Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday, October 02, 2015
The Brit who sold the Thai army fake bomb detectors known as GT200 has been ordered by  judge to find over £I ¼ million or face another 7 years in jail on top of the one he is already serving.

The court believe he has had banked a lot of the proceeds abroad as of course will have one or two people in the Thai military.

Gary Bolton, 49, from Chatham in Kent, is believed to have made £6.8 million.

Now if they could apply those laws to Bangkok boiler rooms in forthcoming prosecutions (if there are any) that would be a result.

Bolton has three months to miraculously find his cash, the Guardian reports

This is the closest thing yet Britain has come to the Thai practice of paying for releases!


Jay Sata said...

Is the Thai military still using these bits of junk Andrew?

Lancashirelad said...

Absolutely ridiculous decision. So what if he ripped off a few gullible, greedy morons?
Serves them right for being so stupid and greedy.
He's served his time - now he should be free to enjoy the fruits of his business saviness.

D. Farang said...

But you'd be none too pleased if say your loved one was blown to bits, a result of Thai police declaring a certain place say in Bangkok safe with the faulty bomb detectors - but it wasn't. Would you be okay with that in light of your views?

Would you still have the same stance as you now espouse - you know, "the greedy morons got their faulty bomb detectors and it's their own damned fault, 'cause they got sucked in" scenario?

Observer said...
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Billy Black said...

@ Lancashirelad .......would you be saying this if you were ripped off by him ? And before you say you wouldn't be so stupid and greedy many a switched on person has been caught out for 1 reason or another.

Observer said...

Re: He's served his time - now he should be free to enjoy the fruits of his business saviness.

You are being cynical? right?

Lancashirelad said...

Finally....somebody "gets" cynicism and sarcasm..

Bob Kneale said...

Wow, talk about frantic back pedalling.

D. Farang said...

I'd have to be a consummate mind reader to infer that one Lancashirelad. But I believe you. If you made those comments and meant them - you presumably wouldn't give a toss what anyone thought.

Unless you're crazy like a fox. Only you know for sure.