Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Life’s a beach for Kieran Wileman from Skelmersdale, Lancashire.  He’s really there now. It’s ‘all booze and birds’ for this young lad and now he is the proud boss of Paradise A–Go-Go and a few other places I gather in the Thai resort of Pattaya.

And he did it all by the sweat of his brow.

'You have just go to go out and grab life by the balls’ says his dad Carl who is pictured raving it up on Spain’s Costa del Sol and all Ferrari-ed up. Like father like son.

And to do that all you need is a computer, a website, and a business plan to offer the needy easy loans – which are going to cost them more than they think.

And that’s entrepreneurship.  Kieran does not even have to loan anyone a penny!

Here’s a picture of Kieran at work in Pattaya on his computers. Now he is reported to have his own tele-sales operation in Thailand which probably makes a lot more than the Paradise A-go-go, which has been favourited by Pattaya People TV of Dane Niels Colov.

Kieran runs web-based companies which seem to come and go with ease.  The companies have such names as LoanPal, EliteLoanSuk, mrunsecuredloans, or Correct Leads

(He reportedly sells lists of people already scammed) according to reports all over the net and sometimes goes under the name Kieran Flannery (Flannery is his middle name).

Two sites current at the moment LoanCo and LoanBot offer loans within two days – but of course it’s not him who provides the cash. He just takes customers £50 fees and then offers their details to loan companies himself.

His old man Carl sells ‘leads’ from sunny Spain.

Father and son

A message from Skelmersdale describes the two as ‘bums when they were around here’.  They’re obviously not now.

Here's one of the links.  A major links is now however down. Selling lists of people is a very interesting occupation especially in Spain, Pattaya and Bangkok where major boiler room operations are based.

And now this!


Tim said...

Another lowlife parasite ends up Pattaya...

D. Farang said...

Well I'll be - Now we have yet another baby-faced, beer-swilling, semi-obese piece of entitled flatulence to foul the air. Who breeds these mealy-mouthed S.O.B's like Topsy anyways?

His Fourth, sorry Fifth Foster Mom never saw the irony in calling wee Kieran a Son of a Bitch.

When we get through with these Fk'ers, they'll be nothing left of them. Zilch.

As I patiently wait for them - gun already cocked. I'm an angry man. At a mere 175 pounds (same weight as age 21), I can still bench press 320 pounds in my fifties, such is the degree of my inherent commitment and anger towards bullies and con men.

Being bullied and sexually abused as a kid gives me focus for ever more. I hate bullies with a passion, and these guys are all of that and more.

Nevertheless, I always hedge my bet. I was a Peace Officer for 7 years, so I'll still stick to my guns with folks of Kieran's ilk, to level the field.

These guys are so emboldened in Thailand they feel free to crawl out of the sewer, and into the Light.

It's a Beautiful Thing - to see Kieran fully exposed, as he bends over and spreads his flatulent cheeks to the world.

Let's do them in, one by fk'ing one.

D. Farang said...

In the good old days these guys got their heads lopped off and placed on the end of a pointed stick to signal a coming parade, or into a small cage placed strategically at the crossroads - for what they did to others...

Now it's become a bona fide profession in the LOS.

What a laughing stock it's becoming..

The Good Old Days

Megalodon said...

That silly air-headed bimbo from "Pattaya Party Patrol" fills me with revulsion.
Does she really have no idea of the background of some of the low-lifes who she "interviews?"
(To say nothing of that grating, nasal whine she has. No skill, no wonder she has ended up in Pattaya with so many other losers).

Marlo Stanfield said...

Is he ethical? Hell, no.
Is he taking advantage of people who may be desperate? Absolutely
Is it illegal to put borrowers in touch with those willing to lend to them for a fee? Sorry but, no it isn't.
There are people who have needs that aren't catered to by the mainstream lenders and this guy's only a little worse than those payday loans companies.

The link provided yields nothing in the way of further info but I would hazard a guess that somewhere in what must likely be a very long and complex terms & conditions section of their website, clarification is provided on how they do business. AD's article doesn't mention the existence of any police interest in these men. Neither does it mention arrest warrants so while I, too, find the modus operandi particularly odious, the truth is the guy isn't doing anything illegal. I'm happy to stand corrected if I've misunderstood

I genuinely feel for those for whom a £50 fee is a hell of a lot of money but, going on this piece, they haven't been scammed. They just haven't paid attention.

carl wileman said...

Please remove this comment its just plain wrong. We have broke no law and rip nobody off. Your friend has been paid the fee to get this removed please remove it. We have information on you we know who you are and where you are. We can blog to, We have better things to do with our time.

Andrew Drummond said...

If anybody is paying you cash to have stuff removed from this site Kieran you are being scammed. And you do not sound like you are scammed easily, Assuming you are not making this up please provide details of this person. I trust it was not somebody called Drew Noyes

Andrew Drummond said...

PS Where am I?

Tim said...

That sounds a lot like a should know Drummond has faced down much more substantial figures than this crowd for years....Andrew please continue your work exposing these parasites..

rob said...

Carl's comment makes no sense and neither does your response Andrew.
He says he paid a mate of yours to remove this comment? Presumably this blog post?
You are under impression he is receiving money...but the opposite.
The last part is kinda threatening.
Who's Drew Noyes?

Andrew Drummond said...

No I am not under that impression. He says he has a paid a friend of mine to have the article removed. I have no friends who have accepted such cash as they know I do not accept cash for either taking articles down or putting them up,

carl wileman said...

For the last time i have sent proof that A) We are involved with no criminal activity of any kind in any countrt
neither do we intent to start, we have a first class reputation in working in leads and marketing.
You have een used to extract money from us, I also have proof of this. As it has been emailed and added to this site. By all mean continue your great work but do the right thing and remove the lies that have been posyed on here about us. Is that to much to ask ? Have you any integrity ?

carl wileman said...

Trust me Andrew you have been drawn in to a business argument and nothing more, this has ten been used to extort money. Its not me you should be writing about its the scammer that has instigated this whole thing. I am seeking legal advice tomorrow regarding this. It will save us both a whole load of time if you retract your comments.

Andrew Drummond said...

Please send me details. Are you in Thailand too? My email is andrew at this site..

Andrew Drummond said...

But u need to specify specifically the inaccurancies

carl wileman said...

Hi Andrew,

I have evey emai from Paul Mullen, proof of payment to Paul Mullen. Proof he sent me your email and mention you. I am asking nicely for you to removbe this blog, we have numerous employees. We have never and i repeat never been on the wrong side of any law. So your email is it ? please ping me an email lets get this cleared up this will look just as bad on you for eing miss informed and posting comments about innocent people running legal compliant companies ? It just doesnt make sense you have been used. I have kept a record of every pre-edited version of your blog too. So i know you know you need to take it down mate. Do it tonight ill send the info you want and i will freely and happily make a generous donation for you to continue your great work. I cant say fairer than that.

carl wileman said...

If Paul is your friend you are not doing him any favors as he as blackmailed me and taken 1,000 pound from me, this could lead to an arrest if i press charges and a press release which i will release to every online media at my disposal, as i have solid evidence. I dont see hw thats fair on you if you have backed him blind, so im prepared to bury the hatchet. I have been more than resonable.

carl wileman said...

SO for the record the companys are ICO reg with consumer credit licenses
We have a data brokeridge too that confirms with all european standards on optins
you can independantly verify this.And it is totally legal to charge a feee to provide a service for a loan mortgage etc, so the Fact that kieran has invested in Thailand and run business their is of nobodys concern.....Is it weres the crimality ? the only person who has been wronged is me paying !k to your friend who you havent posted the the comment i sent with his details which to me equals you do know him.

Andrew Drummond said...

I know no Paul Mullen. If a Paul Mullen has been contacting me he is using another name. Do you have the email he used. Contact me by email.

Andrew Drummond said...

I repeat I know no Paul Mullen. If a Paul Mullen claims he is behind this he is bluffing. And once again specifiy the phrase(s) or section(s) of the story which you claim are inaccurate. This is the normal practice. There is no claim by me that you have broken the law - er but this story is predominantly not about you, or is it.

Andrew Drummond said...

You are not listening. I do not take money for putting up or taking down stories on this site. Don't you get it. Have a look at the story again. Give me the sections which you consider are libelous and why..and then I can deal with it properly.

Andrew Drummond said...

Oh dear - This is much more of a social comment piece than an investigation. Now you have stated the companies are all legit etc. I think you are missing the point. All we are saying is that the new guy on the block in Pattaya a-go-gos made his money a certain way - taking a cut for offering disadvantaged people loans. Not a major story, He's not a Vicar. Can't your son answer for himself.

Tim said...


Megalodon said...

These postings from Carl Wileman are painful to read.
Can the man not write in plain, legible, correctly-spelt English?

Megalodon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
carl wileman said...

Difficult when you angry about something megladon, when your running perfectly legit business's and someone runs a defamation on your character for no reason whatsoever. So excuse the bad grammar. Didn't realize it was a spelling competition. At least im on here under my own name. You old dinasour.

Statmonkey said...

So, if I understand this correctly Andrew Drummond has presented a picture of a duck. Carl Wileman is saying yes it looks like a duck, it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck but its technically not a duck.

I suppose these businesses aren't illegal, likewise only information has been presented so there is no defamation the question is if it's a legitimate operation why would you be so upset. Its free pub and people can check it out and decide for themselves. Well that is unless it actually is a duck. Based on my research it does have more than a whiff of mallard and your postings are not helping your case.

phlebotomytrainingclasses said...

Just Google the name "kieran wileman" or "kieran wileman scam" or "carl wileman scam" there are tons of websites were people have been ripped off by these two. How did they find this site? They have been doing this for years since Carl worked in Liverpool.

John Jones said...

Just Google the name "kieran wileman" or "kieran wileman scam" or "carl wileman scam" there are tons of websites were people have been ripped off by these two. How did they find this site? They have been doing this for years and know what people write about them. Why would Carl pay to have this removed if he is innocent?

carl wileman said...

Ill state the obvious, It is not illeagle to run a fee charging loan brokeridge. The company is licensed and regulated by the FCA.
The Bars Kieran has invested in are all legal too. These online reviews are all lies too.

I have a reputable and well endorses business in the UK. This post was sent to Andrew drummond by a competitor. These has never been any crime commited of any discription. Thats the truth.

Andrew Drummond said...

Kieran Flannery Wileman Kieran Flannery Wileman Kieran Wileman has been scamming people online for about 10 years now and has made a very good living from it. He now owns several clubs and bars in Thailand, he has built his own home, has several classy motors and boasts a £45,000 rolex watch. See for yourself: So how has he made this money? Well like I mentioned already he is a scammer. He has scammed many hard working people here in the UK out of their hard earned money. How has he done this you may ask? Well take your pick. He operates a lot of fake loan websites here in the UK. These fake loan websites have a fake CCL and the buildings they are listed for are all virtual offices. These websites that Kieran Flannery Wileman sets up are only online for a short while. Most of the time less than two years. Visitors to the website sign up after being told they are accepted for a loan ( nobody is refused ). During the sign up process you are asked for your credit card details and a fee is taken from your account ( its normally £49.99 but some of his websites have taken £85 and this fee is for “membership” to the website you think you are applying for a loan ). The fee is taken from your account or if the funds are not available a hold on that amount is put in place and as soon as any money goes in he gets his money. While joining the website you are asked for bank details, address, date of birth, phone numbers and mobile number, email address and credit card info. All this information is used by Kieran Flannery Wileman to spam you in the future but we will get to that soon. So once you have signed up the new loan website thinking you have been accepted for your loan you get access to a members only section. Here you have to apply once again for your loan. This time however you are applying to “some” legit companies. The way Kieran Flannery Wileman does this part is that you apply to all “legit” lenders with this new application. If you are suitable for a loan with them you will be diverted to there website to complete the application and Kieran Flannery Wileman would be a referral fee as he is affiliated with them.

Andrew Drummond said...

pastebin (cntd)

If however you are not successful you will be diverted to one of the more shady loan websites were they act as a broker to find you a loan for another fee! This fee is like Kieran Flannery Wileman’s fee that you don’t realise you have paid and they too wont be successful in finding you a loan. So at this point you have been “stung” two times for money you probably couldn’t afford! So now Kieran Flannery Wileman has already taken some of your money you would think he would leave you alone? Wrong! Kieran Flannery Wileman is only getting warmed up with you! He can hit you again for much more… SMS Bombing - You have all probably had some texts from companies offering loans, PPI claims, Insurance and so on. These companies buy phone number lists from people like Kieran Flannery Wileman. But he wont be selling any “fresh” lists to them until he has taken the victims for as much as he can first. He uses these numbers for his own campaigns with fake loan offers. Some of the texts you receive from Kieran Flannery Wileman cost you as much as £5 each and even the text to stop costs money! He then just hits you with more texts from his other bogus companies that all cost you money! Call Centres - He also has call centres in Thailand where he hires people to call you telling you they have had your application and you have been accepted for a loan ( the callers always offer you more than you applied for, if you applied for £1000 they would offer you £1500 ). They tell you it can be in your bank within 2 hours. All you need to do is make the first payment with a credit card to prove you are authentic. Obviously when you pay you dont get anything in your bank, once again you have lined Kieran Flannery Wileman’s pockets! Believe it or not but a lot of people have fallen for this. I will provide proof later on. Email Spam - You also provided your email during sign up so this then gives Kieran Flannery Wileman a list of potential customers for loans, debt help, credit card applications, mobile phones applications, bad credit loans, car finance… the list goes on. Kieran Flannery Wileman will keep hitting this email list until he is getting no more leads or money from his victims, then he will sell this email list on to other shady companies. Lead Generation - Companies in the UK pay big for fresh leads in certain niches and finance leads are one of the biggest sellers. This is where Kieran Flannery Wileman started off his scamming career with his dad Carl Flannery Wileman ( more on him later ). They sell these used leads to unsuspecting clients claiming them to be fresh. The internet is full of complaints and scam reports from these two ripping people off! So as you can see, these fake loan websites generate several different sources of income for Kieran Flannery Wileman and Carl Flannery Wileman. They are both wanted by UK authorities and will be arrested if they ever return back to the UK. Its only a matter of time before the Serious Fraud Office has them extradited to face charges. If you have fell victim to these two click the link to submit your report. Its time these two faced charges for all the families they have ripped off. The Facts Its always good to back up claims with facts so I will share what I have found online from just a few of the people that have been ripped off by these two.

Andrew Drummond said...

You need to do better than that Carl