Saturday, January 11, 2014

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tyson (right) and Rujiwan Pathumtavaphibal 
David Tyson, the rather effete conman exposed here some time ago for promoting a dodgy shopping card in Pattaya through the Pattaya People Media Corporation, is still conning his way around the world.

Have taken people for more than a few bucks in Thailand he went on to do the same in Vietnam, Paris, London and Germany.

An old colleague of his has written in to admit that he was completely fooled by Tyson to whom he lent his BMW 7 series car. While running around France and Germany Tyson trashed it and managed to part exchange it for another car for which he did not pay the balance.

So called friends let him rent an apartment in Paris the rent for which he never paid – oh well it goes on. He also steals people documents and uses them to form companies.

He tried to set up Global-I-Care  in Vietnam after failing with the Pattaya People. This promoted a shopping card using which the cardholders could nominate a local charity to make a small benefit for every transaction.

Among the charities was the Father Ray Foundation - which of course got zilch.
Whatever happened to the Pattaya-Poeple-Global-I-care Pattaya Card? Tyaon, Rujiwan the Mayor and Colov

The only benefactors were Tyson and his Thai female side-kick Rujiwan Pathumtavaphibal . I do not know if Niels Colov got paid for the massive promotions in the Pattaya People and Pattaya People Television.

He probably won’t be coming back to Pattaya.  But watch out anyway. Here's his passport


ap said...

Thats oor Wullies picture from the Scottish comic is it not.

Lee said...

I bet if asked Colov will be using the "oh poor me, I never got paid" defence as with Harlequin

Nicole Tyson said...

Nothing ever changes with david

Dominic S said...

Has anyone followed up on Tyson whereabouts?

lenny said...

He did the same thing in Kuala Lumpur before heading to Pattaya. During his time in KL his wife was an Aussie woman with her son. He did the same thing in KL as he has done in Pattaya and in so many parts of Asia and Europe.

Karma awaits said...

That would be his third wife. He left his second wife with huge debts.
Hes back in Australia with his smiiiles card. Another scam.