Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday, March 07, 2014

Time and time again this site has been contacted by English language teachers working in schools in Thailand, who have complained about anything from physical attacks to straight forward cheating and on payment of wages.

These complaints also range from schools refusing to process the teachers’ work applications through the relevant ministeries so that they are working illegally, to actually refusing to pay orders made by the Labour Court, and of course refusing to issue teaching contracts.

While the big international schools usually do things by the book, some very well known schools have been on the complaints list.

Websites have been set up before where people have been allowed to air those problems. They have failed. It’s a libel minefield out there.  We cannot get into issues where there is just one witness on either side. We have to work with paperwork.

What we can do is issue warnings where documentation comes from the Labour Court.

At the moment Thailand lags far behind most ASEAN countries in English language skills. A safe and proper environment for English language teachers. If you have such a problem we would like to hear from you.

We also welcome input from the established websites for teachers in Thailand.

Below - wounded foreign teacher after an attack by a University administrator


Gunboat Bill said...

Don't you reckon it's kind of hard to blame the schools for conning the teachers, when the teachers/agencies are conning the schools?

Andrew Drummond said...

Well if the teacher's agencies are conning the schools lets hear about that - But how can they? - Do not the schools do due diligence?

Dale Thornburg said...

With three children in or on their way to international school, I'm the one being conned.

Andrew Drummond said...

Probably cheaper sending them to Eton or West Point Dale

Gunboat Bill said...

Due diligence in Thailand?

In my experience, due diligence is directly proportional to the amount of kickback the agency is willing to pay.

Gunboat Bill said...

sorry...directly proportional is meant to be inversely proportional...