Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday, February 02, 2016
A 36-year-old Scotsman was reported today to have been gored to death by an elephant while on an elephant ‘safari’ on the Thai island of Koh Samui.

The island English language newspaper is quoting one report saying that the Scot had teased the elephant with bananas.

This was followed quickly on the report by comments such as ‘Serves him right’ and ‘som nam naa’ - the Thai for services him right.

When a tourist gets killed in Thailand, it is often according to initial reports his or her own fault.

When the English Taylor family was attacked in Nong Nooch in Pattaya in 2000 with the death of Andrea, aged 20, and injury to her father and elder sister, initial reports suggested that the elephants had been annoyed by the tourists.

"Sethaphan Buddhani, a Pattaya-based director of the Tourist Authority of Thailand, said the elephant's mahout had claimed that Miss Taylor tried to feed the elephant a banana and then teased it by twice pulling back her hand. He said: "The manager said the elephant tried to grab the banana and hit her. Everybody tried to run away and the elephant thought he was in danger." (DAILY TELEGRAPH)

It was not true. The father  sued Nong Nooch but after five years  was only awarded  £66,000 damages. After deductions for travel and  legal fees, that left the father with £15,000.  The judge that at the time said this was  the highest award the court could give.

Helen Taylor - survived (Andrew Chant)
This was odd as at the same the  Shin Corp, of Thaksin Shinawatra, was at the time suing Supinya Klangnarong for damages  to the tune of US$130 million for a mere libel.

Already the local newspaper report is being discredited by a witness who says she was with the Scotsman’s 16-year-old daughter in hospital.

The story did not sound right.

Hopefully later this morning we shall have a clearer account.

Andrea Taylor’s elder sister Helen by the way is campaigning against using elephants as a form of entertainment an has joined the 'Born Free Foundation'.  The elephant concerned was not a native to Koh Samui but had been transported there for that purpose.

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Ron Rushburg said...

"The elephant fled the scene" LOL, priceless; same as Thais that cause road smashes.

Steam Punk said...

Fugitive elephants, time to blacklist them.

Roel said...

Those elephant parks in samui are a total discrase. The mahout's reponsible for those elephants are also the owners. As a trousit you pay easily 600 baht a person for a smalle elphant trekking. But those mahout's only get 30 baht a tour. Discounted with cost for accomadation and food for the elephant there is not much left at the end of the day. This of course results in practices where the elephants are pushed to the edge. So even if the tourist teased the elephant in question one should wonder why these elephants are on the edge at all. The same goes for those tigerzoo's in samui where the adult tigers are being consequently drugged to allow photography sessions with tourist. Or where baby tigers are being separeted from their moms again for photo sessions with tourist. It's asian capitalism at its worst and a complete disgrace.

Andrea Sisaran said...

Just as the mail on suday is advertising holidays ib Thailands hotspots and off course the elephant treks.

Christy S. said...

So they're using the same ol " pulled back the banana.." routine as with the Taylor incident?

Here's an older report on how elephants are tortured into submission;

Graham Smythe said...

End of the day, people know how these animals are treated, he knew the risk, in a sense he was to blame for involving himself in the situation

Andrew Drummond said...

Google 'Elephant Trekking in Thailand Graham. While there are warning up there is also advertised an 'ethical way' to ride an elephant. After all elephants were work horses of the timber trade in SE Asia for over a hundred years and people rode on them - so why would people automatically know when the info is so confusing?