Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A woman tourist and her young daughter were taken on a terrifying three kilometer ride on the back of a raging elephant which first trampled its mahout to death, Thai television reported tonight.
Posing happily at the start of the ride - PICTURE ASTV

The woman and her eight year old daughter were on an elephant trek in Phangna, Southern Thailand when the elephant went berserk  killing 60-year-old mahout Sook Submark.

The 18-year-old bull elephant named 'Cat'  owned by  Puvara Tour elephant camp then charged off and was found thee kilometres away in a palm oil plantation with the mother and daughter still on its back.

Staff of the elephant camp shot the elephant with two tranquiliser darts with the Russians still ‘on board’ and a mahout managed to jump on to let them down to safety – said the ASTV report.

The body of the dead mahout was later recovered from a canal.

Elephant 'Meaow' (CAT)  later being calmed down' 


ThaiDyed said...

One more example of abuse, and its devastating effects grossly common in Thailand. This poor elephant so very highly likely had been restrained, contained, abuse for labor and profit to the point the elephant finally broke down.

Will there be any story, any where in the media, about the conditions the elephant was subjected to--and for God knows how many years--along side announcement of investigation? Never happen. Ever a humane word to the tragedy for the animal? If pigs could fly. But, of course "blame the elephant" not the too often despicable state of Thailand.

mattowensrees said...

Speculation, Thaidyed. You don't know what happened any more than anyone else. The elephant may have been in must and should not have been used that day. . That does not excuse the practice of using animals when it is not safe to do so.

HorseDoctor said...

It is well documented the abuse these animals suffer. If people knew, they probably would not patronize such businesses.

Christy S. said...

Even Time magazine knows about it ;