Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014



A resort on the Thai island where Hannah Witheridge and David Miller were brutally murdered has come in for a drubbing on tripadvisor.

The resort which has featured most heavily in the press and s owned by the local head man has been rated #47 out of 47 on Koh Tao on tripadvisor - but at least one reviewer has listed it as the worst in the Thailand, and another the worst place he has ever stayed.

The resort, which appears to have had bad reviews even before the brutal murders,  has A revue saying ‘if you value your life don’t stay here’. Most of the complaints are about rude staff and general cleanliness. You couldn't make them up.

One reviewer said he 'didn't find any, worst place in thailand'. And others warned people to stay away because the hotel is ‘mafia’ run,   One said he had to run out of the resort and staff laughed when he asked for money back.

Reviewers complain of everything from pubic hairs in the bed to rude offensive and arrogant staff and another said: 'If you value your well being don't stay here."

He apparently had a 'deeply unpleasant experience'. The reviewer who complained of a dirty room, and and pubic hairs in the bed, claimed his friend was harrassed at the bar by drug dealer, and described the resort as 'vile, not worth the money."

But there was one good review by 'Travelling Asia' who found it friendly and welcoming though dated.

But the next reviewer said he would have been better off in a hostel. In fact there are 11 pages of reviews and they get worse and worse.


Thai Police have denied there are 'mafia' on Koh Tao. If there were, they would of course have been told about them.

Tomorrow two Burmese migrant workers are due to appear in court in Koh Samui charged with the rape and murder of Hannah Witheridge and the murder of David Miller.

Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun, both 21,are not expected to plea. They will be remanded for 12 days a a time until the prosecution is ready to proceed. 

It is understood that their defence lawyers may request the assistance of the British authorities in DNA identification evidence. 

Despite Thai police protests Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun are widely believed to be scape goats for more sinister people on Koh Tao.

For legal reasons we are not identifying the resorts


Christy S. said...

This is quite a phenomena, crowd based sleuthing with a dose of internet mass swarming.
CSI LA facebook page has directed the review " attacks" in global based waves on several key businesses on the island and is planning more until a certain person gives up a DNA sample and the UK authorities conduct an independent evaluation of the samplings.
The evidence for his guilt is compelling, not least of which is dead ringer CCTV footage.

Peter Pan said...

Christy, all ratings I have read on, tripadivsor or other booking engines were given before the murder date. 90% of those are negative with (Quote): "special advise to women - don't go there unless you want to get fukced or buy any drugs". No attacks yet but the phenomena is, that people still book there despite those ratings.

The pressure is piling up and I guess that we might get a Thai compromise soon with a third person appearance to save face of the BIB and calm down the General public - possibly - not.

tootsieboy said...

What is the name of the hotel (resort')?

Andrew Drummond said...

Oh I can't do all your work for you Tootsie. Its rated no 47 of 47 Koh Tao hotels/resorts on Tripadvisor. All references to mafia have now been removed on Trip Advisor

Henri Lenaerts said...

Henri Lenaerts said...

Henri Lenaerts said...

Henri Lenaerts said...

can I ?