Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday, November 25, 2013
Walaiwan at Stephen's cremation


Sad news from Briton as the elderly 82-yer-old  mother of Briton Stephen Phillips, who was gunned down outside his home in Isaan in August 2012, fears being evicted from her home while requests are being made from Thailand for his £200,000 plus savings and contents ot his will.

Stephen Phillips’ death was reported by the British Embassy on August 24th 2012.  

On August 9th Stephen Phillips, a retired Network Rail supervisor  had married Wilaiwan Parncharlie at Promprabsattroopai district office in Baan Phai  district of Khon Khen after what is reported to have been a stormy relationship.

Then amazingly the following day  on August 10th he wrote a will at the offices of lawyer Ms Peeranut Kraegkham leaving everything to his new bride – that included his flat in Torquay, Devon, occupied by his mum 82-year-old Mrs. Anne Kingston, his savings in Lloyd-TSB of £210,000 plus £18,000 in another account.

Stephen Phillips
Wilaiwan was accused of hiring the gunmen.  Police said they had no doubt of her involvement.

And they appeared  to have been some remarkable police work.
The Provincial Police Chief Major General Kacha Thartsart took a personal interest in the case and this is how police said they discovered she was the mastermind.

On raiding her house police found a 7/11 receipt for payment to top up a mobile phone, plus a box which contained a mobile phone.

They were able to check the serial number and telephone’s IMEI code. With that they were able to discover she used separate SIM cards to contact, the fixer, the gunman and the driver.

Since they knew the exact time all the phones were topped up, they were able to go to various 7/11 shops in the provinces of Korat, Kon Khaen and Buri Ram and pick up the CCTV video of all those involved in the plot.

Arrest warrants were issued both for the alleged gunman Wicharn Parnicum and for the fixer Pornchai Gerdyoo. Both however were believed to have fled to Cambodia.

The driver however full co-operated with the police and confirmed their findings, police said.

But three months ago the Khon Khaen Provincial Court acquitted Mrs Phillips of all charges.

Police Major General Kacha has since been transferred to Chonburi Province of Thailand. 

Now, say relatives in Torquay, Devon, Wilaiwan, is demanding the banks settle the terms of the will.

As Britain will not interfere in the judicial process of Thailand, at least not officially, and the court has ruled in her favour, there appears little to stop the grieving widow Wilaiwan going to Britain and also selling what has become 81-year-old
Wicharn Parnicum - alleged
Anne Kingston’s home.

Phillips' mum, relatives and friends in Britain are understandably fraught – particularly as they thought it was an open and shut case.



Andrew Drummond said...

Thanks Daniel

Gerry westerby said...

My understanding is that there can be no disposition of the estate in the UK until probate has been granted. Given the circumstances surrounding the death and the dubious judicial decison to acquit, clearly not founded upon anything as mundane as the available evidence and therefore one must assume other factors have operated upon the mind of the courts and police prosecution, I would think the victim's surviving family in the UK have more than enough to delay the process. The family should make immediate representations to their MP and the Foreign Office. They should also lodge a formal complaint with their local police. Contesting probate will tie the estate up for years. The wretched woman won't gain from her crime but expecting any help from British embassy is a waste of time. They are useless.

Pierre said...

Interesting marriage certificate reads "Stephan" not Stephen, wonder if that invalidates it? Cant they put a caveat on the property, and furthermore as Gerry has said surely the will is a questionable document that must be challenged? Probating a Thai will in a British Probate court surely there are questions surrounding this also.

Graeme Smith said...

Further the Marriage Certificate states the 2 parties are Mr Stephan Eric Phillips and Mrs Wilaiwan Parncharlie. My understanding is if she had been never married before then it would “Miss” but the use of Mrs indicates a prior marriage. Presumably at the registry office there will be documentation stating her previous marriage and a copy of the divorce certificate such that she could legally marry Mr Phillips.

Graeme Smith said...

With regard to the Will shown in your report of 1st October 2012. My understanding from your report is the Will was prepared by the lawyer Ms Kreagkhan or Krengkham ( two different spellings in the Will ??) and typed up in her office rather than Mr Phillips preparing the document himself, bringing to the legal office and then signing. Can you clarify?

jules said...

If the Will and marriage were deficient then as his civil partner she would be entitled to the first 450k, which looks like the whole estate.
The High Court has discretion NOT to grant her probate and can rule her "unworthy to succeed" which is rare but a conviction for murder of the spouse is sufficient. Being charged with murder and not prosecuted is not enough.

Christy S. said...

Graeme Smith, Thailand's misguided, wholly erred bow to feminism is to allow women to choose their marital status- but still they have to declare one way or the other on ID documents and such. Foreign women such as myself, insisting on the marital neutral Ms., ( as men have with Mr.) which with some insistence is on my residency certificate from the Immigration Department, get punished with Miss (and snide giggling.)

Jan said...

Thank you!! Christy S. all your information is greatly appreciated, I am his niece who helped him get his first passport to travel abroad and start his life after years of hard working, we did tell him to be careful in Thailand, he was a very kind hearted man and did not deserve to die like that!!

Pierre said...

Isn't there a solicitor or barrister prepared to represent the Mother of Stephen Phillips pro bono. This disgusting excuse for a human being should not receive 1 pence of his money and she has to be fought at all junctions. Surely someone can help out an old lady, it would be what the deceased wanted.