Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


If the bombing at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine was not so tragic – a photograph published in the Thai newspaper Khao Sod’s English language newspaper would be hysterically funny.

The Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, who appears to have had few leads but quite a few theories over the last few days, gave a statement slap bang inside Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok – the notorious sex and go-go bar centre in the city’s Sukhumvit Road.

"Keep on partying lads. Dig your high heels. Do they come with your disability allowance".*

And what is happening here as General Somyot Pumpanmuang and his PR Prawuth Thawomsin are caught like rabbits outside the 'Suckers a go go bar'

Is it -

 Somyot?:  ‘Excuse me chaps. I have go to. I am working the second shift at Rainbows 1 to 4.' 
Prayuth: 'Me too. I'm doing  Obsessions, Cascade and Temptations'.

No Somyot is saying the culprit/culprits have probably fled already.

But not apparently into a short-time room.

The photo appears to be getting as many if not more laughs on Facebook  as the arrest of a journalist for carrying a flak jacket and helmet at Bangkok airport and his charge of possessing war weapons.

  ‘Suckers’ bar I understand was not named for the service offered by employees of the bar but is a reference to the people conned by boiler room operators in Bangkok.

Bangkok’s boiler room boys, or the Wolves of Bangkok, however you want to address them, own the master lease to the Nana Plaza, which is actually owned by the Indian-Thai Fico Corporation.

The boiler rooms are able to operate freely in Bangkok as they pay large amount of money to the authorities.
Traditionally that has been the Crime Suppression Division, Immigration Police, Thonglor and Lumpini police and an army general.

Not only that but the Nana Plaza security force is in fact staffed by off duty policeman, mainly from Lumpini.

There have been many raids on boiler rooms but no bosses are ever arrested and it appears nobody goes to jail unless the boiler room bosses want someone to go to jail, like, er, a whistle-blower.

The scene is particularly tacky – not just because it really appears to disrespect the victims of this atrocity, but it comes as the military government tries to extol the virtues, mainly hospitality orientated, of Bangkok and Thailand to potential tourists.

“Don’t worry. It’s business as usual.”

The real boss of Nana Entertainment Plaza has of course been our old friend Paul Hayward, aka Hilton, aka Hong Kong Paul - now a big noise in Crawley Town Football Club.

Senior delegations of Royal Thai Police routinely make show visits to the city's tourism sex areas of Bangkok - Nana Plaza - Patpong and Soi Cowboy.

Somyot reportedly went their to speak to foreigners and re-assure them that they were safe! As the only tourist there were likely to be sex tourists or curious voyeurs it is not clear what message he wishes to send.

Technically it is illegal in Thailand to sell women for sex and the short-time rooms in Nana are too far from the airport for tired transiting passengers. Of course sex officially does not go on, but then again if sex and boozer were not the prime commodities the place would close tomorrow.

* Increased concerned has been shown in Britain at the increase of  male Brits with disabilities allowances being fit enough not only apparently to run marathons but also holiday in Thailand.


Tim said...

Talk about an own goal....will any junior officers point this out to the boss with the consequent massive loss of the famous 'face', somehow I doubt it...plus ça change

Tommy Weapon said...

Oh the irony! This kind of sums up the Thai police in one photo. It's like what was said about Richard Nixon. He'd mount the stump of a freshly cut redwood tree to give a speech about conservation.

Bob Kneale said...

"Technically it is illegal in Thailand to sell women for sex..."

And, technically, the bars in those areas are not doing that.

Megalodon said...

Can Thais even read English?
If not, why? It is the world's universal language.

Andrea Sisaran said...

He will get a big fine. Problem is. As I said. He will get the fine so watch out Mr Farang

aussie dave said...

thanks AD. I knew something else was happening in LOS than the 3 stooges movie. Faith restored, and a sudden spike in reader visits I note.

Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal. said...

Well no.....but Thailand does not exist in the real world....so that problem has gone away....