Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016



A fake American immigration lawyer has fled a 27 year jail term for child sexual abuse after paying 400,000 Thai baht (US$11,361) in bail to Pattaya Provincial Court.

Brian Edward Wright, 59, had been found guilty of the repeated rape of a 12-year-old girl prior to his arrest in 2012.

The Thai Immigration Department said today that Wright had not passed through a border control checkpoint – but it seems unlikely, with his claimed immigration contacts and such a heavy sentence over his head, that he has remained in Thailand.

An arrest warrant has been issued. 

Should he return to the United States he would face extradition back to Thailand.

Wright from Rhode Island was also wanted for questioning over the sexual abuse of a child in Block Island, Rhode Island in 1995 before he fled to Thailand.   

On October 28 2014 he was sentence to 36 year imprisonment reduced by a quarter to 27 years on four counts of rape and four counts of taking away a child without the consent of her parents.

He appealed (Red file case 11066/ 2557) and paid the 400,000 baht bail but clearly had no intention to return.

Wright, is a friend of Drew Noyes, and godfather to one of his children, for whom an arrest warrant has also been in his case for attempted extortion. 

Drew Noyes and Wrfght in Pattaya
Noyes fled while on bail of 500,000 Thai baht.

Noyes, who also posed as an American lawyer had attempted to obtain 7 million Thai baht from the owners of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien on Thailand’s eastern seaboard – and threatened a police raid and bad publicity in his now defunct ‘Pattaya Times’ newspaper.

Questions have been asked about the paternity of a child mothered by the 14-year-old niece of Noyes’ Thai wife.

Wright cruised the bars in Bangkok and Pattaya with Noyes on days off when he was not running his company called USA Immigration Law with the website www.mythaifiancee.

He boasted that he had secured fiancée visas for high ranking US military men, police, lawyers, and secret service men.

Had ‘secret service men’ checked  they would have discovered that Wright skipped US$15,000 bail when , it is now confirmed, as a resident of Block Island, Rhode Island,  he was charged with first degree sexual assault of a minor child. 

In Thailand on his website he also claimed he donated to needy children through his company’s own ‘Thailand Children’s Charity Project’ displaying pictures of himself with children.

Braydan Hamilton....?
During his trial his company was taken over by a mysterious Braydan Hamilton, also a ‘US Immigration Lawyer’, who has flooded his first 3 pages of Google with promotions for the business, but, not surprisingly has no previous profile, or bio.

At the time of Wright's arrest in Thailand a US Embassy spokesman said: 

"While we cannot comment on the specifics of this case, the United States values our cooperation with Thailand on law enforcement issues and cases, including this one."

No one was immediately available for comment. 

COMMENT:  The fact that Drew Noyes, Wright’s buddy, should be given bail and even allowed to travel to the United States having been convicted and jailed on a serious extortion charge is bad enough. 

But Pattaya Court’s decision to let this man go is absolutely disgraceful and a total insult to the US-Thai agreements to co-operate to cut down on international child sexual abuse.
On an almost annual basis teams from the UK, Australia, United States and even Scandinavia meet with officials at all levels of the Thai Justice system.  They organize seminars, even hold parties in Embassies.  And the Thais agree to everything.  Brian Wright is not the first to go free. There have been dozens.  And there have been strong indications that money has been involved – not just money for bail.

At the same time there can be no doubts, as we have shown on this site, that innocent people can also be framed with scant regard to facts.  

This case is all the more galling in the knowledge that Pattaya Court, as reported here, has jailed people without trial, and held hearings without telling the defendants. 

Thailand needs to come out of the Third World. But while the country has malls and state of the art luxury goods, its justice system appears to be still in the dark ages with promises to reform….merely promises.


jerrold 'Phommachit' said...

I'm getting sick...........seriously.

tanmedia said...

So I guess he has found a way to another country such as Cambodia or Philippines where he can continue his abuse and destroy more young lives. I really hope this news get some awareness and traction. You're a credit to yourself and the wider community AD.

Ally said...

Thailand can not come out the 3rd world because it ticks all the boxes to qualify as being 3rd world.

Megalodon said...

It is beyond belief that a man convicted of such a crime and, more importantly, sentenced to such a heavy sentence, (running into many years), should be allowed bail in such a paltry amount.
Indeed, that he should be allowed any bail at all by the Court beggars belief.
Does anybody know where he is?
Cambodia or Philippines as suggested by tanmedia?
Possibly Vietnam or Laos?

tanmedia said...

You can only hope that he's still in Thailand by some chance and is picked up. If he's convicted, he should be picked up when passing through immigration through facial recognition / fingerprint technology. However, that probably only exists at the airports (if it is functioning correctly). The system in place was first implemented in Japan and is extremely capable assuming there is no interference.

Ally said...

I wonder how many other young lives he ruined and blighted whilst legally free in Thailand after a paedophile conviction?

Observer said...

Re: On an almost annual basis teams from the UK, Australia, United States and even Scandinavia meet with officials at all levels of the Thai Justice system. They organize seminars, even hold parties in Embassies. And the Thais agree to everything.

The problem here is that the Embassies do not give out, to the best of my knowledge, special "incentive" envelopes at their free seminars and parties. Threat of losing their special envelopes works wonders so I'm told. Embassies can send all the teams they want but until they can "adjust" to the Thai culture nothing will happen. So what if its illegal in the West, this is how business is done in the East Threat of not being invited to free seminars and dinners simply doesn't work ... lol.

Megalodon said...

It is certainly NOT how business is done everywhere in the East. It is not how it is done in Singapore or Hong Kong.
Why should we sink to the level of certain Asin countries - no name, no pack drill?

jeffelectric1 said...

I went to Brian's My Thai Fiancee office several times in Ssthorn with my fiancee (now my wife) in '13 + '14. While I was surprised to learn of his charges while back in the states a year later, he did do everything as promised for us. He also returned all calls promptly and personally when I was back in the states working on our k1 visa. That's all I know about him. Sad story for everyone involved, including his Thai wife and great staff @ MyThaiFiancee (May being the one we talked to most.) Being on the run is a punishment in itself.