Saturday, March 7, 2015

Saturday, March 07, 2015

One of Asia’s top boiler room kings has reportedly died in Pai in Mae Hong Son Province of Northern Thailand aged 44, just two week after his marriage.

Glendon Richard Bullard from Georgia, USA, also the former President of the ‘Outlaws Motorcycle Club’ is reported suffering from a coughing fit before dying in an ambulance before he could be admitted to a hospital.

Two week ago he married his Thai girlfriend 'Anne' from a Bangkok family after she had given birth to a baby boy.

Bullard has been associated with boiler rooms, or illegal share trading rooms, in which thousands of people have been taken for millions of dollars, for the last 15 years in Thailand.

He was regarded as one of the top three operators in Thailand but had a drugs habit and his behavior was irregular until six to nine months ago when it is reported he had undergone a sudden transformation.

Lars Carlsen - right
"He gave up his drug habit. And doted on his girlfriend who he would do anything for. He was looking forward to being a family man," a friend said.

Boiler operations have been highlighted in the films 'Boiler Room' starring Ben Affleck and 'Wolf of Wall Street' staring Leonardo di Capprio.

The last film directed by Martin Scorcese somewhat glamourised the life of boiler room 'loaders' and of the central character Jordan Belfort.

Bullard leased some 12 bars in the sex tourist area of Nana Plaza from boiler room colleague Paul Hayward but was in the process of selling them off.

He also owned the 'The Game' bars in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok and in Chiang Mai - and like boiler room colleagues had heavily invested in Thailand's tourism sex industry.

He was also opening a chain of fast food outlets in Pattaya.

Outlaws sign outside Angelwitch in Nana Plaza part of Bullard's network. Sign now removed.

He actually opened a bar in Sukhumvit Soi 4 called the ‘Crossed Pistons’ for his motorcycling and took over as First National President of the ‘Outlaws’ replacing Norwegian Lars Carlsen. Carlsen however fell out of favour and was banned from the 'Outlaws' for attempting to blackmail Bullard.

The Sergeant at Arms for the Thai Outlaws, Alexander Lnu, aka Alexander Checov,” aka Alexander Semencov is currently in detention in New York accused of  conspiring to import 100 kilos of Korean methamphetamine into New York from  Thailand.

Bullard however resigned, it is believed, at the request of his Thai wife

Alex (left) with Philip Shackels (Nike) In red Brit Scott Stammers - all accused of  Korean ice plot by the DEA
Boiler rooms like to move their money by hand in the initial stages and Bullard used couriers such as Chaing Mai based Briton David Strudwicke and Dutchman Albert Andre Hoogeven. He has however attempted to do the same himself as this story translated from Tagalog from FEBC Philippines in 2006 indicates.

(Link) Money couriers

Bullard (far right) Hoogeven fourth from left diving in the Philippines

Bullard had recently been very angry with Thai police who had raided not only a boiler room off Sukhumvit which he had controlled, but also his personal apartment. He said he had felt he had paid police enough - but they always came back for more.

More recently it is reported that his sex establishments were hardest hit by police who appeared to single them out in a recent crackdown on opening hours in Bangkok.

His boiler room empire stretched to Manila to the East and also included rooms in Jakarta, and Kuala Lumpur, He formerly closely associated with British boiler room boss Paul John Hayward and fellow American from Georgia, Mark Hutcherson, from Georgia and Jack Prather, also from Georgia.

Fellow boiler room operator from Georgia, Mark Stephen Hutcherson, is also reported today to have returned to the United States permanently. No secondary confirmation as yet.


Last December 3rd a new company was registered at 225/19 M 13 Ban Waen, Hangdong, Chiang Mai which is the premises for  Bullard's 'The Game' pub. The company called Subworld Thailand with 2 million baht capital and the shares are recorded are recorded as 100 per cent owned by a Chatri Tancharoen. This name features as a director of a number of holding companies registered at Suite 3101 of the Abdul Rahman Building in Bangkok. One of those companies is Natai Development Square Co.Ltd one of whose directors was the controversial Eric Mark Levine of 'California Fitness' (google for California Fitness Bangkok debacle).

There is an army officer with the same name as Chatri. This may not be significant. It is not clear what happens to Bullard's riches upon his death and whether they will go to Anne and his new son - because most he has put in the name of Thai nominees. He does however have a sister Christine, of Christine's Restaurant, Bangkok, who is married to (Donald) Shane Smith whose name along with that of the wife of one of his henchmen Albert Andre Hoogeven is on many of Bullard's companies. 

Links to some of Bullards' businesses and boiler rooms at FraudRecovery


Gerry westerby said...

Karma. May he spend 20,000 lifetimes wandering as a hungry ghost in a grotesquely enlarged carcass sustained by sucking filth and vileness through a microscopically small feeding tube. And after that, maybe, just maybe, he will reincarnate as a tic on the backside of a kwai.

Tim said...

Does he have a Thai wife to inherit his bar 'empire'. I'm guessing there will be some unseemly scurrying to grab what people can get.

I suspect he leased these bars at sky high rents which means they're loosing money hence his attempt to sell them off...he probably found it much harder to run a business than cheat pensioners out of their life savings.

Tommy Weapon said...

Crime didn't pay for long in this case. You cannot escape the repercussions of your own actions. Hutcherson has fled to a country where you get serious sentences for fraud. Could it be a case of 'running from a tiger only to meet a crocodile'? I heard somebody else is going to take a big hit soon.

Benny Wong said...

To me it seems more likely that the bars are really just money-laundering vehicles for boiler room profit, not real businesses or stand alone profit centers. His "landlord" was boiler room crony Hayward. Bullard's attempt to sell the businesses may have been prompted by a disagreement of how to proceed as a bright light is increasingly shown on them and their despicable trade.

As suggested by "Michael Butler" on another thread, perhaps we'll start to see at that "the people feeding from the dirty money trail in Thailand will become the fraudsters' worst enemies."

Andrew Drummond said...

This in from Spooky - Tim should take note.

"I suspect he leased these bars at sky high rents which means they're loosing money hence his attempt to sell them off...he probably found it much harder to run a business than cheat pensioners out of their life savings"


"Owning a bar or nightclub is a time-tested way to launder money, and it's an order of magntude easier when you or your co=consiprators own the leasing company, the venue, and some or all of the venue's suppliers. Controlling the entire vertical makes it much easier to shift cash and cover it with dodgy paperwork. This is especially true in food and beverage where you can write down imaginary losses for spillage and breakage.

Tim said...

True... But do they even need to 'launder' the cash as seems safe enough sloshing round banks in HK amongst other places.

I guess if it tens of millions of USD they have to take extraordinary measures like buying up Nana. The flying school though should have set off alarm bells for any AML bank official.

Tommy Weapon said...

Owning a bar or club is also a time-tested way of selling drugs. Either sub-contracting the drug sales to freelancers and taking a cut or through security staff on the doors. A lot of clubs I suspect would make little in actual profit. They are bought just for washing money or selling drugs.

Ian Charles said...

Aged 44. Not exactly a long and productive life was it. Justice has a way of coming to all. It just takes a bit of time. In this punks case, 44 years.

Gerry westerby said...

Oh c'mon, Andrew, the comment was quite apposite in a Buddhist vein and reflected a reasonable sentiment for those whose lives have been destroyed by the nasty, repugnant little wretch. At least in their penurious retirements they relish the fact they are alive whereas he is simply rotting flesh soon to be consigned to fertiliser.

Jay Sata said...

Stickman BKK has just posted an amazing confirmation of Andrew's take on Thailands corruption and the wild west scenario of unfettered Farang abuse of immigrtion law.

Dick Headley said...

Fascinating article by Stickman. Bonus points for correct use of 'extort'. I hear he will be leaving Thailand soon.

Michael Butler said...

Those who now want to make a claim on what's left from Bullard will have to be reminded about the fact that his death hasn't changed the principal issue, i.e. that Bullard was feeding on criminal investment scams affecting the international community at massive scale and that he failed miserably to settle the issue while still alive. In other words, the huge outstanding and unresolved debt caused by criminal business operations is passed on. Other boiler room king pins and/or people feeding on his dirty money trail should take notice.

Michelle Barchi said...

Rest in piece Glen. Thank you for everything.

Michelle Barchi said...

Rest in piece Glen. Thank you for everything.

David Smith said...

Andrew, after reading your article I have lost complete faith in your writing. Your facts are WRONG. G died in his sleep. If you cant even get the main points correct, what about the rest of the facts??? You just write here say and gossip. I am so happy they ran you out of Thailand, you don't deserve to live there.

Michelle Barchi said...

Glen Bullard was a good man at heart. I don't care what you think he may or may not have done. Who are you to judge anyone else. It makes me sick.

Andrew Drummond said...

This in from Fraud Recovery Group

Michelle Barchi, who now wants to thank GB for everything, is a relative to Matthew S. Barchi, who was running Pan Pacific Aviation in Georgia in partnership with GB, financed via boiler room money. The company failed miserably despite being subsidised at large by defrauded vicitms world-wide and was liquidated shportly after being incorporated. Michelle would have prior information about another Georgian female employed by GB and who was sexually harassed by GB. The wording "thanks for everything" comes out a bit sour to those who have information of what actually took place....

Andrew Drummond said...

Glad to hear it David. Will correct with real name source. I am enjoying being out of Thailand. If there is any other error please let me know.

Gerry westerby said...

Incidentally, whilst the focus is on the American comtribution to fraud in Bangkok, are you able to develop that story about "K" whose photograph you published a while back?

Gerry westerby said...

I suppose it resolves to one's morality and the ethics one chooses to live by. I do not steal from victims whose lives are ruined by having their life savings stolen from them by evil, venal, greedy crooks. Now, call me old fashioned, but in my world one who lives by a code whereby courtesy, kindness, respect and a regard for common law is paramount is quite entitled to view criminals and worthless swine with some contempt. That such a state of affairs should make you feel nauseous might tell you something about your own moral compass which plainly is out of kilter.

Tommy Weapon said...

I remember watching a TV show about a young man trying to come to grips with his father's suicide. He discovered his father had invested his life savings with Bernie Madoff and lost everything. He was a former serviceman and too proud to tell anyone or ask for help. Feeling stupid he killed himself instead.

Those of us who have had loved ones cheated out of their life savings know how much pain and suffering these people cause. It's always the same story, greedy cowards preying on honest but naive people in cahoots with parasitic lawyers who help them cover their tracks and launder the money. Then there is the 'see nothing, know nothing' bankers who take the money knowing damn well it is the spoils of crime. So before anybody sheds a tear for this c##t, stop and think of all the people who have lost everything because of the likes of him and his mates.

It's easy to say the victims are suckers or greedy but many people just want to make money for their families and are too trusting. This isn't a guy coming to the front door in a hounds tooth jacket selling vacuum cleaners, it's sophisticated fraud where many levels are used to bait and trap the unwary investor.

Another thing that seems clear is every legitimate business these guys have attempted has failed. The only thing that kept the boiler room business going was the payoffs to coppers and officials. Who knows how many people they've snitched out or set up to protect themselves? I don't but karma does.

Michelle Barchi said...

I loved Glen. He was a wonderful friend. I pray for his family during this time. Especially for his kids and beautiful new wife. Glen Bullard had a huge heart and did a lot of good things that seem to go untold.Just remember that no sin is greater than another and we are all sinners that will be judged one day by the man upstairs. You have no right to judge him. Its not your place.

Andrew Drummond said...

From your own Google+ site Michelle 'Hurt me with the truth - but never comfort me with a lie'.

Benny Wong said...

I'll save my prayers for his victims. I have every right to judge not only him but also those who benefited from money stolen by him. Did you, Michele?

Andrew Drummond said...

This in from Fraud Recovery Group (Victims)

"Who are you, and with what right, to declare to us that no sin is greater than another? You seemingly have never bothered to think of the damages GB caused to thousands of victims world-wide due to his criminal business? The shelf companies GB created in Georgia were all powered from a mother load offshore account, building on criminal and laundered money, that went into new aircrafts, vechicles, etc. with no real business in sight."

ossies said...

Good to hear one of the boiler room trash is no more - lets hope the others follow. There are many more than those name on this website.

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

Thai bride , 2 weeks married , in his early forties , Come on Andrew , Off course he died in his sleep.
This is natural in Thailand. The RTP have found a replacement to suicide id guess

Bob Kneale said...

Hey Barchi, why don't you name just one of the many good things he did? It would be interesting to hear how you justify his wondrousness.

Observer said...

Re; You seemingly have never bothered to think of the damages GB caused to thousands of victims world-wide due to his criminal business?

Of course not! What a stupid question! GB was a real nice guy and I owe him everything! He never cheated me personally so why should i care. 5 years ago I wrote an email to a prominent member of one of the Pattaya expats clubs exposing a Canadian fraudster who was subsequently reported on this site. The reply I got was similar MB's response. To paraphrase his response: I have done things in my past that I am not proud of, he has never cheated me, its all hearsay from people who have grudges against him (this was after I had provided him with links to past convictions. warrant arrests, etc.). Last year I read on his facebook page that, to my total surprise (smile), he had been cheated by the Canadian fraudster. Since he had been personally cheated it was now a completely different situation. Our Canadian fraudster had been downgraded from a misunderstood individual to the the worst person who had ever walked this planet Generally speaking, people who think this way are not successful in life and lack critical thinking. JNHO.

Robert Farmer said...

So yesterday the Bangkok Post reported the arrest of Joseph Simon Arsenault and today they report the arrest of Antonius Cuelen. Is it sweeps week? I wonder if any very rich, bald British nationals have left Thailand in the middle of the night this week. Two arrests in two days, and this being Thailand, seems like a little more than a coincidence. Mr. Drummond, have any thoughts as to what's going on?

Peter Atki said...

Michelle Barchi: "I loved Glen. He was a wonderful friend. I pray for his family during this time. Especially for his kids and beautiful new wife. Glen Bullard had a huge heart and did a lot of good things that seem to go untold." Well Michelle I don't know you (and i didn't know Glen) but it doesn't say much for you if you considered Glen a wonderful friend and thought he had a good heart. Perhaps you could give an example of the 'good things' that he did. The man was a parasite that fed off of the savings of other people, a con artist, a low life thief and fraudster who stole from other people. If he had stolen your parents life savings or had stolen your life savings I wonder if you would you still consider him a 'wonderful friend'?

Bob Kneale said...

The ones you refer to were wanted by US authorities and were arrested at the request of the US for crimes committed there not here, that's why they were locked up, pending extradition. Very doubtful that Hayward would be worried.

D. Farang said...

You are actually trying to say you're happy that Andrew has now upped his game, being safer from scum that pay others to do their nefarious bidding?

Hey Smith, you're full of it, and like shiite on a blanket, you folks stick together to the bitter end, ala Michelle B. Now what did the B stand for Michelle?

tanmedia said...

Regarding Hayward, you not worried about mean crimes executed in Thailand but against citizens in the U.S. and other countries. He has not been convicted of any crimes related to the boiler rooms, but neither have the recent arrests been through a court of law for the matters than they're being sought. The U.S. does have an extradition treaty with Thailand.

The Punisher said...

I live my life by the Word of the Lord.

For he who shall defy The Order of the Court.

Deuteronomy 17:12

And the man that will do presumptuously,

and will not hearken unto the priest that standeth to minister there before the LORD thy God,

or unto the judge, even that man shall die:

and thou shalt put away the evil from Israel.

This is the Word of the Lord.

I am the Punisher.

Michelle Barchi said...

Glen helped those who couldn't help themselves. He gave a needy family a brand new car so they could get their daughter who had a brain tumor to and from doctor appointments. He would do good deeds anonymously because gratitude made him uncomfortable. He helped lots of people. FYI...the matthew you speak of was not Glens partner in anything. Get your facts right before you post. You all may dislike Glen but he did have a family and you should respect them enough to keep the bad comments to yourself during this time. As far as I'm concerned the way you all are acting is making you no better than the way you are trying to portray him.

Andrew Drummond said...

From FraudRecovery-blogspot

"Copies of company documents proof that Pan Pacific Aviation was incorporated in Georgia with GB, Matthew S. Barchi and Michael L. Butler as executives. We further know the role played by Mr. Butler within the BR syndicate managed by GB. We have witness reports and technical evidences of what took place in Georgia as well as in Thailand, the Philippines, and beyond. When did you last meet with GB and did you ever at any time ask yourself from where GB got his piles of dollars to purchase aircraft, vehicles just brought out from the showrooms, etc.? Did you ever care to check if the limited client-base in Georgia (Pan Pacific Aviation until liquidation) could pay for all the expenditures? Why are there more than 20+ Lien reports filed to Georgian Authorities of merchants not being paid by GB if he was as good as you paint him, and why was the property, 1833 Schofield Drive, Hampton, Georgia 30228, put on sale by a law firm in 2013 in an effort to collect an outstanding debt from GB ? Your chain of arguments, MB, trying to defend GB the way you do, is in plain words out of whack."

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

Id worry more about the Generals getting worried about being exposed and cutting (necks) ties with their paymasters. Surplus to requirement in Thailand can lead to an early grave by means of suicide and even natural causes its rumoured

Peter Atki said...

Michelle Barchi: So he gave a needy family a brand new car? It's very easy to be generous with other peoples money! Are you really that naive Michelle? Bullard was a con man who made a living out of stealing other peoples life savings. The car was bought with the proceeds of crime! You mention his family and say they should be given respect, well his wife may have been unaware that her husband was a crook but if she was aware then that makes her an accomplice. If she does get to inherit any of her husband's money then if she returns it to the victims of her husbands scams then yes she would deserve respect otherwise she deserves contempt and should go to jail.

matt owens rees said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
budtoklas said...

I have no personal knowledge of Bullard other than what I have read in Drummond's and Stickman's columns. It seems that confirmation of his death is based on "reports." Are the sources of the reports reliable and is there any actual proof he is deceased. A person with his money and connections could stage his death especially in a place like Thailand. For a person in his position people thinking he was dead might be very beneficial.

Andrew Drummond said...

Good point. We are all awaiting confirmation. His death has been officially reported to US Embassy - but with few details.

Marcus James said...

Michelle, I don't know what has made me smile more - the early demise of a conman or your fawning drivel.
"Anonymous good deeds, as gratitude made him uncomfortable", "You should respect him", "You have no right to judge him" etc

For a someone who talks about respect you are not showing people on here any. We are adults of decent morals who DO have the right to judge a thief.
But then again that says much more about you than it does readers of this site. When you grow up a bit you'll realise. (I'm assuming you're about 13?)

jonny_bkk said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jonny_bkk said...

Bullard aint dead! Hes hiding!

jonny_bkk said...

This son of a bitch aint dead! He is very much alive and hiding in Asia somewhere. Just got married and suddenly dies. Hhhmmmmm!!!... Did anybody go to his funeral? As it would have been big news in BKK. He would have been given a state funeral in BKK by the Thais!

He will sneak back in using a false passport as he is connected.

He was pissing off the Thais and needed to hide. I do know he is very friendly with the Thai military police and obviously pays them off but obviously he done something to offend them! And it must have been bad as you can usually pay the Thais as they are greedy f*ckers!

So looks like Michelle Barchi has been licking his balls and his ass crack too!!

What did he buy you?!!!

He is an asshole. When one of his offices got raided, all he had to do was pay 2million baht to the police. But he didn’t because he thought he was the man. As a result, 15 people got blacklisted and deported and spent 8weeks in jail because of him. And those people had wives/husbands/bfs/gfs and kids. Did he think about them instead of f*cking them over?

I hope he isn’t dead as I know some people that would love to cuts his balls off, slice it up and make a soup from it and then make him eat it!!! And then slice his f*cking neck!!

Marlo Stanfield said...

Wow. Were you one of the deportees? If so and you were working in one of his rooms, you got EXACTLY what you deserved.

If not, then apologies for jumping to conclusions but I won't shed a single tear for the pricks who got blacklisted. They should've thought about their loved ones before they took jobs the objective of which was to systematically cause financial and emotional pain to others.

Karma's a bitch, ain't it?