Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday, February 29, 2016

One of the 'libelous pictures - Noyes left. Goudie right

The criminal court in Pattaya today jailed an American schoolteacher for a year for libeling Drew Walter Noyes, an American who set up business in the city as a fake lawyer and who is currently on the run after being found guilty of extortion.

The teacher and his defence team are shocked at the decision but said they could not convey their feelings due to Thailand’s contempt of court laws. Criticism of a judge can carry the penalty of seven years in jail.

The teacher was accused of publishing on his website photo-shopped pictures of Drew Noyes, 60, and his colleague Brian Goudie, 49, dressed in revealing leather outfits as if they were taking parry in a gay parade.

Drew Noyes, who boasted he owned Spice magazine, ‘the biggest Gay magazine in Thailand’, said that to accuse him of being gay was a gross libel. He was a family man with many children and strictly heterosexual.

Noyes did not attend the hearing. He has fled to the United States and a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

The teacher denied he was the owner of the website in question – SubSeroSiam. He was granted leave to appeal with an additional payment of 50,000 baht bail.

The controversial case was brought under Thailand’s Computer Crime Act libel law. 

It is against the law in Thailand to publish any photograph which is photo-shopped to the detriment of the subject – even if the image is satirical.

For instance former Prime Ministers Abhisit Vejjajiva and Thaksin Shinawatra have frequently appeared in the Thai media as Adolf Hitler and no action has been taken.

Drew Noyes made a point of befriending the Pattaya Court. 

He organized a legal seminar with judges at Pattaya City Hall, dined out with the judges, and even announced that he was writing a book on libel with the Chief Judge of Chonburi.

The court has allowed him to take numerous computer crime cases against his perceived enemies but nearly two years ago jailed him for extortion.

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu celebrate Wan Rapee - National Law Day - with judges and staff at Pattaya Court. In the back row, 
bald and wearing glasses  is American Phillip 
Venne, former gofer at Noyes One Stop Services in Pattaya. He has now morphed into a journalist for the ChiangRaiTimes

He had demanded seven million baht from the Thonglor Beauty Clinic in Pattaya; otherwise the owners and clinic would face a police raid and bad publicity in his Pattaya Times newspaper. 

Drew Noyes and Wanrapa Boonsu after their arrest for
extortion - from the Thai Rath newspaper

The raid by CSD officers did actually take place but local police monitored it and nothing untoward was found.

The case was brought by police and Noyes was jailed for two years together with his common-law wife Wanrapa Boonsu.

He has at least nine half Thai children, four his first Thai wife Nittaya Chaiyasit Noyes (named as Chaisit on some documents in the US) three by Wanrapa Boonsu, and two by former members of staff at his One Stop Service Center, aka PattayaLawyers, aka One Stop Legal Service Center in Pattaya.

In the United States he was exposed in a major article in the Wilmington Morning Star in which he was accused of property fraud, share fraud, and the sexual harassment of a junior employee, telling her she would not get the extra work hours she needed unless she provided him with an oral sex service.

Rose and Harris Black

Drew Noyes court appointed and registered interpreter Rose Chayachon Yangpreeda has been revealed to be Facebook friend of Drew Noyes, Brian Goudie and Harris Black.

Brian Goudie (selfie)
Goudie, who falsely claimed to be a British barrister and officer in the Royal Marines, is appealing a jail sentence for three years for cheating a 78-year-old woman out of nearly US$300,000 (including pocketing bail for her son who died in prison). A warrant for his arrest has also been issued on charges of revenge porn and fraud and he is currently on the run.

Brian Goudie, aka Goudie
In Australia under the name Goldie which he was born with, Goudie was jailed for six years for stealing from a West Australian mining company.  He currently operates a website called  CasewatchAsia, to attack is enemies and those of Noyes.

Goudie is the subject of the documentary 'Brian Goldie - Scottish swindler - by Makeworld Media.

Harris Black, a Canadian, has a warrant for his arrest out for him in California, and his frauds have repeatedly been exposed in television programmes in Canada.

He has currently posted a video on YouTube of his ‘ex-Thai wife’ featuring naked pictures of her and announcing he wants to get revenge.

She was a former bar girl who scammed him he writes. He had spent 200,000 baht on her house, etc. etc.


The judgment in this case and even the decision to accept the case is puzzling. Below is a section from what Thailand's Ambassador to the UN in Geneva replied in answers to the prosecution against migrant workers activist Andy Hall.

Footnote: The teacher has not been named in this report as a matter of principal. I have reserved comment for later.


Tim said...

Hopefully the US embassy will intervene as there'll well aware of Noyes.... Some coverage in the Thai media would help but don't they will be interested...

Ian McFarland said...

Any news on getting Goudie back in the cage?

Ally said...

Very sorry for Bob and his wife.
Another life blighten by the career criminal and has-been, now hobo Drew Walter Noyes. A toxic corrosive individual whos life has been dedicated to destroying others.
The tragedy for me is I met Bob in court No 10 yesterday. He was supremely confident that the correct verdict would be returned afte the amount of overwhelming evidence provided in his defence and the calibre of his legal team.
Makes you wonder if its actually worth fighting these cases.
All eyes on the 8th now for the bloated old convicts appeal.
Goldie was not seen at court or at the Key Bar yesterday.

Billy Black said...

The despicable character they call Noyse does not have an ounce of dignity in his bloated old body or he wouldn't have cheated people out of their hard earned cash all his miserable life.
He wouldn't of had so many children with so many different women nor dragged the children to the other side of the world away from their mothers who most likely will not see their children for a very long time.
Where was his dignity when he fled to America like a coward because he knew he was going to jail leaving his then "wife" to face the courts alone.
Where was his dignity when he fathers yet another child with another "young" girl.
A 60 year old carreer criminal conman like Noyes doesn't have an ounce of dignity or any credibility in his whole body.
Andrew if you had stayed in Thailand that could may well of been you at court yesterday for something so trivial it beggars belief. Something has to be done about the draconian laws of Thailand which protect the real criminals and persecute the people trying to stand up to them.

tanmedia said...

This is the kind of news that you think could go global for its unlikelihood or even be a satirical piece in The Onion. The irony of the plaintiff being a fugitive from justice makes it appear even more confusing (ludicrous to some).

David Martin said...

Anything is possible in the loony verse of the Thai Alice in Blunderland ILLegal system ...

Observer said...


Nice headline but then again court cases are judged on their individual merits and not on the individual's past. Personally I have mixed feelings on lampooning individuals in embarrassing situations. Personally I don't want to see my head on a fat overweight German guy wearing a Nazi uniform in a gay parade holding another guy. Its bad enough looking at the mirror .... lol. What bothers me, as pointed out in this article is the inconsistency of applying the laws and the reasons behind them. 500 baht fine (no jail time) for stabbing a foreigner over a purchase dispute vs. one year jail sentence for making fun of an individual on the internet. Doesn't make sense to a westerner but from a ruling Thai class perspective it does, kind of. Keep the Thai masses happy (your better than a falang, you can stab, you have power) and the libel laws to prevent criticism of the ruling class. In my opinion its all about control. As for Thaksin being dressed up in Nazi uniform that doesn't count. No longer part of the current ruling class.

Observer said...

Re: Family thinks she has scammed me so I want to get my revenge.

And here lies the problem. Parents supporting middle aged children living unhealthy life styles. Reading between the lines, Harris Black received most of the 200,000 baht from his parents to settle down with this Thai woman of good repute. Most probably he convinced them that he would settle down and lead a productive life. How much he actually gave the girl is anyone's guess. While his parents cannot control what he does, they can control how and what they give him. Most parents of good conscious would have cut him off a long time ago. However, good their intentions may be they must accept some responsibility for the problems Harris has inflicted on others. As to the photo of Harris Black and Rose, I got a good chuckle. Usually when a woman has her arms crossed it's not a good sign!!

Andrew Drummond said...

I rather think that video was bullsh*t Observer

Observer said...

Andrew, my comment was more about the statement "Family thinks she has scammed me so I want to get my revenge' than the actual content of the video, which by the way I was unable to find (smile). The comment "Family thinks she has scammed me so I want to get my revenge" is something you would hear from an underdeveloped adult who is dependent on the family. A mature adult would just say something like "The little b$%ch scammed me out of #### baht...". No need for approval or prompting from the family to take action. As documented in the HarrisBlackWatch site his elderly parents were called upon to financially bail him out on the civil court cases. I doubt very much that these are isolated instances of his family(parents) providing financial support. To support his current lifestyle I can't see him doing it without family support. He's too young to have pension and, to the of my knowledge, has never had a real job that would qualify him for a state pension. As mentioned, however good his parents intentions may be they must accept some responsibility for the problems Harris has inflicted on others.

JT said...

WARNING! Here are the memoirs of Harris Black. Please warn the local residents and authorities. He is mentally sick and considered very dangerous.

Harris Black is a known con man and a convicted sexual predator. He has been extorting people from his home in Pattaya for the past 10 years.

He is wanted by the FBI and the RCMP in there is a police case San Francisco Police Department Case # 153642510 currently under investigation. Anybody that is in contact with him is asked to contact local authorities.

You can see most of his crimes and scams right here:

Please contact local authorities.

Harry Black
Photisarn Soi 5 in Naklua, NS apartment
Phone: 0861095020

Please let people know that Harris Black is extorting people and defaming them while in Thailand without a valid visa.