Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Police in Thailand said today they had wrapped up the murder of a 68-year-old retired North London garage owner three years after he was knifed and clubbed to death in his paradise retirement home.

Namfon and Raymond Hind
Just a week after a court sentenced the wife of 68-year-old Raymond Hind to life in prison and her lover to 33 years, Thai police today brought in the wife’s missing younger brother – whom they said was the third accomplice.

Komkrit Imnoi, 30, who was arrested in Songkhla, South Thailand, was charged with conspiracy to murder, in a killing which sent chills through the British community in Hua Hin, 200 miles south of Bangkok on the Gulf of Thailand.

Just four years before Toby Charnaud, 42, a gentleman farmer from Chippenham turned Hua Hin bar owner, was clubbed to death, and his body barbecued and chopped into pieces, and distributed around Kaeng Krajan National Park in Thailand, his recently divorced wife Pannada and members of her family.

Witnesses had described how Hind, from Edgware, who owned a garage in Cheshunt, before he married and moved back to Thailand had told friends he was waiting for his own death.

He was already terminally ill from throat cancer and constriction of the arteries, but he was aware of stories from people who knew his wife Bunnag, nicknamed ‘Namfon’ – Falling Rain, that he might be attacked. As a result he kept a shotgun by his bedside. He was also aware his wife had a younger lover Thannakorn Bussa, aged 30, nicknamed 'Lek'.

Benjawong Singtuen, 32, from Kamphaeng Phet province said: 'I worked at her bar when Namfon told me she could not wait for Raymond to die. She said he had promised her 10 million baht but the business and bar were in her name already. She continually asked him to buy her gold.'

'She had a series of other lovers who were both Thai and foreigners'.
Press conference when Namfon and her lover were arrested - inset brother

'She had lived in England with Raymond, who was a very sweet man.  I left her bar. I could not stand her any more. He was very ill. He was dying anyway'.

 Tourist Police chief Colonel Aphichai Thi-amart told him that he would have a chance to defend himself in court, reported DPA.
Ray Hind's retirement home where he was murdered in 2010

   "We want to let tourists and their relatives know that if something bad happens to them in this country, Thai police will never ignore it and will hunt down the culprits," Aphichai said.

Three years ago it never looked like it would turn out this way. Two British pensioners in Hua Hin raised funds to keep the issue alive and to provide a family lawyer - and British Embassy officials accompanied Hind's daughter Zoe to put her name on the prosecution after Namfon succeeded in getting bail.


Drew Noise said...

What about the suicides with 2 hands tied behind their backs, legs tied together, multiple stab wounds and 5 shots into the body before jumping off the 15th floor balcony

jules said...

That is quite a challenging way to kill yourself but how about wriggling yourself into a holdall in your bathroom and zipping it up from the inside? Less messy at least.

Inspector Clueless said...

"We want to let tourists and their relatives know that if something bad happens to them in this country, Thai police will never ignore it and will hunt down the culprits," Aphichai said.

Err possibly Mr. Hind feels somewhat less comfort than the rest of us and our relatives feel after reading his magnanimous statement..

I'll not expand on this case other than to say the people who gave their support to his family risked their lives by doing so.

Anyway...Thank Goddddddddd....I'm gonna sleep so much better tonight after reading this post...I've put away my Batton's, Mace and unloaded my water pistols forever as I'm now convinced I'm living in Utopia!

Thank You Khun Aphichai