Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


The international hackers group ‘Anonymous’ launched a second attack on the Thai government early today Thai time taking down some 297 sites run by the country’s Courts of justice.

Protesting against the guilty verdicts on two young Burmese for the murder of Britons Hannah Witheridge and David Miller on the Thai island of Koh Tao they brought the sites to a standstill.

All sites check showed a picture of the Court of Justice in Bangkok with the caption ‘Sorry the website is being updated’.

Earlier in the day they had signaled their action by announcing on Facebook: and announcing:

 “Anonymous is preparing a huge leak of all Thai officials involved in corruption in Thai Courts.

“Anonymous has found the Thai courts to be GUILTY of unfair treatment of non Thai nationals, using scapegoats and using foreign prisoners as political pawns and for political gain.

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“You have been found guilty by Anonymous and justice will prevail.”
They then published pictures of the judges in the Koh Samui trial of Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin, pronouncing the judges guilty adding: ‘Failed Law We Want Justice’

Hannah and Laura Witheridge
They also announced ‘We stand by Laura’ referring to Hannah Witheridge’s elder sister’s outburst on Facebook yesterday about Thai justice and corrupt police.
Anonymous announced they have taken down the sites at 10 pm (5 am Thai time Wednesday) with the following announcement.

“Anonymous shuts down all Thai Court of Justice Websites in protest over the ‪#KohTao murder verdict. #Anonymous is supporting the campaign to ask tourists to boycott Thailand "until such time changes are made with the way Thai police handle investigations involving foreign tourists". Details of latest hack are here:

Laura Witheridge has removed her controversial post on Facebook. Today Thai Police said they were considering suing. But did not stipulate where.


Ally said...

And theres Brian Goldie, at the Cyber Crimes Division in Bkk, claiming they're having me arrested for cyber crimes....they cant even keep their own government computer networks functioning.....

D. Farang said...

All religions know that Karma works like a charm.
It turns reactive into proactive, as you will see..

Legal Czar said...

awesome...keep it up...increase awareness and up the pressure...expose all!

Andrea Sisaran said...

Amazing. lets hope Blair is on this list