Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Ben Bartanyi must be regretting the day when he showed the class of tourist typically cruising down one of the sleaziest streets in the Thai resort of Pattaya.

Ruining the image? This image?

He was caught on camera during the country’s Songkran New Year festivities engaged in a sexual act with a Thai bar girl and instantly became click bait for internet sites – notably the Mail online, which of course has a full American staff, who would have pushed this story right to his home in Southern California much higher up their news list.

The Mail online is not shy about this. Today it is publishing a story about a woman with two vaginas. The story was published on Reddit some time ago.

Amusingly the accusations of giving Thailand a bad name, and even giving tourism a bad name were at the forefront of Thai websites such as this one.

After the video was published Bartanyi was arrested and charged with indecency. 

There appears to be some confusion as to whether he then paid a local fine of 500 baht as claimed by the Scottish owner of the rather tacky StickboyBangkok website.

 (Sleazy as in the headline ‘Taiwanese binge drinker inducted into the Chiang Rai Flying Club’ over a story about a Taiwanese man who fell to his death from a Chiang Rai hotel).

Other reports said he would have to go to court.  The bar girl in question as expected has pleaded innocence saying she was drunk and did not know what was happening. The first she knew was when she saw the video. She was not charged.

Ben was very apologetic.

I cannot see it reported that these bars have to pay their dues to police to operate as brothels. They all contain short time rooms. Sometimes the guests and their hostesses simply do not bother to use them.

However if you describe them as brothels in Thailand you could be sued under the Computer Crimes Act - and they will be able to claim, with police back up, that theirs is not a commercial sex establishment.

The name of the Facebook poster has been
deleted for obvious reasons

It is all illegal in Thailand of course but the payment to police makes it legal. Hard to know who is giving the country a bad name.

One could argue that the city council could be taken to court for outraging public decency...but thankfully a licensed bar called the 'Gobble and Go' - has gone.
Still the military takes control of the city on June 16th then, if it’s like what is happening on the Full Moon Party island of Koh Phangan then all payments will rise and they will have to go to the government – via the local council.

I'm not providing links to the video. Those desperate to see will find it soon enough.


Lancashirelad said...

There you have it. "That convincing has dented our pockets." Outright, blatant corruption at the highest level. Can nothing be done to save this dreadful country?

beebeepatts said...

I keep hearing, "the military takes control of the city on June 16th" stuff, but what exactly does that mean?

tanmedia said...

Well I guess if you want to create instant infamy, Thailand is the place to do it. This character should probably do the right thing and relocate and become a citizen and ambassador of all that Pattaya has to offer.

Bob Kneale said...

This incident is not representative of corruption "at the highest level", it is not even representative of Thailand. It does demonstrate corruption at the local police level though.

Why are you so indignantly concerned about Thailand being such a "dreadful country" from your UK bolt-hole?

Marlo Stanfield said...

Sadly not so, if you live here, you'd better pack up and go elsewhere.

I'm all for exposing corruption and God knows it exists here in spades but a lot of foreigners joining the Thai-bashing ought to remember that the establishments where they can go for a late-night, after-hours drink, where they can smoke indoors, where they can take a girl to a quiet room all exist because of that corruption.

I suspect that it's only a tiny percentage of foreigners living here whose lives are in no way enhanced by corruption. From handing over a couple of red notes to make a traffic stop less of a drama to greasing the palm of the government official at the land department to send a letter to your irksome neighbor.

All the retirees who can't show the 800k in the bank for 2-3 months to qualify for the retirement visa (there are thousands of them) can thank the corruption for their continued stay in the kingdom.

It's a particularly odious double standard that sees one form of corruption being regarded as more acceptable than another or even as "harmless". Until such time as no part of their existence benefits from it, people really should shut their mouths.

Andrew Drummond said...

I'm taking the 'I\m all for exposing corruption' statement toungue in cheek Marlo. Corruption does not enhance.

Andrew Drummond said...

What is says. The mayor council are being told to stand down to stand down. There will be no election. The military will appoint a committee to elect the new local government.

Marlo Stanfield said...

Why tongue in cheek? Just because I don't like duplicity in my fellow expatriate doesn't mean I condone corruption.

D. Farang said...

Scummy, nefarious people threatened-inferred harm to Andrew and his children Bob, so he was forced to leave Thailand. He was concerned about the welfare of his children. I feel you would do the same for your own kids, protect them - being the good person that you are.

Lucky that Andrew had a "bolthole" - unlike many sad farang cases in the LOS.

I don't believe Andrew thinks Thailand is a dreadful country. He found a great Nanny there for one thing, Burmese or otherwise. That Mr. Drummond spent a quarter century or so in Thailand should tell you that he likes a lot of things about Thailand.

Other various things? Expat scammers and their compliant local lackeys in poistions of authority? Not so much I'm afraid Bob, er Bobby, er..Robert..


beebeepatts said...

I will believe that when I see it I guess. That's millions -- if not billions -- of baht being redirected into new pockets.

Andrea Sisaran said...

If the corruption that goes with Thailand and Thais and Foreigners suffer because of how the system then there is not a lot exposure can do other than warn people that Thailand is corrupt and can be dangerous whjch everyone already kniws and doesnt really card unless they beckme a victim themselves.
But the exposure of people murdering and blaming the less fortunate is well worth the wkrk put in as is the likes of old soldiers commiting suicide because somewhere in Thailand a corrupt joint authority allows others to rob him of his life savings.
The bar girls and late drinks are indeed a big part of everything

Bob Kneale said...

Farang, my response was addressed to Lancashirelad, not AD and definitely not you, which for some reason didn't appear as a reply to his comment. But I'm sure AD was able to work that out and didn't need you to interject for him.

The name's Bob, by the way, although your last sentence is extremely funny.

Bob Kneale said...

Absolutely right, Marlo. Anyone who is complaining about corruption first needs to make sure that they're not contributing to it in any way at all.

Although I suspect that, like Lancashirelad, most are probably not in Thailand), anyone commenting here in Bangkok, for instance, that has ever used any of these businesses in any way has no business self-righteously criticising corruption...any bar in Nana Plaza, any Hillary bar, Morning Night, Climax, The Game, Levels, Q Bar, Bed Supperclub (and it's soon to be new iteration), The Australian, The Kiwi, Eden Club, Wolf Grill, Mash/Crossed Pistons, whatever took over after Nana Disco (from Liquid onwards), Oskars, Coyote, and a few others.

Lancashirelad said...

You keep living in your fool's paradise Bob. I, in the meantime, will keep speaking out against all that is evil in that cess-pit of a "dreadful country" from my UK bolt-hole.
Come to Lancashire some time Bob, and I will show you a part of the world where you don't have to "grease palms" to get the lowliest official to do his/her job properly.

Lancashirelad said...

I wrote earlier, AD, pointing out how the typos in this diatribe from Andrea made it difficult to read.
Why do you not publish posts where typos and other grammatical errors are pointed out?

Andrew Drummond said...

Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't - especially when its my typos. I don't like readers squabbling too much.