Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Boiler room king Glendon Richard Bullard, from Georgia, who was reported dead earlier this year in Pai, Mae Hong Son Province, still appears to happily operating multiple companies in Thailand together with his brother-in-law Shane Smith and right hand man Dutchman Andre Hoogeveen.

Bullard also former Thai President of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (He resigned before his death) has variously been reported to have died from a seizure, or drugs overdose caused by a seizure and a death certificate was produced to the United States Embassy.

But strangely his companies appear to be active and there have been no significant changes of directorships although some are dormant.

This site has received several reports that his death was staged but no evidence has been offered.

We have an equal number of calls from associates saying he has indeed gone to meet his maker.

Nevertheless many people still suspect that to be true on the basis that Bullard had recently become too high profile and he had access to several identities. If you want to fake your own death, the corruption factor makes Thailand, Laos and Cambodia locations of choice.

Indeed some close contacts expressed surprise that he had not done it before. There appears to have been no rush to share out the spoils.

Moreover, it is speculated,  although his death was reported and a coffin and flowers produced, along with a picture of a body under a blanket, his wake should have been a very well attended event - but there are no reports.  Still this is all still only tittle tattle.

Mugshot of Bullard in the US when he was charged with trespass and theft

Bullard had operated with Shane Smith, who is married to his sister Christina, (of Christina’s Kitchen) for over 17 years. His relationship with Andre Hoogeveen is also long and a whole series of companies have been set up by all three of them or their wives and girlfriends.

Paul Hayward - file picture
Although Briton Paul John Hayward, aka Hilton, from Birmingham, the major British boiler room operator in Thailand, is the boss of the Nana Group which controls the lease of the Nana Entertainment Plaza – a Bangkok red light area catering solely to tourists, it is Shane Smith’s name which is at the top of the list of directors.

The address for this group was provided by Interactive Asia/ Interactice Group, a breakaway faction from Sunbelt (Asia).

Smith is also still connected as a director wih Bullard and Hoogeveen to Strategic Holding Group Co. Ltd,, which had an office in Interchange Tower, on the corner of Sukhumvit and Asoke Roads in Bangkok and it is from here that Bullard conducted interviews and directed his boiler rooms.

As for Bullard’s ‘The Game’ pubs in Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok, and also in Chiang Mai, the Chiang Mai one is still owned by Bullard but the Sukhumvit one is registered  to Hoogeveen's wife Mattika, while Butsakorn Bullard (a former wife – maiden name Kaewbuadi –)also features heavily in linked companies. G.E,Spirits Co. Ltd., Christina's Kitchen, and International Asset Holding Co.Ltd.

Bullard remains boss of Fayette Enterprises in Chiang Mai a company which was set up by ThaiVisa 'Ask A Bent Lawyer' Somsak Chopaka, who is the majority shareholder.

Hutcherson, far left, in Phuket
If you put Bullard, Smith, and Hoogeven and another American from Georgia, Mark Hutcherson, at the top of a family tree the graph expands like a tangled spider’s web with scores of what appear to be companies held by Thai nominees.

Bullard and wife of 2 weeks Anne
At the time of his reported death Bullard was under lot of pressure. Both he and Hoogeveen had been arrested (temporarily) abroad – in Bullard’s case the Philippines where he was carrying some US$500,000 waiting to board a plane to Bangkok, and in Hoogeveen’s case Holland, but he was released without charge.  Hoogeveen’s major role had been to move Bullard’s cash.

Bullard’s boiler rooms in Bangkok had also been raided twice, and his apartment in Bangkok too, much to his annoyance as he had taken out insurance against these sort of inconveniences.

He was furious over a 1 million baht payment he had to make to ensure the problem went away.

Late last year his house in Chiang Mai was also raided by the Thai Police Crime Suppression Division at the instigation it is believed of the DEA.  Nothing was found.

Bullard, far right in the Philippines. . Hoogeveen fourth from left

The US authorities strongly believe that Bullard was tipped off.

Thai Visa's Somsak Chokapa
That unit of the CSD was cleared of 80 per cent of its members as was most of the CIB after the army purge last year.

The purge happened during the rift between the Thai Crown Prince and his wife when suddenly it was discovered that this particular force at the centre core of the Royal Thai Police, which contained many of his now ex-wife’s relatives , was operating as a massive ‘Crime Inc’.

When last contacted US Embassy officials say that although they have seen a death certificate, they have no other evidence of his death or how he died.


Tim said...

I'd imagine stickman is very nervous at the moment given his 'warts and all' obituary!

He was a larger than life character, hard to see him stating incognito for long...

Anonymous said...

Oh my, what a nice little mystery. No photos of the body. No corroborating evidence. Did he have a life insurance policy? Did his relatives from Georgia fly-in to Thailand for the funeral? After Glen's alleged "death", it was immediately reported here by Andy, (source?) and Stickman's eulogy was almost too well written, as if it had been skillfully crafted with foreknowledge. Thai Visa did not report on Glen's death. No newspapers reported on Glen's death. The obituary aggregator in Georgia, which scoops up all of the joyous news of our dearly departed love ones being magically teleported to the pearly gates has not listed Glen Bullard, see:

Megalodon said...

I reckon Stickman is as safe as houses right now, seeing that he (like AD), is out of Thailand.
Stick is back in his native NZ - and I notice that already his blogs are "putting the boot in" more than they ever did when he was back in LOS. said...

Tim: Stickman is most certainly not nervous. Given that I am as far away from Thailand as Andrew is - I just happen to be in the opposite direction, I think I have little to be concerned about. *If* the death had been faked and I inadvertently contributed to the awareness of that by writing about the G I know, if anything I might be in for a reward.

Bubby: I learned of G's death late on the Saturday night when the phone started going crazy with a bunch of industry figures mentioning it and had to rush to write what I did the next day. I also had a couple of emails who referred to Andrew breaking the story here. If this was orchestrated, they did a mighty good job getting the word out. I think the reason it came together so well was that he was such a colourful character.

I was told by people I trust that his lieutenants were out on Soi Nana the night it was announced G died and they were said to be very sombre.

I also heard from the photographer who does work for G and his group when he at the airport in Bangkok off to the funeral up north. He's a real straight shooter and I would never think he'd BS about it.

I really don't believe it was staged.