Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015


In this video ‘Brian Goldie makes his television debut. An investigation team put the thread of Goldie’s life of extortion together from Scotland to Australia to Thailand where he is known as Brian Goudie.

This 47-year old Scot born in Falkirk has variously posed as a mining engineer, barrister and former officer in the Royal Marines and befriends people and listens to their problems before using the information they give him against them.

I have seen the full version of this film of course because I assisted the film crew but I do not think it went to air in the UK – because it was based on swindlers in Asia.

Brian Goudie is appealing a three year jail sentence in Thailand for cheating a 78-year-old mother Barbara Fanelli Miller out of nearly US$300,000.  He also faces charges of ‘revenge porn’ and fraud.

Together with another lawyer  American Drew Walter Noyes, he has made a career out of swindling foreigners in Thailand. Drew Noyes was sentenced along with Wanrapa Boonsu to 3 years in jail for extortion.

He recently boasted to this site: “I have so much cash I can stay on bail until the cows come home.”
Meanwhile he continues to try and destroy his enemies with his Google sites CasewatchAsia and AndrewDrummondWatch.


Jay Sata said...

Nice well cut and a slick episode from the series Andrew. The production and editing suggest from my experience ex Channel 7 Australia crew. No doubt Noyes will feature in upcoming series along with others. Goldie can not prevent the series being aired in the UK on Channel Five and satellite which eat this stuff and repeat on a regular basis. I look forward to more of the same as the serial swindlers all seem to go to the bright lights like mosquitoes around a light...which of course is Thailand.

Billy Black said...

What a buffoon this Goldie/Gouldie or what ever he calls himself is.Looks like everything he has ever done has been found out and exposed.A true loser in life and at everything he does.
His parents and family must be oh so proud.

Megalodon said...

Has this film aired in Australia?

Bert Denham said...

Is it available on the web for downloading and viewing the more air time this oxygen thief and his accomplices get the better.

Ally said...

Well, well, well.
So here is yet more irrefutable proof of the life long criminal career of Brian Goldie and yet, recently, at Pattaya court he denied to me he'd been convicted of defrauding a 78 year old lady of her life's savings. What sort of reality (may be replace reality with fantasy world) does this crook live in?

Families said...

Thanks for this Andrew. I hope this cheating B#$^*&% Brian Goldie gets what is coming to him.

Megalodon said...

What's the latest position on his appeal against his conviction? He was sentenced to imprisonment and went to jail for a period, but my understanding is that he is only out on bail pending an appeal.

Amazing said...

Great Job, Can't wait for the Noyes episode!