Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Close to the pearly gates? Niels with a couple of career criminals in
Niels Colov, the former Copenhagen gangster, who made a spectacular transition in the Thai resort of Pattaya to become President of the Rotary Club and foreign police volunteers M chief has received a Papal Blessing, readers of his Pattaya People newspaper and viewers of Pattaya People Television have been told.

Actually I missed this, though I should not have because it was the splash story in his Pattaya People; but I can almost hear the heavenly choir beckoning.

Well perhaps not. Niels, according to his own publicity is a devout Buddhist and vegetarian.I don't think he believes in the Christian stuff (or Buddhist for that matter).

I was of course immediately suspicious, particularly after he was awarded the fake United Nations Cross at a ceremony in a hotel on the outskirts of Bangkok and also became a Knight of Rizal (that one has gone awry by the way).

But no Niels Colov has had a long association with the Father Ray Brennan Foundation which is this year celebrating the 25th Anniversary of its children’s home.

Actually, anyone can receive a Papal Blessing by standing outside the Vatican on Christmas Day or Easter Sunday but technically the parchment ones, I read, are meant  for Catholics (and maybe tourists to Rome). I hope that’s not true. We all hoped to be blessed sometime in our lives.

The Father Ray Foundation put in for the Apostolic Blessing on his behalf. I guess it’s for his contributions and publicity in the Pattaya People Media Group.

But any Catholic can get one for a few bucks. You can buy them in Rome or write off for them through your Diocese,  if there are any Catholics out there who need to know. But don’t just believe me just Google.

Apparently, the Vatican is now trying to control the business apparently some 600 people face losing their jobs. The money received goes to Papal charities. A calligrapher called Rino Pensa has been making them for 65 years according to a Reuters report how he says he is ‘being thrown away like a rag doll’ –

Mind you that’s a lot less harsh than the words of the prostitute in Copenhagen to whom Colov extended some violence before he came to Thailand. But he did pay his dues in jail if not before the Lord Almighty.

Anyway in an apostolic Blessing the Pope, in this case Francis, calls on the Lord to grant Niels indulgence and forgive all his sins. And on the illuminated parchment paper recognizing his services to the Father Ray Foundation,  the Pope goes even further by offering a ‘ pledge of continued divine protections’.

Well spank my ass and call me Sally I thought the only way to get divine protections in Pattaya was to pay off the Pattaya Police, the courts,  invent your own biography and put on a suit, or uniform.

Niels Colov, centre,  - a long time before he was blessed with a bunch of , well I guess they are not comedians
 in Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

But as somebody once said: "Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone'.  Though I can still cannot forget this guy Malcolm Leggett, who ended up working in a rice paddy after going to Niels Colov's office for legal advice after meeting him at the Pattaya Expats Club. That was one of Colov's earlier divine protections.





Dick Headley said...

So many souls in need of absolution. Pattaya is long due for a Papal visit.

Tim said...

Galatians 6:3

For if anyone thinks he is something when he is nothing, he deceives himself.

Tommy Weapon said...

The selling of "Indulgences" by the Catholic church has been going on since the 1500's or longer. These were ‘certificates’ produced in bulk that had been pre-signed by the pope which pardoned a person’s sins and gave you access to heaven. Basically if you knew that you had sinned you would wait until a pardoner was in your region selling an indulgence and purchase one as the pope, being God’s representative on Earth, would forgive your sins and you would be pardoned. This industry was later expanded to allow people to buy an indulgence for a dead relative who might be in purgatory or Hell and relieve that relative of his sins. By doing this you would be seen by the Catholic Church of committing a Christian act and this would elevate your status in the eyes of God.

Why this blessing or any other award would interest a devout Buddhist is the question. Given the two primary principles of Buddhism are non-permanence and no self, I wonder why Niels is such an award whore, buying all these two bit titles and awards. Maybe he is in a competition with Drew Noyes as to who can portray themselves as the biggest phoney "civic leader" in Pattaya. I find all of them just totally pathetic in their ongoing efforts to promote themselves as people of influence and authority when both are just really social parasites living in a fantasy world. Just who do they think they are fooling?

D. Farang said...

Someone shouted the name "NEILS!"

And the Sychophants, Brown Nosers and other assorted Boot Lickers of his ilk all got down on their KNEES - to grovel up the expat scumbag hierarchical ladder a wee notch or three..

Lee said...

If the pope signed that document then I could almost believe Drew Noyes was invited to Thailand by the King!

Tommy Weapon said...

Drew is now a dedicated monarchist with his "Thailand foreigners love the Royal Family" Facebook page. Another transparent attempt at portraying himself as something he is not. I don't know what sickens me more, his constant attempts to portray himself as the loving patriarch to his eight children or this Royal brownose page. He should be stopped from dragging the Royal Family into his murky and deluded world. He's already lied about being bought to Thailand by Royal proclamation. He's making Thailand look extremely foolish and ignorant in getting away with his puerile games. He's now sporting yellow shirts which is a 180 degree flip from his recent red-shirt stint. I want to see him dressed in orange with matching leg irons.

Requiem Mass said...

It's nice to see that the Father Ray foundation has shown their appreciation for Mr. Colov's support over the many years.

It's sad though that the support Colov has given has come from a person that would fake UNESCO awards. One would guess Father Ray's has decided to ignore the background of Niels as long as Niels brings in the cash.

Father Ray's does some very important work. For them to stoop to having to associate with people like Niels Colov speaks not only about the foundation management, but to all of us Catholics that should be more active in such charities.

I will be sending my thoughts to the Father Ray foundation and the Father of my church to also enquire about this travesty. I hope others join me in asking why the Father Ray foundation continues its relationship with Niels Colov in light of his ongoing transgressions.

Bob Kneale said...

Rather than complaining to, and about, the Father Ray Foundation acceptance of donations and support from this unsavoury character why not ask the equally unsavoury Catholic Church why the foundation has to rely on this kind of support?

Requiem Mass said...

Bob, 3rd paragraph

Lee said...

The Father Ray team are not stupid and they know what makes Colov tick... In return they get free publicity.. Well not quite free the papal blessing must have cost something.

Tommy Weapon said...

If any other organisations were found to have as many child molesters as the Catholic church has, they would be closed down. The Catholic church for years has tried to sweep their evil deeds under the carpet. Many times child abusing priests were just transferred to other areas to continue their abuse. They should pull every church down brick by brick, sell their lands off and compensate all the victims of these perverts hiding behind religion. It wasn't a case of a few bad apples, the abuse was rampant and they did nothing to stop it until they were forced to. Then all they did was try to pay off the victims to buy their silence.

Bob Kneale said...

Requiem Mass, what about the 3rd paragraph? I was referring to the Church, not individual Catholics.

Lee said...

I think 1.2 Billion people may disagree with that!

Murray said...

Correction - 'I think 1.2 billion BRAINWASHED people may disagree with that'!
I am an atheist and was brought up as Protestant in Scotland but was allowed to make up my own mind about religion and decided it was not for me. The RC religion I think is very wrong to indoctrinate children from a very young age and frighten them with damnation and the fires of hell if they ever deviate. i agree very much with Tommy.

Tommy Weapon said...


The Cardinal George Pell mentioned is this story is the very same George Pell who shared a house with Gerald Risdale, one of Australia's worst pedo priests who was jailed after being found to be a decades long abuser. Pell even accompanied him to court. Pell also claimed he had no knowledge of the massive crimes being committed by his house mate.

Read the whole sordid story of lies and the continuous efforts the Church made to cover it up by sending him to other areas, where he continued his abuse. Read this and many of the other stories on the broken rites website and you'll have a different opinion of the Church. It was no different in Ireland or America.


Keith Elphick said...

Bob Kneale is absolutely correct about "why does The Father Ray Foundation" have to garner financial support from the likes of Niels Colov...or anyone else for that matter. Surely The Catholic Church would self fund a Charitable Organisation such as his at it's own bequest....especially after the so many allegations, and convictions of Catholic Priests Internationally, of sexual abuse of Children, especially boys. The answer is shrouded in controversy, and frankly, I for one would be putting a very high beam spotlight on any "Charitable Organisation" especially one that looks after children in a Developing Country such as Thailand, AND, is administered by a male Catholic Priest. There are no insinuations here, but recent history here in Australia, records a growing number of convictions against Catholic Priests who have historically defiled and sexually abused young boys, and even today the Newspapers report ongoing Court cases about this. The Catholic Church has taken out Insurance policies to the value of $250,000,000 to cover ongoing and potential legal cases against those within its own Ministery, who may be named and shamed by " victims" of paedophilia ( usually historical)... and to validate that, simply Google it. The tragedy is that an almost "perfect storm" is brewing here regarding the welfare of Thai children, under the Governance of the Catholic Church both present, and historical. If it's being exposed here in Australia, which it is BIG time, and this is a very litigious Country....I'd hate to think what's going on elsewhere. I'd like to say more about the situation of Children in Pattaya, but I'm afraid it wouldn't get published, and more...it would be swept under the carpet...but Pattaya attracts some very dubious individuals, and whilst I'm all for freedom of sexual expression and enjoyment ( I lived and worked there for 3 years).....I'm absolutely against the exploitation of children under the age of 18, not just in Pattaya...but anywhere in the World.