Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday, January 16, 2014
'YOU'RE NICKED!' - SPC Bower caught on the loose again in Cambodia

A former British Special Constable, who fled Britain while staying at a bail hostel under licence having served a sentence for paedophile offences, has been found wandering freely about in Cambodia having been jailed there too for sexually abusing young boys.

Ian Paul Bower, 48, was last night detained at Phnom Penh International airport by Immigration Police and taken into custody after having a deportation order against him annulled..

He had been sentenced to two years jail in 2012 for paying five Cambodian boys at a local temple in Phnom Penh from as little as 8p to £1.15p for sexual favours.

But he was first arrested in Cambodia in 2007 for abusing two brothers aged 12 and 14 while he was teaching English. But he was released when the children withdrew their statements.

At the time Christine Beddoe, director of the campaigning child protection organisation ECPAT said:

“We are appalled by the inaction of the UK Government who failed to negotiate a diplomatic arrangement to request Cambodian authorities to deport Bower. 
“Innocent children were abused because the UK was unable or unwilling to seek the removal of Bower from Cambodia. 
"Bower is a wanted and dangerous criminal in the UK, he now should serve his sentence in Cambodia and face the full power of the British courts when he returns.”

When he was jailed in 2012 the court ordered him to be deported on completion of his sentence. But again he managed to slip the net. Last year the Cambodian Appeal court oddly dropped the deportation order after an application from Bower's Cambodian lawyer.

His presence at the airport in Phnom Penh suggests he may have been attempting to go to another South East Asian country, either Thailand or Laos. The removal of the deportation order would have given him a choice. But the papers he left prison with would have no longer been valid.

He should now be deported back to the United Kingdom. British police may be called to accompany him back home, where he still has to be dealt with by the authorities for absconding.

Bower from Ilkeston, Derbyshire, was first convicted in 2004 at Derby Crown Court for abusing a 14-year-old boy and downloading and downloading indecent pictures of children. 
Pochentong International Airport - Cambodia Airports (C)

He was sentenced to three years and nine months and on his release in January 2006 it was conditional on his staying at the Burdett Lodge Bail Hostel in Derby. But he disappeared the following month.

Last night Pin Piseth, chief of the Immigration Police Department said: ‘ Ian Paul Bower, a British national, has been arrested for not possessing legal travel documents while living in Cambodia.”

He declined to comment further.


ap said...

In this day and age you would think scum like this would be on the radar 24/7 and people who are or claim to be teachers need to be properly vetted by an International service. To many of these beasts go under the portfolio of teachers. If I was a teacher I wouldn't want to be associated with the bad publicity it gathers. Seems in these areas that if you want to be a teacher then you can. It also makes one wonder how some teachers can barely even speak English but can obtain placements. Maybe its the 15,000 a month salary they get instead of the usual 30 plus. Could it also be that someone gets to keep the change?

Inspector Clueless said...

Up to a point I'd agree with you but when there's been so many UK Paedo's recently uncovered but known about for years i.e. Cabinet Ministers, Senior Police Officers, MI5 / MI6 operatives even Royalty all in the UK.

These were people who incidentally were on the radar 24/7 because of their celebrity / political status and they still carried out sickening abuses on vulnerable children.

Do a little research re Ted and Leon not to mention the "Morning Cloud" Ted's boat and the Elite Club all involving abuse, corruption and possible murder you will be shocked...I was!

The press suspected senior politicians and the likes of Jimmy Saville for years, the BBC dropped a documentary (see YouTube) re his abuse of young girls on editorial grounds of course.

So it's possible the Police, Politicians, Civil servants aren't proactive to the problems of monitoring Paedophiles as they could and should be!