Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday, May 03, 2014


A Thai Ministry of Justice pathology team have reached the preliminary conclusion that journalist and film-maker David Walker did not die a natural death, a family source said last night.

But they believe Walker, 58, from Edmonton, Alberta, died where his body was found – and that there was a struggle, possibly lasting as much as five minutes, before he died, near the Gate of Death, at Angkor Thom.

This contradicts earlier reports which stated that he must have been killed elsewhere. But the team will make no official comment until their work is concluded.

The team leader of the seven member team is reported as saying that they will not be able to determine the time of death or even the day of death but they have been granted the right permissions to remove the body for a proper post mortem at Bangkok Police hospital.

A Cambodian lawyer has now been appointed to represent the interests of the family, namely his cousin Tammy Wallbridge-Madon, the family source stated,  and Immigration Police and the Prosecutor, it is understood, will approach the magistrates on Monday morning to have the case formally changed from that of ‘missing person’ to ‘suspicious death’.

Walker with Sonny Chhoun his partner in Animist Farm Films - Richard S Ehrlich

Walker, a journalist, film-maker, and Hollywood fixer, went missing on February 14th from the Green Village, Angkor Guest House, 11 miles away in Siem Reap.

A friend Canadian Professor Peter Vronsky said on Canada TV yesterday that Walker had a relationship with the Canada Security Intelligence Agency and was known to recently have had meetings with Khmer returnees from Canada who had businesses in Siem Reap.

Walker had also served in the British Army’s controversial 14th Intelligence Company in Northern Ireland.

But in later years be became a journalist and film fixer. He had worked as a researcher for the BBC’s investigative journalist Sue Lloyd Roberts, often known as SLR, and on the set of the film ‘The Beach’ he was production consultant for Leonardo di Caprio.