Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fans of Roscoe Maloney – that half Aussie half Sri Lankan rogue who ripped off millions from investors in schemes to invest in their own private forests – can, I can now reveal find him basking in the sun and his earnings on Australia’s Gold Coast.

The former boss of Touchwood which ripped off expat investors in Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Dubai, as well as a lot of local Thai investors, last month started a new company and registered it with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Ah the Australian Securities Investment Commission – truly Australia’s lame duck. Viewers of ABC’s Four Corners can see just how limp wristed this government controlling body is – It is known by some as the Awfully Stupid Investment Commission – but to an Aussie with a corked hat I know ‘ anally stupid investment c****s!’. It seems a lot of people have lost their life savings on Australian investment funds run by people who were deported for stealing a loaf of bread from a shop in Bethnal Green.

Anyway Roscoe founded such companies as ‘Touchwood’ inviting foreigners to invest in Agar wood, a wood used in incense, who saw their investments go up in smoke. He had plantations in Thailand, Sri Lanka and Cambodia.  But of course this guy could not even grow watercress in a sponge.

He has now founded a company called Longhorn in Southport on Queensland’s Gold Coast, where the sun comes at you from the west all morning and hides behind all the skyscrapers the Aussies built on the beach, but nevertheless is a lot warmer than the British resort of the same name.

Give me your money
On this site we have been following his movements since he bought a second hand car in Perth. He had an address there but said he planned to move to the Gold Coast to open a bakery with a revolutionary new product.  Bread?

Roscoe is also in trouble in his native Sri Lanka where he has taken down more than a few of his compatriots.

When I say trouble I mean of course lots of people hate him, lots of people have been ruined.

But the chances of any financial authority, let alone a cop, pouncing on him and getting the money back is as likely as finding a four leaved clover in the Great Australian Outback.

Meanwhile from Cambodia sources tell me he is trying to sell land their he acquired for a plantation at a very good rate. The rate was apparently so good that he does not appear to have full control. Hoisted by his own petard perhaps.


teddy said...

Southport UK my home town, & yes it does get cold there.

Always wondered why anybody who was robbed by this character does not go and look him up . There is an address for him and his movements will be followed