until formally identified).

I thereafter spent the rest of my time there in an ex-pat compound sleeping in a cage.

Having written the story thousands of protesters marched on the Nigerian High Commission in London and I was giving interviews to the BBC Nigerian Service.

There still seems to be a thriving dog smuggling trade in Africa though - Alsatians, and Rottweilers, are most in demand.

I do not have a copy of my article any more, but I am sure that once the editors had finished with it the story must have had a racist element. Why else would they be marching? It’s horrible thing racism. Anywhere. I do not think the Sattahip protesters would understand this point though.

Wiki- fatal dog attacks in the U.S.

This shows the increase of attacks by dogs which are actually bred as attack dogs - such as the Pit Bull


Gerry westerby said...

Quite interesting the Thai mindset.This has nothing to with racism but everything to do with their blind nationalism and addiction to mob rule in order to advance their position.
This demonstration is a vivid insight into the thinking. Thai cannot be wrong if a mob is saying otherwise and the fact that a foreigner is the object of their intimidation then so much the better.That is not racism per se since the issue is not one that arises solely out of their difference in ethnicity although ill conceived prejudices may come to the fore in the course of the dispute. If the neighbour had been a Chinese or Japanese would the dispute have been labelled racist?
Racism as a journalistic label is now such a hackneyed phrase as to be quite meaningless but I suppose it mirrors the usage among the lower end of British society that continually employs the term without fully understanding its meaning.

Andrew Drummond said...

Take the German out of the story. Take the German insults out of the story and then read it again GW. Chinese are essentially the same race here. Substitute the German with British,French, Italians and you get the same.
There is nothing wrong with protest. Perhaps they should protest more as former PM Anand says they are being ripped off more than ever by their own govt.
Thais in the 20 years have been here have only had a recent history of protest, it shows coming of age. How else to they change the status quo. The ballot box has not worked.
Look at what the red shirts achieved.

Andrew Drummond said...

apologies for literals

Andrew Drummond said...

PS: Not sure it is a good idea to fight racism with bigotry though. Nationalism is something we all have to a lesser or greater extent.

Ally said...

Except in the UK Andrew, where we have Liberalism and defeatism……

Andrew Drummond said...

Yes but I don't think liberals are running the country at the moment.

Thor Halland said...

I would have joined the Mob. That Old bastard should be kicked out of Thailand.