Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pick One! Does he

(a) Do the time, pay out a 6.2 million fine, and then pay for his own deportation?

(b) pay bail and go where he wants?

Sean Tinsley, the dodgy visa agent convicted of assaulting the Head of English at an International School in Pattaya, on Thailand’s eastern seaboard, has been busy packing his belongings while on bail appealing to the Supreme Court.

Tinsley was found guilty at the Appeal Court of assault, jailed for six years and ordered to pay 6.2 million baht - £114,000. He had earlier been acquitted of attempted murder.

The victim Adam Pickles, 43, head of English at the International School of the Regents, was put in a coma for years after the attack in 2012.

Today, says his mother Adele, he can still only sometimes move his fingers and toes and open his eyes and continues to receive round the clock care.

Tinsley’s dodgy visa deals were exposed on this site.

 It is believed he attacked Pickles after Pickles, from Leeds, scraped Tinsley's car while parking.

Originally from Wolverhampton, Tinsley has had his motor-cycle, car and home up for sale in Pattaya. This is at a time when the market is very depressed.

Can it be that he is raising cash to pay that fine? Not likely. That is not due until the Supreme Court rules – and that could be a while.

No, that sounds like he does not believe he is innocent or at least he does not believe the Supreme Court will find in his favour.

Adam Pickles
So expect a runner on this one.  The Pattaya Court is understood to have set bail at over 1 million baht which is a tidy sum which the court gets to keep if he runs.  In the Appeal Court judgment the family gets compensation.

The court has already had to issue warrants of arrest for Brian Goudie and Drew Noyes, who historically, are well known runners, and of course well known to readers of this site.

But then of course Pattaya is mafia central and Tinsley has a long history co-operating with the authorities especially at the Immigration Department and has avoided serious penalties in the past.

The Adam Pickles Fundraising page on Facebook seems to be keeping up to date with Tinsley’s activities.

COMMENT:  I was having an argument with a Thai friend about bail in Thailand last night. Her view was of course that everyone was entitled to bail and foreigners should be no different, the suggestion being that Thailand values people's liberty.. The fact is that actually this is not true, Foreigners are frequently denied bail because of a flight risk. And of course they should be given bail in all ridiculous Computer Crime libel cases, which are merely personal vendettas. Foreigners are also frequently as we have discovered, put in jail without even seeing a judge - in Pattaya especially. But there must be obvious occasions where bail should not be given. Problem here it seems is - its all about the money.


Megalodon said...

I don't know where to start when I read about all this bail shenanigans in Thsiland generally - and Phuket in particular.
But let me ask just one question of you if I may AD, or in fact of anyone who knows the answer.
I apologise if I appear a bit slow on the uptake here, but what exactly is meant by "over 1 million baht..which the Court gets to keep if he runs."

Is this sum "held" by the Court until, or if, the defendant answers his bail? Or is extradited?
Is it paid into the central Exchequer and only "held" by the Pattaya Court in name?
Or is it, (heaven forbid), "divvied up" amongst the Judges and officials of the Pattaya Court?

Please note that this is a serious query.

Ally said...

The huge concern here is the ability to by-pass what is described as justice by paying a supplementary bail after conviction to gain freedom and launch an appeal.
In the REAL world once convicted you fight your appeal whilst incarcerated. As we know from Tinsley, Goldie and Noyes, all these individuals are recently convicted criminals yet are as free as a bird plotting to escape over a border and then home.
It seems to me that justice equates to cash and nothing else.
Hell if I hadn't had 150k I'd have spent the last 6 months in jail for an alleged libel against a career criminal......where is the justice in that?

Andrea Sisaran said...

After calling people basically naive on your last post for not knowibg the dangers and ways of Thailand this question beggers belief.
Just incase you really are serious. It goes to the judges.
Another wonder of the Thai justice system is.
If you get caught breaking the law you get a tarriff fine, depending on the offence. lets say you get caught with 10 wraps of cocaine. .That carries a life ( maybe death) penalty , but a judge will cut that to 2-4 years if you can pay his tarriff which at one time was £40,000 aprox. .
Trust me if you cant pay. you do big time. And you dont have long to get it from UK to Thailand.
Ive seen it done. One thing I will say in the judges defence...He kept his word.
Any parent or relative who gets that call should be aware. You wont see that person for a long time if you dont pay

Andrea Sisaran said...

And just for the record. Thsiland is where? For someone who has a habit of pointing out silly spelling mistakes, I know you will be highly delighted to know we are not alone. Bless

Megalodon said...

In my defence, Andrea, I believe I correctly deduced to where the money pays to the Court goes.
I just didn't want to spell it out in black & white, that's all.
Oh, & I will point out one "silly spelling mistake." Please spell my username correctly.

Observer said...

Re: Is this sum "held" by the Court until, or if, the defendant answers his bail? Or is extradited?
Is it paid into the central Exchequer and only "held" by the Pattaya Court in name?
Or is it, (heaven forbid), "divvied up" amongst the Judges and officials of the Pattaya Court?

I too would like to know but honestly speaking does it really matter where the money lands up. The point here is that justice has been purchased, and as the article concluded, its all about the money. Even if there was a statement from the Thai courts showing where the bail money goes, would you believe it?

Megalodon said...

Fair point Observer.
No, I probably wouldn't believe any statement.