Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday, January 11, 2016


Laura Witheridge the sister of Hannah Witheridge who was raped then murdered with David Miller on the Thai island of Koh Tao has launched a bitter attack on the internet linking to the ‘Anoymous’ group which has launched cyber attacks against the Thai Police and advocated a boycott of the country.

Clearly angered by the family treatment and attempts by the Thai government to push the murders under the carpet she gives links to the ‘Anonymous’ video her attack was prompted by a poster to a story about Luke Miller, the latest Briton to die on Koh Tao saying ‘Thailand is the most beautiful country in the world.’

“ Lots of things ‘look’ beautiful. You only have to consider a lion, or tiger… beautiful to look at, yes… but get too close and they will tear you apart and feed you to their young. My point being that aesthetic beauty can lure you into a very dangerous trap,” she wrote.

She said that many Thais hated westerners and viewed life as cheap and complains of corruption and had suggested to her that she got over her grief.

But best read the full text below (unaltered) or go direct to the link here.

"So, as some of you may have already seen- there has been another death of yet another British National on koh tao. I wasn’t going to post anything, not until I logged on here this morning to see that a friend had shared the link warning people not to go there… it wasn’t the sharing of the link or the warning that triggered this lengthy status, as I hope people do share these things and try and warn people not to go… it was the ignorant comment someone had made about how Thailand is ‘the most beautiful place in the world’ that frustrated me this morning.  
"Aesthetically, on a postcard or photograph, maybe… However, literally… I have to disagree. Lots of things ‘look’ beautiful. You only have to consider a lion, or tiger… beautiful to look at, yes… but get too close and they will tear you apart and feed you to their young. My point being that aesthetic beauty can lure you into a very dangerous trap.
Since Hannah was taken from us, 
I am continually asked whether I will warn the World about the dangers of Thailand… I am asked if I will warn people because I might just ‘save someone’s life’.  
This person’s comment serves as a perfect example of why I would be wasting my time. People can be ignorant and many, probably the majority, have very short memories. Countless times, 
I have logged in to facebook and seen statuses made by people who know both Hannah and I, who have gone out there anyway. They think it won’t happen to them… Well, guess what? Neither did we. No one is immune. “
 Many thai’s hate westeners and they have little to no regard for human life. I don’t say this lightly, or without reason. Let me share a few facts with you about this ‘beautiful’ place you speak of…
Many of the thai people have no regard for human life. My evidence for this statement: firstly, some quotes of the things said to my bereaved, heart broken family by the judges and court officials at the trial of the two Burmese migrants-

* “why are you here? Why do you care? She is dead already”
* “why are you so bothered? Just go home and make another one”
* “why are you making such a fuss, she will be back in 30 days as
something else, she may have better luck next time” 
Would it surprise you if I told you that the thai’s view drug possession as a more serious offence than rape or murder? Or that the vast majority of the thai police force are corrupt? 
What if I told you that when we went to Thailand to bring Hannah home, we were offered the opportunity to go to the Royal Thai police headquarters for an ‘official update’… but that, on arrival, we were taken into a large room, left for 5 minutes before the door opened and around 200 journalists were allowed into the room and we were ambushed by this mob of hungry journalists shoving cameras in our faces…  
The thai police chief had no intentions of giving us an update… after all, the bungled investigation meant he had nothing to tell us. The invitation was so that he could make money out of our misery. The press had paid him generously for 5 minutes to capture photographs of our family. The photograph on this post serves as evidence of this:

The photo Laura linked to
"What if I told you that since we lost Hannah there have been many more suspicious deaths on koh tao. You probably haven’t heard of them all, as not all were British Nationals. The deaths, where possible, are covered up as suicides and accidents. This would have happened with Hannah, if it had not been for the hideous brutality of her passing.  
Luke Miller latest casualty of Koh Tao
I highly suspect that with this latest tragedy, the thai’s will say that it was an accidental death caused by drugs. Hiding the truth and offering a story that suits, is something that they do often… My thoughts are with Luke Miller's family and friends. 
What if I told you that I have had many death threats from thai people since they murdered my sister? That they defaced photographs of me saying that the killers had only done ‘half the job’… what if I told you that people commented on these photographs saying things like ‘there is still time’, and ‘tick tock tick tock’. What if I told you that I have been sent crime scene photographs? What if I told you that I have been chased in my car? 
What if I told you that the thais offered us ‘compensation’ to try and keep us quiet? Obviously we were absolutely appalled and told them to shove it.
What if I told you that I am now frightened of my own shadow? That I am constantly looking over my shoulder? That I am exhausted, but frightened to sleep because of the nightmares? I miss my sister desperately. My heart is heavy and my mind is tired.

Still think Thailand is beautiful? If your answer is still ‘yes’ then I would suggest you watch the following:"

Below is the Witheridge family statement after Burmese Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo were convicted and sentenced to death.

Burmese sentenced to death
“As the trial concludes and the verdict is delivered, our family, once again, find ourselves in the path of a whirlwind of emotions and difficulties. In these challenging times, we try to concentrate our efforts on remembering our beautiful Hannah for the fun, vibrant and incredible young woman that she was. 
Had her life not been tragically and unnecessarily cut short, she would now have completed her Master’s degree in Speech and Language therapy and would be about to embark on a fulfilling and worthwhile career. She would have gone on to make a significant difference to the lives of many. 
On the basis of Hannah’s dedication and passion for Speech and language therapy and the excellent feedback she received during her placements, the University of Essex has introduced an award for outstanding excellence in clinical placements in her memory. It will be named the ‘Hannah Witheridge Award for Clinical Excellence’. Hannah will be the first recipient. As a family, we are touched by this beautiful tribute to Hannah as the hard working, dedicated young woman that she was. 
The past year has served as an unimaginably impossible time for our family. We have found the trial process extremely difficult and our trips out to Thailand, to attend court, made for particularly distressing experiences.
We found listening to proceedings very challenging and we have had to endure a lot of painful and confusing information. We now need time, as a family, to digest the outcome of the trial and figure out the most appropriate way to tell our story.”


Tim said...

It's the second most prominent story of mail online at the moment, hopefully will shame those who deserve it especially the police chief who ambushed the family with photographers.

She mentioned the investigation was bungled but not so much about the recent convictions...

micromachine said...

I am Thai, and I completely agree with the statements in this post. 100% don't come to Thailand, go to Burma, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia spend your money there.... and you will find you live longer.

Anonymous said...

omg... that's hard to swallow.. sounds like pure evil.. i think thailand is not what most people think it is..

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely disgusting to read that she has received death threats from Thais since the murder of her sister.
Why has she been receiving these threats?
Does the know the identity of the real killers - and they are afraid she will reveal their identity?
The world should know of these things.
And as for that despicable Thai Police chief with his staged photo shoot...

Bob Kneale said...

That's a very odd comment for Thai to make about your own country.

Bob Kneale said...

You are correct, Thailand is not what a few people would like you to believe about one small place that does not represent the entire country.

Toe Kyi said...

I am closely following up with this tragic. Can't control my tears, deeply touched with your lost.. RIP Hannah.

Cookie1 said...

What about the 2 young boys that are wrongfully accused The Thai police know who really killed them. We Are Anonymous have done a story on the real killers that the Thai police are covering up!

D. Farang said...

As Laura states, she would be "wasting her time" trying to warn the increasing numbers of young people who are dimly cognizant of danger in Thailand, but it draws them there, as going to a full moon party and downing buckets, getting "Shiite faced " is seen by many as a "rite of passage."

I wrote 2 books on tourist safety in Thailand, "A place to get killed, Tourism Alert Thailand" and "Thai Tourist Safety 101- Forewarned is Forearmed."

You are spot on Laura - very few care until it happens to them or a loved one. This is the age of "me,me,me, entitlement 101."

I just spent another 3 months in Thailand and will write a third book on tourist safety called, "Primitive Latent Danger, Rites Of Passage in Thailand."

I only write them to save a life or two, or so someone decides to wear a motorcycle helmet and ignore peer pressure to be "at risk."
My heart goes out to you for the gauntlet you were forced to endure..
D. Farang

D. Farang said...

It is a truism that the latent danger of Thailand is a big tourist attraction for many. Tourist numbers are up almost 25 percent since that dark day in Sept. 2014.

It's a dark irony that in this age of social media, tourist deaths in Thailand beget more and more of them, and few care to look beyond their own navels and their new Buddhist tattoos, as they frolic and show off on Koh Phi Phi.

Taking risk in Thailand is seen as somehow "cool," until !!! BANG!!! - not so much..

After all, being proactive with regards to personal safety is a rare thing, as reactive is the name of the game.

It's despicable, And far worse than abysmal.

Why should TAT care? Home countries lame governments are also reactive, and give no warnings or a heads up to the neophyte Thai tourist, who knows sweet fanny any about the inherent dangers in Thailand-and could care less.

That's the "perfect" environment for more tourist tragedies in the land of 40 plus different smiles..

At least 38 Chinese tourists drowned on Phuket in 2015..FACT
That is acceptable, apparently..unless of course you are a family member of the deceased..

I could go on for days here..and waste more time..

Andrea Sisaran said...

What has actually happened is that the obviohs has been stated. We all know what the Thai police stand for and how, for years they have covered up foreign murders in the name of tourusm. What we dont know is how these poor souls died that night which is why Sean Mcanna must be brought to account. Anyone who knows anything about Thailand and this case knows Mcanna holds the key answers to what really happened that night while 2 Burmese lads happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Mcanna stoo being a coward and talk. It wont go away

MOT said...

10 years in Thailand, yes it's true, but this is the soft reality
RIP Hannah & David & Luke
Peace for the Family

Anonymous said...

Keep defending the country and the system Boob. You seem to be in a minority of one here.

Sam said...

Got a link to that story by WAA