Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013
ผู้ทรงอิทธิพลกับชายชุดสูท – Special Offer!

Ever wanted to explain to your Thai wife why you have been checking in at every day?

Ever needed to explain those bursts of giggle fits and roars of deep down belly laughing?

Ever wanted to explain why foreigners are continually baffled about community policing down Pattaya way?

Or laughed at a police general announcing: 'There's no mafia here'...and newspapers printing it as gospel?

Or why you keep repeating in your sleep 'What a bunch of wallies!' as you dream the antics of certain Pattaya foreigners?

Well here is the answer to your prayers. The perfect stocking filler and only four months before Christmas! Tomorrow the Thai version of ‘Men in Suits and Influential People’ which roughly translates as
‘Influential People and Men in Suits’ makes its premier on the net.

So don’t forget to check in here. And if you want your own personal copy in English and or Thai please make a contribution to the fighting fund and let me know your mailing address. Limited stocks, er about 15. Contributions larger than the mailing fee appreciated.

(Apologies of course to men with Thai wives, or any wife for that matter, who understand their every action and move)

Here's also a free English lesson to show your wife that there are certain harmless uses of an old English word that even British 'hi so' use occasionally.


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