Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Arrest warrants for extortion were issued at Pattaya Court today for the American Drew Walter Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu who cheated foreigners while running the Pattaya Times and One Stop Legal Service Center in Pattaya.

The couple, who dined with judges in Pattaya,  had already been sentenced to two years in jail each, but were allowed bail to appeal the judgment.

Noyes fled back to the United States to Wilmington North Carolina where in 1995 he was originally exposed by the Morning Star newspaper under the headline 'Trouble Follows Developer'.

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Steam Punk said...

Arrest warrants for what ; failing to appear in court for appeal decision?

Andrea Sisaran said...

Well. Please tell me why he was on bail for appeal. He was sentenced. maybe on bail. = PASSPORT SURRENDERED

Steam Punk said...

Let's see noyes latest Facebook bragging now...

Ian McFarland said...

And yet these two pieces of sewer scum are still sponsors on Thaivisa (Marriage and divorce forum), touting for business amongst Thaivisa membership.

Given the fact that they have been found guilty and sentenced in a Thai court for extortion the question needs to be asked why does Thaivisa continue to allow them to be sponsors, continue to put their own membership at risk from Noyse and Wanrapa?

Is Thaivisa so hard up for sponsors that the management must accept known convicted criminals as sponsors?