Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Friends of Adam Pickles the 42-year-head of English at an international school in Thailand reacted with fury today as another Briton who allegedly attacked him and put him in a coma walked free from a Thai court.

Adam Pickles, from Bradford, was attacked in Pattaya three years ago in apparent ‘road rage’ attack after Adam glanced the vehicle of another Brit Sean Henry Tinsley, from Wolverhampton, who was offering a ‘visa service’ in the town.

It’s alleged Pickles was attacked from behind by Pickles with a wheel brace. 

He went into a coma and has not come out of it. He is still under care after being flown back to Yorkshire.

The prosecution are understood to have presented CCTV evidence.

The family has already protested to their local MP about irregularities in the trial process.

Tinsley had previously been arrested by Thai Police for visa fraud  and many of  his clients were arrested and had to pay ‘heavy fines’ of 200,000 baht each after they bought visas off Tinsley, which were provided by a rogue Thai official. 

No case however was proceeded with.

Today Pattaya Court acquitted Tinsley, from Wolverhampton. 

Further details later when the judgment is released.

However below is the immediate reaction from friends of the well loved Head of English at the International School of the Regents.

Quite some anger is expressed and I have 'redacted' a little. But I really feel for his family and friends. The news was broken by Adam's father Andrew on this Facebook page.

Letter from British MP to Foreign Secretary


Ally said...

There is no justice for the victims or innocent in Thailand.

Andre Machielsen said...

Definitely so in a Pattaya court it seems.

HorseDoctor said...

Right we all know it , so we ( who live and visit ) make the choice to be in these circumstances where if we are attacked, it is likely no justice will be served. What does that say about us?

Are Thai expats deficient ?

Case Watch Asia said...

Why aren't you reporting Tinsley in custody after being jailed by Court of Appeal Andrew ?

Andrew Drummond said...

No particular reason Bwian. \Its been adequately covered though. And I am watching developments

Andrew Drummond said...

But I see u have been hovering around the prison again looking for clients