Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday, February 27, 2015



By Andrew Drummond
Today in the second instalment of Bangkok Boiler Rooms for the first time we publish letters from two boiler room employees who worked for Briton Paul John Hayward and American Mark Hutcherson – and who were jailed for 18 years.

These letters have long since been passed on to British law enforcement officers as was a file detailing over a thousand British victims in a major fraud scam carried out under the phony brokerage name Jackson Cole in the early 2000s.

But British law enforcement authorities never acted on the information, even though there were known victims, witnesses, documents implicating the bosses, and bank accounts.

Off the record at the time an officer said there was interest but the major stumbling block was Thai police who considered it a victimless crime - the victims were not in Thailand - and might possibly be involved. 'Its something we have been looking at.'.

A boiler room butterfly flaps his wing in Bangkok and a farmer loses US$30,000 in Blackburn, Lancashire

This was one of Hayward's first ventures as a go-it-alone wolf after the fall of the Brinton Group in well publicised raids in Bangkok.

Those files also included signed agreements on how the fraudsters would distribute the spoils and who would be responsible for what expenses.

JC -Serviced office in Belgium
Paul Hayward, aka Paul Hilton, and Hutcherson were infuriated when two American-Thai brothers James and John McCleary quit their jobs taking with them incriminating material.

But according to the McCleary brothers they both had power over the Thai police – which they say was financially based – and, apparently over the US authorities.

The McCleary brothers say they were handed over to police after turning up at the US Embassy to register their baby children as US citizens.

This story centres on the kidnap in April 2007 of American Mark Hutcherson, from Georgia, who was described in the Thai press as being a businessman in the oil business.

The kidnap took place, the McCleary brothers claim, after they went to Thai police with material on the boiler rooms, having heard that Paul Hayward, from Birmingham, UK, had offered 200,000 Thai baht to anyone who could find their address.

They deny any participation in the kidnap of Hutcherson, and looking at their history, it seems unlikely that these two men, who went to work as English language teachers after leaving the Hutcherson-Hayward boiler room, would have the wherewithal to do so.

But at a Thai police press conferebnce police lied to say that McCleary brothers were part of a kidnap gang, who fled arrest in the United States.

From the Nation April 7 2007

Paul Hayward
This was clearly not true.

The McCleary brothers claim that they did not know they were joining a boiler room – but because of their knowledge of Thai at some stage Hayward and Hutcherson wanted to get them to help with their dealings with the Thai Police.

I can find no record against them in the United States.

And one question is, ‘Is it at all feasible that the US authorities did not know the background of Hutcherson?

The answer is no.

His name had been made public when his Atlanta based Commodities Company was shut down by regulators.

He was a phony oil man selling phony oil shares.

But in reports sent back to the US this must have been reviewed as an FBI success.

Here first is an interview with a former boiler room employee who was involved in the Jackson Cole scam selling a product called Secure-Tee. It was published in the FraudRecovery Blog, which is maintained by victims of Bangkok boiler rooms.

But now here is the story from the McCleary brothers point of view.

Both were jailed for 18 years for the kidnap while the Thai police officers involved got 12 years.

There of course is an obvious discrepancy. In any civilized country the police would have received much more severe sentences in comparison because they were in a position of trust.

What would make a judge make this decision?

The editing notations were made by a friend who was assisting the McCleary Brothers.

LEGAL: Paul Hayward a Bangkok businessman associated with night clubs and sex clubs denies he is the Paul Hayward in the story and has not  had any connection with boiler rooms.


Tommy Weapon said...

"The petty thief is imprisoned but the big thief becomes a feudal lord".

Chuang Tze 400 BC

Tommy Weapon said...
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john mccleary said...

Paul Hayward is leaving disclaimers that he's not the one in Andrew Drummond's story and that he was never involved in boiler rooms! Pure audacity, Paul Hayward is suffering from delusions of grandeur now since he's believing in his own lies. He was grabbed by thai police in 2003 while leaving one of his boiler rooms in Bangkok's Sathorn district at the Thai CC building. He was taken to Bangkok's Payathai district at police detectives division where he was detained a few hours, he proceeded to cry like a little girl showing pictures of his daughter and begging like an idiot not to be killed! My brother James was called in to negotiate his freedom, I was in another room watching Paul Hayward pathetic display. I didn't want to be directly involved in negotiations because I quit working for Paul Hayward a couple of weeks before he was grabbed by the police. So my brother and me negotiated his freedom with a big payoff of 800,000 US DOLLARS which Paul's wife put in a suit case to give to the police. For our reward, a couple of weeks later. Paul Hayward sent his corrupt police and military friends to try to kidnapp my brother at at his father in law's funeral! How disrespectful, for further details contact me at Facebook:John W Mccleary, email

john mccleary said...

I have a lawyer friend who is not representing my brother and me at all,he was helping me edit a fictional book that I wrote years ago! Like Paul Hayward's disclaimer that says he's a Bangkok businessman involved in, sex bars and countless other businesses and was never involved boiler rooms(what a joke ). If all his claims are true then why is he hiring lawyers to harass me from publishing a fictional book ? Let me explain why, his ECLIPSE GROUP was a paper company when he bought it in the early 2000's,second there's been people who were involved in Bangkok's sex industry for decades that were never as a quarter wealthy as Paul Hayward is now! He has injected his money from scams from his boiler room business into his current businesses. He just came out of nowhere to crown himself as the king of the night life in Bangkok while others were in the same business for decades and couldn't even amass a quarter of the wealth Paul Hayward has now. He has caused countless grief to people and families who were victims of his boiler room scams! People who are victims of scams should lobby to their government to put sanctions on thailand for harboring and taking kickbacks from a lowlife like Paul Hayward! My email, Facebook:John W Mccleary. Next blog I will tell you how Paul Hayward and his corrupt thai police cronies and highly corrupt American embassy officials kidnapped us at the American embassy on Thursday April 12th 2007 at the American embassy and they dragged our wives and children out of the American embassy grounds (US SOIL! ).

john mccleary said...

MARK STEPHEN HUTCHERSON was kidnapped in the early hours 2 and 4 am on Saturday April 7th 2007 by a group of corrupt police.Mark Hutcherson was Paul Hayward's business partner since the early 2000's,at the time of Mark Hutcherson's Paul Hayward was calling himself little Hutch, Hutch was the nickname for Mark Hutcherson and that's how Paul Hayward got to where he is now by brown nosing and later betrayal! On Thursday April 12th 2007, my brother, me and our wives and small children go to the American embassy on wireless road early in the morning to do my 5 months old infant son AJ's report of birth abroad and the same for my brother James doing the same for his infant 4 months old daughter Jenny. I won't give the last names of the corrupt American embassy officials now, their first names were Andy, Paul and Ted. The first strange thing that happened, Ted asks for my passport by saying it was procedural but that never happened a few years before when I was doing the same thing for my son little John but my brother James didn't give in to Ted's request because it was fishy! Then Andy comes up with Paul in the background introduced themselves as embassy security,at this time it was 10:30am.Andy ask us to go across the street to the American embassy's Homeland security section to ask us questions about the kidnapping of Mark Stephen Hutcherson,they questions were redundant and a waste of time because police do most of the kidnappings in thailand. But we didn't realised that they were stalling us until their corrupt alliance the thai authorities were collecting themselves to kidnap us and wait for 11 am when the regular embassy staff take their break between 11am and 1 pm so there would be no witnesses! When we came out of the American embassy, we got kidnapped while Andy and Paul orchestrated the whole thing! They sent the other half of their corrupt alliance to go into the American embassy grounds *US soil* to dragged our wives and small children out of the American embassy to be horribly abused for 15 hours behind the Lumpini police station close to the American embassy.I was tortured for Paul Hayward's Jackson COle financial documents that Andrew Drummond has some of them. We were framed for the kidnapping of Mark Stephen Hutcherson along with the real kidnappers the police who we never until we were together at the Bangkok Remand prison. We were sentenced 18 years while the real kidnappers the police got only 13 years(Amazing Thailand ).I have all police and court records that shows their biggest blunders, remember they took us on Thursday April 12th 2007 but the police and court records show that we were at the American embassy on Friday the 13th April ! What is wrong with this date? That is the start of the Songkran holiday, the American embassy was closed (check it out )on Songkran holiday, Friday the 13th and Monday the 16th! How did we get arrested at the American embassy when it was closed and the police report said that I was carrying a Glock 19 pistol upon exiting the American embassy!umh! How can you take a pistol into the American embassy when you can't even take in a cell phone! I am so happy that we have president Donald Trump now, in a few months they will start to drain the swamp at the American embassy in Bangkok. I already had some government officials look at the document and they are baffled! So good luck Paul Hayward in trying to convince yourself that you are a legitimate businessman! Contact me at email and Facebook :John W Mccleary.