Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday, August 09, 2014

News today for the South East Asian victims of the great LM financial fund Ponzi scam. This scam has ruined many people in Thailand who put their life savings, or had their Financial Advisers put their life savings into this fund believing it was as safe as an Australian Bank.

The boss, whose actions have ruined the lives of so many people, has now set up his own website, to defend himself. It can be found here

Peter Drake complains of being intimidated, in particular ‘by one fat Englishman’ and said he has been recording the calls of those who abuse him. 

This appears to be a therapeutic exercise for people who now have to throw themselves at the mercy of social security departments around the western world.

Drake seems to describe everyone but himself as incompetent. (This may be true. In his case his actions sound deliberate) He also claims poverty, well maybe apart from that 18-year-old house in Fiji and the stuff he has put in other people’s names and trusts etc. He complains of press lies and distortions.

Amazingly – just like our Pattaya scammers he throws up his wife as a victim of these ‘haters’.

His arrogant defence also sounds a lot like the one put up by some financial advisers in Bangkok. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What a nerve that English guy has got! Having the audacity to come around face to face and ask for the money back. Money somebody probably worked long and hard for, now lost by these people who just think they can walk away without any accountability. If ASIC is involved we can safely assume nobody will be held responsible or prosecuted. That is the most predictable outcome.

Anonymous said...

There has been serious skullduggery in the Australian Commonwealth bank and as usual ASIC has done little to protect people from the scamsters.

jules said...

Pter has allowed comments on his blog!!!! oops.

The best response from Peter's viewpoint was one chap who requested everyone back off so they could at least hear his story. The others ranged from abuse to support for physical action.