Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday, December 03, 2012
Coming Soon - A Can Of Worms. -

Following an earlier report here owners of Emerald Palace condominium in Pattaya who found that their properties had been hawked to the Kasikorn Bank by a local developer have received a  sympathetic hearing at the local office of the Attorney General.

With all the faffing about which has gone on during the last year, particularly with representatives of the Bangkok law firm Limcharoen Glanville and Hughes, and the Pattaya Consumer Protection department it seems at last  an official body is looking at this case, and realises it’s a very simple one.

The owners were cheated. Period.

Anyway as this is Thailand I am cautiously optimistic and hopefully one day will be able to give the full story.  I have of course been supporting the residents but one of my mistakes set them back I'm afraid much to my embarrassment. But that will all come out in the progress of time.

Meanwhile I am keeping my fingers crossed for them and hope that maybe even some people will be brought to justice. More of this as it is revealed.

That’s the second good thing to happen today – after hustler Goudie’s failure to prosecute Andy Mathews. Do these things happen in threes?                                                  


Michael Caine said...


sirgordon said...

Hopefully, then followed by a mighty avalanche.

Arun Muruga said...

Whatever happened to that guy in Phuket who was trying to get his view back? Or the Irish guy who was on the run with his children who were locked in the well? A farang was murdered in Phuket this week. It was said to be about a property dispute on Samui. Farangs are getting murdered at such a rate it is hard to keep up with all the stories. You couldn't invent better characters than the ones portrayed on this site.

Dale Thornburg said...

Such an untidy office, I wonder under which stack of papers this case will be buried. Good to finally see the good guys on camera although Haughton on the jet ski is always good for a chuckle.

tamsin said...

Your headline says 'Local' Attorney General's Office. I was aware there is only the main office in Bangkok, no 'local offshoots'. Am I wrong?

Jaap Klasema said...

I think it is probably meant to state: "Public Prosecutor" ?