Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A former Pattaya Brit, Ray Teret,  a chauffeur to disgraced British celebrity Jimmy Savile, has been taken into custody by British police in Manchester.

A spokeswoman for Greater Manchester Police said: "A 71 year-old-man was re-arrested in connection with historic sexual offences against children when he answered his bail on Wednesday October 23.”

"He was also further arrested in connection with a number of other historic sex offences against children.

"He remains in police custody for questioning”

Prior to his return to Britain last year Teret had been living in Pattaya on Thailand’s eastern seaboard where he attended an internet course promoted by the Pattaya Times newspaper.
Ray Teret standing apart on the right. Drew Noyes back row third from left

Drew Noyes, unwashed, showing his
 Success Academy host (right) a good time
at that other learning establishment the
 Buffalo Bar, Pattaya
The seminars were held by the (name deleted by request) Success Academy and were promoted by the Pattaya Times newspaper run by American called Drew Noyes. Drew Noyes also attended special SEO courses offered by the ‘Academy’.

You can learn how to hide your identity on the internet, hide bad stories about yourself, and attack others at will.




Lee said...

The after party seemed to be particularly good, is Teret in any of these pics??

I see the course host and Noyes are in this one..

Tim said...

'Success academy' lol....I remember the original story when the character who runs them went bananas when he was mentioned.

Pattaya, to quote Somerset Maugham, "A sunny place for shady people"

Matt Owens said...

Teret attended an internet seminar, the seminar was advertised in the Pattaya Poat, PP is owned by Drew Noyes.

How does that link Noyes to a Jimmy Savile or any other sex scandal. Is this a bit of unsubstantiated innuendo? Or is there something deeper in this story?

Andrew Drummond said...

It does not link Noyes to a sex scandal. Nor is that the intention. He can do that easily himself. It merely links Noyes to an operation which helps people cover up their misdeeds on the net and teaches them how to attack others behind the cloak of anonymity.

Born2Serf said...

The mind boggles as to why Teret chose to stand alone. With that k***head and his fawning sychophants center stage, I would have elected to be completely out of shot.

Tim said...

Well...he's now been charged with FIFTEEN sexual abuse charges....'success''re being very kind AD not naming the character who organised this caper in Pattaya...

Tim said...

Well, he's now been charged with FIFTEEN sex abuse charges! Wonder what kind of 'success' he was looking for in're being very kind AD not naming the character who organised this caper in pattaya...