Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday, June 06, 2015

The following message has been received from Jesse Vard on behalf of her father. Its early days and they family seem now more confident that at least some heads will role. They remain however in some contempt for the Irish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Irish Consulate in Bangkok.

Children's author and former Dublin businessman Colin Vard, father to Jesssie, 16, and Daire, 13, was robbed of seven properties on the island of Phuket, effectively cleaned out of everything by a mix of bent lawyers, a bent judicial system, bent bankers, rogue money lenders, bent police and their housekeeper. 

This week they took their protests to the streets outside Bangkok Police headquarters, after five years of banging on doors that never opened. The scam was originally exposed on this site five years ago.

It seems they have a result, but of course time will tell, and if this goes into the normal legal system...well.

Vard with the RTP top echelon dream team
My dad would like to say something.
It is easy to criticize. Harder to be humble and that is how we feel today. Humbled by the support and kindness of the Thai people. It is impossible not to be encouraged by so many young voices supporting us and demanding an end to corruption. While our Government and embassy abandoned us the Thai people have taken us to their hearts. Something we had no right to expect. 
Thank you.
"While I have spoken openly of the corrupt police in Phuket I have to say that over the past three days I have sat and spoken with the three most important policemen in Thailand namely; Commissioner Pol Maj Gen Somyot Poonpanmoung, Pol Maj Gen Kokiat Wongvorachart and Pol Maj Gen Dr Prawut Thavornsiri and I believe that they are decent and honest policemen. Every conversation was cordial and productive. Where in the world under the circumstances would this happen especially after we disrupted the center of Bangkok on Tuesday? 
In my country we would be in a prison cell now facing police charges. 
Instead we were taken to meet with Commissioner Pol Maj Gen Somyot Poonpanmoung who listened to what we had to say, expressed his concern and issued instructions that our cases were to be investigated immediately and an experienced detective task force was to be set up. 
The situation now is that Pol Maj Gen Kokiat Wongvorachart reviews our cases every morning with four Interpol detectives under the leadership of Pol.Lt.Col.Chai Sanguansin who has assured me, and I believe him, that he and his staff will investigate thoroughly and that everybody guilty will be punished. 

Investigation begins

While we have been ignored by our embassy and government, Pol Maj Gen Kokiat Wongvorachart ordered six Phuket police officers to fly to Bangkok over night to file and complete the outstanding police reports under the supervision of Pol Col Werawat Chantarawijit the Phuket Deputy Commander who also assured me today that my cases will be investigated thoroughly. 
Deputy Commander Pol Col Werawat Chantarawijit in Phuket will co-ordinate with Pol Lt Col Chai Sanguansin from Interpol and the Ministry of Justice's senior lawyer Khun James in Bangkok to insure that the corrupt police, lawyers, banks, money lenders and land office officials are investigated, charged and justice is served. 
After working with them for two days I have to say that this is one team I would not like to come up against. 
Our sincere thanks to you the kind and caring Thai people and the Royal Thai Police for acting so quickly and decisively."
Irish Consular official did not even know that the Vards were no longer living in Phuket - says Colin Vard


leave Thailand to the Thais said...

This is how it is farang. Write what we tell you and we will get all your money and property back. Regards The Royal Thai Police.
P..s. You may live a few years more

Tommy Weapon said...

Jessie is an impressive young woman. Speaking and writing two languages in an articulate way despite her young age. Standing by her Dad and taking up the fight under the worse circumstances of death threats and intimidation from these crooks. This is the type of tenacity and attitude I wish some of our embassy officials had instead of their 'see nothing', 'do nothing,' 'say nothing' style. In the face of adversity you can run and hide, give up to the crooks or make a stand and fight for what is right. Regardless of the outcome Jessie is a hero in this story. Good work Andrew keeping us updated about this story.

Nip said...

A little education is a dangerous thing. That renders you a lethal weapon Leave Thailand to the Thais.

aussie dave said...

good old Gen. Somyot , managed to save enough on a top policeman's salary to buy a telecommunications company...

Megalodon said...

I quite agree. Seems somewhat grovelling to me.
Still, if this what he's gotta do to get justice..

Triplebank999 Triplebank999 said...

Typical of some commentators to have another unjustified dig (unless you have evidence to the contrary) at the RTP when they actually seem to be doing something positive and helpful. Why not be thankful, just for once, for the victims in this case?

I wonder what name you bash under on ThaiVisa?

Dick Headley said...

Hmm. I'm sure nobody here reads ThaiVisa. They certainly wouldn't post there.

Megalodon said...

And how much were you paid to write this?

D. Farang said...

It's refreshing that there are many (allegations of) honest Thai policemen.

For a farang to say all Thai police are terribly corrupt borders on racism in my humble opinion. No one bats a thousand, end of story.

A farang

aussie dave said...

I was just impressed by how well the top rtp save so much .I wish I had that economic discipline. And I don't post or visit Thai Visa Triple w@nk