Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday, January 22, 2016


Nichola, Luke, James - FB Luke's Legacy
Holiday friends of Luke Miller whose body was found in the pool of the Sunset Bar on the Thai island of Koh Tao earlier this month are understood to now have made statements to police in the United Kingdom following the return of Miller’s body earlier this week.

And while James Gissing and his sister Nichola, who were on holiday with Miller, 26, on the now infamous paradise island, have pulled short of alleging murder, they now appear not to be pulling any punches at all.

In a Facebook post Nichola advocates a boycott of Thailand making it clear that Luke’s death was ‘no accident’.
She says: “.Our friend was murdered in Koh Tao on January 8. He was beaten and dumped into a swimming pool at Sunset bar on sairee beach. I know this message will probably be removed but If one person sees this who is considering going to Koh Tao my advise to you is don't. If you do decide that you want to risk your lives despite the inherent dangers and also attend these bar crawls, 
I urge you to stick with your friends. Do not leave one another's side. The Island is dangerous and you are not safe going anywhere alone, even in pairs you are not safe. Safety in numbers at all times. I am telling you this from personal experience. I do not wish for anyone to go through the pain and horror of losing a loved one in similar circumstances. 
We did not attend this pub crawl but I know how crazy they get. Hannah and David were murdered on the beach after attending these pub crawls. Our friend was enjoying a drink at Lotus bar on Sairee beach and was later found "drowned" in the morning. Do not become a story in the world news. Go home to your families alive and not in a box. 
Even better do not visit Koh Tao. Our friend Luke Miller arrived home yesterday and a second post mortem will be conducted as obviously the Thai officials would like this to be passed off as an accident. It was not! Please join our page "Luke's legacy ( justice for Luke) " as we find the answers and justice for our friend in the hope that this never happens again.”

On the Luke's Legacy Facebook page she added: " we won't let this rest Luke don't you worry. Too many patterns emerging, too many deaths, too many unanswered questions and too much heart ache for so many families just wanting the truth that they deserve.. Beware of Koh Tao there is a killer/killers on the loose free to destroy lives of the innocent."
Miller’s death will be the subject of an inquest in the UK. A new post mortem will also be conducted.  The Coroner’s officer and pathologist will also study photographs taken secretly by James and Nichola at Surat Thani Hospital in the provincial capital.

Friends and family are understood to be tired of suggestions that Miller had an accident while drunk or under the influence of a drugs. This is the line which has been put out by both police and the owners of the Sunset bar, which like the AC bar where Hannah Witheridge and David Miller are said to have had an argument on the night of their death, is also owned by an influential island family.

David Miller and Hannah Witheridge

Both James and Nichola Gissing are convinced that the injuries, particularly on Luke’s face are not from ‘barbed wire’ as police suggested but from being beaten.

The findings of a British Coroner’s inquest have no legal standing in Thailand but if those findings suggest murder was involved the Coroner and Hampshire Police can through the Foreign Office request the Thai Police conduct more enquiries.
Whether the Thai authorities carry out meaningful enquiries of course is subject to conjecture.

Dyfed-Powys Police and the Foreign Office have been trying for more than 15 years to get the Thai police to solve the rape and murder of Kirsty Jones from Brecon, in the northern Thai capital of Chiang Mai.

Thai Police have also closed the file on the murders of Hannah Witheridge, 23, and David Miller, on Koh Tao in 2014. 

Despite a bungled, or deliberately distorted investigation and a controversial trial, they are standing by he conviction and death sentence of Burmese migrant workers Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo.

Defence lawyers are currently appealing.

And on Koh Tao there still remain controversies over the deaths of young Britons Nick Pearson whose body was found on some rocks on Koh Tao and Christina Annesley, who was found dead in a guest house. She has messaged that she had been taking medicine for a chest infection.


Megalodon said...

But the question remains, will we ever get to the bottom of this case? Will we ever learn the true facts surrounding this poor chap's death? Would that we could.
Does Nichola know more than she has said thus far?

Steam Punk said...

I find it suspicious that there would be barbed wire in, near, around the pool? But, in Thailand anything is possible, and the barbed wire gives the RTP a chance to cover things up and shift blame, as usual.

Tim said...

Time for FO to basically say "you'd be crazy to go to these islands"...and travel insurance companies to refuse to cover incidents. Or will be it business as usual until the mandarins can no longer afford to fob off the victims and their families...

Andrea Sisaran said...

Its so sad that Thailand and their police force get away with what they do but do not be blinded by the fact that our own Government are largely to blame. FACT. Britain has no intention of helping any of its citizens abroad if it means risking upsetting trade agreements orDiplomatic relationships. A perfect example is the statement read out by David Hannahs brother. rehearsed from quotes from the British police sent by David Cameron to Make Sure all went well. job done. 2 Burmese sentenced to death while Mon and his relatives go on to their next victims. Has the foreign office issued warnings? lol. since David and Hannahs deaths , tourism in Thailand is up 25% or so we are led to believe.
Tony Blair ley Sandy Mitchel get tortured in a Saudi jail when him and Jack Straw knew he was innocent but they had massive arms deals. Schapelle Corby was abandoned by her Australian Government ina Bali prison because Australia had to be seen to bow to Indonesias demands. The list is endless. We get told there is no law to help. There is a thing called International law but only used to protect the establishment and execute foreign rulers who have power and oil.
Trying to bring these people to justice is impossible because just like our own country they are protected by the very same people who rule us. The poor man loses.ALWAYS. BOYCOTTING THAILAND IS THE ONLY WAY OF GETTING REVENG BUT THEY WILL STOP AND NOTHING TO HIDE THE TRUTH. No one knows anything about Thailand other than what they see on t.v and brochures.

Lancashirelad said...

Well written Andrea. Well, right up until the very last sentence.
I reckon these that these days people know a great deal more about Thailand other than what they see on TV & read in brochures, thanks to investigative journalists such as AD & others.

Mady said...

Watch the anonymous findings on YouTube. ..lengthy but very informative. God bless these poor victims and their families and friends

Mady said...

Watch the anonymous video on YouTube with their findings surrounding these murders. It's very lengthy but very informative. God bless

Bob Kneale said...

While Miller's family and friends are tired of suggestions that drink and drugs could have had something to do with the incident that took his life they should bear in mind that the information that he was a heavy drinker and partial to recreational drugs was announced to the world by Miller himself on his Facebook account, one of the reactions to which was his mother's posting that she didn't think "that was taking care of yourself". She obviously had concerns about his behaviour at that time.

Ironically, his social activities were also confirmed by his sister's confirmation that shortly before his body was found he was drinking in the Lotus bar.

Bob Kneale said...

There's no need to be suspicious about the existence of the barbed wire, it is there, seen in photos. It wasn't in or around the pool, it was around the DJ's booth apparently to stop people climbing on to the top of it and using it as a launching pad into the pool.

Unknown said...

Schapelle Corby was guilty of bringing lots of drugs into another country. These poor people are just innocent holiday makers getting killed, your points are moot!!

Spud67 said...

Andrea , in what way was Schapelle Corby abonded by her Government? She was a convicted drug smuggler and accomplished Liar.She lay in the bed of her own making. Completely agree with your comments re UK diplomacy though

Megalodon said...

Just because Miller was what many would describe as a "party animal," doesn't mean that there are not some suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.
Have the Thai authorities not been too quick to put it down to an "accident," following a heavy session of alcohol or "substance" consumption?

Andrea Sisaran said...

Bob.. Are you saying that because he took drugs socialy ( like most visitors to these parts) and was maybe a bit loud that his brutal murder was justified. ? David Millers brother made a stupid speach which was obviosly made up from the Thai - UK we have no problem in Thailand club but your commenta sound like he got wgat he deserved. If im wrong. Can you tell me what it means

Ron Rushburg said...

To the posters, unknown & spud67, repeating disguting govt. lies about S Corby please visit the Expendable Project. She is not and never was a "drug smuggler". Ignorant muppets repeating memes without reading the full evidence have no right to be heard.
Back on topic; boycott Thailand in every way shape and form. Do not visit, do not purchase products.

Bob Kneale said...

You are very wrong, I meant what I said, not what you misinterpreted my comment to mean. The family are objecting to third party comments about Miller's drinking and drug taking on various media outlets when the victim was the one that started those comments by bragging about getting involved in them on Facebook. His sister then perpetuated the drinking part by confirming that he was drinking shortly before he was found. They can't have it both ways. I made no mention about fault or who deserved what.

Andrea Sisaran said...

unknown and Soud 67. I could rant on fkrever about FACTS and how the Australian Government abandkned Schappele and used her as a political football in the name of trade agreement and diplomatic ties, and how the cops lied lied and lied to cover up their own asses., and how they had the world believe her father was a drug smuggler, a poor man dying of cancer who never had anything to do with drugs.
Schapelle the convicted drug smuggler eh Spud. bah bah follow sheep.
She along with the Australian government who could easily prove far beyond any doubt that this was a set up but the Indonesians, just like the Thais get rid of the TRUTH as a first action so they have a case. As Ron says. Watch Expendabke and watch the truth flow out. The only thing she done wrong was refuse to pay the judge straight off. As in any South Asian country.
For a plea to say she was guilty she would have been home years ago. No she stuck to what she was .Innocent.

Spud67 said...

Hi Ron , am i a 'Muppet' for having an opinion that differs to yours? Am i Ignorant because i dont believe in your conspiracy Theory? I would have thought adults could disagree without resorting to childish name calling.

Spud67 said...

Hi Andrea , is your sheep comment an attack on my NZ heritage? ( joke ) I do believe Schapelle was actually convicted of drug smuggling. I do believe her defence team fabricated lies in an attempt to implicate others ( the baggage handlers did it theory). The rest is just a mixture of supposition and conspiracy theory. Thank you for not throwing in personal insults such as Ron did with you response. Can we agree to disagree?

Lancashirelad said...

Not "any" South Asian country Andrea.
If you accept that Singapore is a South Asian country, (more accurately South-East Asian), try paying off a judge there.

Andrea Sisaran said...

sorry. should have said South East

Andrea Sisaran said...

spud. while i respect your opinion your facts are not real. the defence was a scam against Corby and were sacked when found out to be lying. The luggage handlers WERE caught and cctv went missing. The police chief was found out lying. please watch the programme i have asked you to and if you still think Scapelle is guilty then so be it.
I suppose the two Burmese guys should now be executed because A SOUTH EAST ASIAN JUDGE ALSO FOUND THEM GUILTY

Andrea Sisaran said...

Lancashire lad. Although AD does lots of investigative journalism nothing will hit tourism until a warning has been issued from FCO which should have happdned a long time ago. I have spoken to many people who are planning a holiday in Thailand fully unaware of what goes on with some even saying the Thai police caught the Burmese that did the murders. Britain is to heavily involved with trade agreements that they look at it as just a nuisance and things will be back to normal. Its the same the world over. Saudi arms deals, i pads for Nigerians etc etc

Andrew Drummond said...

I think people are getting the message. Even my local wood-cutter said: "Those Burmese boys didn't do it, did they?

Andrea Sisaran said...

Obviosly the Mail on Sunday isnt, or it wouldnt be advertising wonderful holidays in Thailand and bragging of chatting with the former deputy prime minister of Thailand; the gazi─║ionaire owner of the jet and resorg in Ua Hin before heading to Samui. And how they looked to enjoy the elephant rides. Utterly disgusted

Christy S. said...

Despite promises to the contrary, as of today, Feb 4th there is no new coroner report released to discount the Thai official- however much as some might wish there were. So it seems it is not out of the realm of possibilities that Luke Miller had an unfortunate accident which was likely due to being heavily under the influence of alcohol near concrete and a body of water.