Sunday, February 8, 2015

Sunday, February 08, 2015

Drew Noyes, Pattaya’s famous American, who once claimed to the only American licensed to practice law on the Thai eastern seaboard is back in court in Pattaya tomorrow – this time in a child custody case.

The child in question is not one four from his first Thai wife Nittaya Chaisit, who is illiterate and does not know she owns property in the United States controlled by a power of attorney assigned to Drew Noyes.

Nor is it the child Noyes fathered by her niece  and daughter of his former chauffeur (now dead) – the subject of some controversy on the net – due to girls’s age.

Noyes was never a lawyer - in the US he was the subject of a major expose in the Morning Star in Wilmington, North Carolina for property and share fraud - and sexual harrassment.

Nor is it any of the three children of his common law wife Wanrapa Boonsu, with whom he is appealing a two year prison sentence for the attempted extortion of Michel Goulet of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien.

This latest case involves a young woman who worked at his PAPPA Co. Ltd in Thepprasit Road, Pattaya, now the One Stop Service.

The mother. now linked to a former British Army officer, is  seeking sole custody after being steam rollered, say legal advisers, at an earlier hearing.

Noyes had claimed he was a wealthy and educated businessman and was taking the child to the United States for her education.

Not surprisingly the mother, who inititally believed Noyes stories about himself, does not feel he is a person who should be bringing up her daughter.

Will Noyes be bringing a so called former Captain in the Royal Marines – Brian Goudie – a colleague in actions against this site to be a character witness. I think not.

Noyes is currently on bail but on a previous occasion has been escorted by Thai military through Suvarnabhumi airport, which he boasted about on Facebook.

As he still has cash there is little belief in Pattaya they he will do real time.

Michael Goulet points to Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu on day of their arrest

UPDATE: This case was adjourned to April. Noyes request a compromise. The mother refused.


Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal. said...

Am I right in thinking the FBI would be most interested in The old bloated criminal involvement with a young girl?

Tommy Weapon said...

United States law is very clear on this.

"The extraterritorial sexual exploitation of children is the act of travelling to a foreign country and engaging in sexual activity with a child in that country. Federal law prohibits an American citizen or resident to travel to a foreign country with intent to engage in any form of sexual conduct with a minor (defined as persons under 18 years of age). It is also illegal to help organize or assist another person to travel for these purposes. This crime is a form of human trafficking, also referred to as child sex tourism. Convicted offenders face fines and up to 30 years of imprisonment"

(For more information, see Citizen's Guide to Federal Law on the Extraterritorial Sexual Exploitation of Children).

"Each year, Americans are convicted of committing this crime against children. While some offenders are pedophiles who preferentially seek out children for sexual relationships, others are situational abusers. These individuals do not consistently seek out children as sexual partners, but do occasionally engage in sexual acts with children when the opportunity presents itself. Children from developing countries are seen as easy targets by American perpetrators because they are often disadvantaged by unstable or unfavourable economic, social, or political conditions, or their home country lacks effective law enforcement against this crime."

Perhaps the most fitting comment is the following-

"Some perpetrators rationalize their sexual encounters with children with the idea that they are helping the children financially better themselves and their families."

Sounds like a guy we all know.

Tommy Weapon said...

US Law

" Section 2423(c) of Title 18, United States Code, prohibits United States citizens or legal permanent residents from traveling from the United States to a foreign country, and while there, raping or sexually molesting a child or paying a child for sex. Citizens can be punished under this law even if the conduct they engaged in was legal in the country where it occurred. For example, if an individual traveled to a country that had legalized prostitution, and while they were there they paid a child for sex, that individual could still be convicted under this statute. The penalty for this provision is up to 30 years in prison."

Thai law.

Section 279 "Whoever, commits an indecent act on a child not yet over fifteen years of age, whether such child shall consent or not, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding ten years or fined not exceeding twenty thousand Baht, or both."

"If the commission of the offence according to the first paragraph, the offender commits it by threatening by any means whatever, by doing any act of violence, by taking advantage of such child being in the condition of inability to resist, or by causing such child to mistake him for another person, the offender shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding fifteen years or fined not exceeding thirty thousand Baht, or both."

Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal. said...

Thirty thousand Baht for raping a wonder this place is a pedos play ground......

Requiem Mass said...

I wonder if Drew has figured out that courthouses now only will bring more humiliation on him.

Claes said...

Nice work Tommy. Can you answer this one for us. If the mother of the child is Drew's wife's niece, does that not make Drew the girl's uncle? I am of the understanding that this child was conceived when Drew was still married to Nittiya.
So apart from the girl's age being an issue, is this not also considered incest?
What is the legal point of veiw in the states about having sexual relations with your, er, relations.

Claes said...

I have had an interesting conversation on Sunday with a group of Motorcycle enthusiasts in Pattaya who are a little Mad, and love Dogs. They are very interested in catching up with Uncle Drew.

Claes said...

Drew's fake law office on Thepprasit road looks to be unaffected by all his legal woes and operating as if nothing has happened. Maybe they are busy working on all of Drew's personal cases.
I hope he loses the custody case tomorrow. I know I wouldn't trust my child with 'Uncle Drew"

Claes said...

No Requiem, he believes his on bullshit.

Claes said...

"Some perpetrators rationalize their sexual encounters with children with the idea that they are helping the children financially better themselves and their families."
Complete and utter bullshit excuse. You don't rape children to 'help' their family. Nonsense!

Jay Sata said...

I think the most self confident self assured person on this planet might be looking at Drew Noyes and suggesting he might run out of luck.

But this guy has no bounds including citing the Thai Royal Family as endorsing his reason for being in Thailand.

Will he run out of luck?

Andrew Drummond said...

Oh God - not the dreaded Jesters!

Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal. said...

The old bloated criminal isn't that hard to find and as for catching up with him......he's an overweight pensioner.......wouldn't be that hard, my 2 year old could put run him.

Tommy Weapon said...

Well in regards to the above questions, all I can do is urge any US citizen who reads this site to report Noyes via the FBI website or through their consulate. We must also ask why nothing has been done about him previously given the extensive publicity he has received. Is it incompetence or are they just ignoring this guy's crimes? The fact his dodgy law company was recommended on a consulate website shows how much they look into these things. You must basically gift wrap them a guilty person before they'll act it seems. The Thai police are useless, they are just clueless about the Stooges and their games.

Claes said...

Thanks for the update Andrew, but do we know where the daughter is now. I have been told that the child in this case is a girl about 11 years old.
With the recent revelations about Uncle Drew, it is not just the mother concerned about the girls welfare but probably most of the readers of this site.
Sorry but it is unclear from your writing above where the girl is now, with the mother, with Drew or has she already been shipped of to the States where some of his other children have already been located?

Claes said...

He is a bit more elusive than what you might think. A Motorcycle enthusiast who is a little Mad and loves Dogs has in fact been to see him in the fake law office. The staff refused to say where Drew was but the enthusiast was told to fill out a form requesting name, phone number, nationality, passport number, reason for his visit along with a whole lot of other stuff. He declined to fill out the form as he wasn't there for any legal or visa advice. He informed the staff he would come back another time.

Tommy Weapon said...

People who have followed this site and the guy in question will remember a blog where this person tried desperately to explain how he was helping this girl. That's why I posted this line from the US child abuse website. "Some perpetrators rationalize their sexual encounters with children with the idea that they are helping the children financially better themselves and their families." This is exactly what this man was trying to say via his alias on the forum in question. I or most people have no doubt who that man was. A person who writes in such a transparent way it is obvious. Like another guy who constantly uses the term 'under Thailand's tough computer crimes laws' I don't know who they think they are fooling.

Claes said...

According to the National Center for Victims of Crime a large proportion of rape committed in the United States is perpetrated by a family member:

Research indicates that 46% of children who are raped are victims of family members (Langan and Harlow, 1994). The majority of American rape victims (61%) are raped before the age of 18; furthermore, 29% of all rapes occurred when the victim was less than 11 years old. 11% of rape victims are raped by their fathers or step-fathers, and another 16% are raped by other relatives.
Adults who as children were incestuously victimized by adults often suffer from low self-esteem, difficulties in interpersonal relationships, and sexual dysfunction, and are at an extremely high risk of many mental disorders, including depression, anxiety, phobic avoidance reactions, somatoform disorder, substance abuse, borderline personality disorder, and complex post-traumatic stress disorder.