Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday, April 07, 2016

The Thai Appeal Court today confirmed the conviction of Drew Noyes – a fake lawyer and self-appointed foreign adviser to the Mayor of the Thai sex tourism resort of Pattaya on a charge of extortion.

The 60-year-old from Wilmington, North Carolina, failed to turn up for the hearing as he had promised – but this was also expected.

Arrest warrants had been issued for him and his alleged partner in crime Wanrapa Boonsu. But the Appeal court dismissed the case against her.

Both the prosecutor and victim Michael Goulet co-owner of the Thonglor Clinic in Jomtien immediately announced they were appealing the appeal court’s verdict against Wanrapa Boonsu and sentence against Noyes of 2 years jail reduced by the appeal court to 16 months.

Police had witnessed a phone call from Wanrapa Boonsu demanding that Goulet pay up or she could not stop a police raid on his premises.

Noyes and Boonsu, 39, were accused of attempting to extort 7 million Thai baht (US$198,984) Thai out of Goulet and his partner or their business would be raided, illegal substances would be found and the clinic would face damning publicity in their newspaper the Pattaya Times.

From North Carolina Noyes’ continues to advertise his legal expertise and services to customers in Pattaya through his One Stop Service Center in Pattaya.

He was accused by customers who complained to this site that he had cheated them by putting their property in his name, screwed up divorce settlements, defrauded them in illegal fees, banked divorce settlements in his own account, employed illegal Filipina labour and sexually abused them, and sold phony shares in his newspaper.

But prior to arriving in Thailand he had been exposed in the Star newspaper in Wilmington, North Carolina, of creating a biography which was a ‘myriad of lies’, sexual harassment by demanding oral sex from a female employee for extra hours, and share and property fraud.

Since the military take-over Noyes has been promoting himself more than ever as an ardent royalist and devotee of Thaland’s ailing King Bhumipol Adulyadej.

Currently Thailand’s military government have been reported to have ordered Pattaya City Council to step down on June 16th when a council of members elected by the military will take over the role of governing the wayward resort – the scene of multiple uninvestigated property frauds committed against foreigners tempted by condo deals in the resort.

Drew Noyes had taken multiple SLAP cases against the owner of this site. Those cases have been brought to an end by the Appeal Court decision. Similarly cases brought by Scot Brian Goudie, 49,born Brian Goldie in Falkirk, who was also exposed on this site as a fake lawyer, have also come to an end.

Goudie is currently on the run. He has been convicted of fraud and embezzlement and an arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest,
The author, Andrew Drummond, left Thailand last year, not as a result of the SLAP cases but as a result of threats from Bangkok boiler room fraudsters who had been laundering money through banks in Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands and Panama.

Drew Walter Noyes – The Real Bio

Drew Walter Noyes quietly slipped in to Thailand after being exposed in 1995 by Scott Gold in the Wilmington Morning Star, as it was then known, in North Carolina, under the headline Trouble Follows Developer. He remained quiet for two years running beers bars called the Zebra and Lollipop making his money out of Thai prostitutes and selling booze to tourists. He had a ‘short time room’ attached to one of his bars.

It was while being accused of being cheated by a Briton who had bought one of his bars that he first threatened to sue for libel and the purchaser fled.

From the Pattaya Mail
He then helped form the Pattaya City Expats Club where he announced that he had been invited by Royal Proclamation to help out the country during the financial crisis of the late 90s. He claimed he worked for the Bank of Thailand, and a lavish self-written biography started appearing all over the net. 
One of the most comprehensive was on the Naymz site. By this time he had married an illiterate bar girl called Nittaya Chaiyasit.

He also announced that he was a lawyer and owner of the law firm PAPPA which was not registered as a law firm but as accountancy. 

He then made cash by convincing foreigners he was ‘ the most credible re-assuring American professional in Thailand’ to part with their cash for his services in court cases, buying houses, and divorce settlements. Soon many were complaining.

Colov with Noyes behind
He set up the Pattaya Times newspaper in opposition to Niels Colov, the former Copenhagen pimp and gangster, and head of the Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteers, who was also using his Pattaya People newspaper and an expats club to bring business his way.

Both men had promoted a ‘We Love Pattaya’ and ‘We Love the Thai People ‘ rhetoric to convince the authorities they were kosher and offered the authorities as much space as they wanted in their newspapers for PR purposes.

Both had a public fall out accusing each other in their newspapers of fraud and beating their wives but the row was becoming self-defeating and they agreed to a peace, allowing each other to continue with their various cons. These were mainly connected with property deals.

But Noyes came to our attention when his name came to light as the man representing American porno film makers who were being arrested in Thailand for cheating bar girls – and of course making illegal (in Thailand) porno movies, with the endless supply of na├»ve country girls available for US$50 a pop.

Tony Power at his arrest - but the case like all other arrests of pornographers disappeared from the system

One such pornographer Tony Poer faced demand in excess of US$200,000 from Noyes for charges to be dropped. He went direct to police and managed a deal at 1/10th of that price.

We also caught Noyes attempting to buy a home from a British pensioner after putting the news in his newspaper that the Thai government would confiscate properties held by foreigners in dormant company names.

The Thai authorities did not care about Noyes activities and he continued to befriend local politicians, police, and immigration authorities writing eulogies about them in his newspapers.

Noyes and Brian Wright trawled bars together
He started a Pattaya Branch of Optimists International and its founding members included now convicted paedophile Brian Wright, from Rhode Island, and three American and one British boiler room operators from Bangkok. Optimists of course are dedicated to helping children.

By this time complaints were flowing in about his cons at Pappa Law, which with Wanrapa Boonsu, he morphed into the One Stop (Legal) Service Centre also with the website

But Noyes struck back threatening all and sundry under Thailand’s libel and Computer Crime Act laws and using his newspaper to expose his enemies. One such person a producer of children’s films in Holland he described as a ‘porno film maker’….and so it went on.
Noyes and  Wanrapa Dining with Pattaya judges

He even held a Legal seminar in Pattaya with the judges of the Pattaya court and recruited the local court interpreter as one of his aides. He dined out with judges and of course eulogized their work.
Most people in Pattaya knew what he was – but they were scared of saying anything for fear they might be his next target.

It was his arrest in March 2012 that was his final undoing. But it has taken four years to bring him to justice of sorts. 

As soon as he started demanding cash from Thonglor Clinic Dr. Michael Goulet called in his Thai partner who called in local police. A sting was set up and Noyes and Wanrapa were recorded as they made their threats. However when it came to the time to pick up the first instalment of cash at the News Restaurant in Pattaya, Wanrapa was not there. And this may account as to why she wriggled off the charge.

Noyes claimed he was a victim of a conspiracy. Then he claimed that the money was for advertising in the Pattaya Times. Goulet had no intention of publishing a newspaper which had no distribution and of which copies could only be found at city hall or the local immigration office.

Hanks - facelift
Goulet told the court that Scot David John Hanks, 67. from Girvan, was also part of the conspiracy. The former owner of Masquerades Brothel in Melbourne had turned up at his clinic a week before the extortion attempt for a face lift.

Afterwards he told Goulet that he was connected to the Chinese mafia and his boss Noyes wanted to see him about conducting business in Pattaya.

Noyes quit Thailand while on bail taking with him five children of ten he had fathered in Thailand. He took three children from his first Thai wife Nittaya, two out of three children by Wanrapa, but left the womemn one child each. He also left two children, one born to a member of staff at One Stop Service Center, one one reported to be by the niece of his wife Nittaya.  Last month he announced the birth of another child by his former nanny.

The Noyes story is just another story of a con man in Pattaya. It is more damning for the Thai authorities in this mafia run resort who have made it clear they offer no protection to tourists and foreign expats in the sleazy resort..


Nigel Holmes said...

Well down Andrew. Many tried to rid Thailand of this cockroach, but only you could do it.
Drew must be regretting the day Mangus Evans called you a wanker in the Pattaya Times which you,only a year later, brought down. He is a bully and a rotten snitch, but you were never concerned by his 'influential' people bullshit.
We are surprised that his sentenced was reduced after making a mockery of the court system for so long and that Wanrapa was let off. i assume they paid a lot of money in brown envelopes for this result.
I hope now that she is safe knowing Drew can not return that she can find happiness with victim Michael Green.

Nigel Holmes said...

Is Dan Cheeseman, owner of Thaivisa the new Drew Noyes?
Both worked for Niels Colov when newish to Pattaya. Neither were paid.
Drew idolised Niels to the point of obsession. Everything Niels did, Drew wanted to copy.Expat club,newspaper, etc etc.
ThaivisaDan now does tv.
Drew claimed 500,000 readers. Dan claims 'more than a thousand'veiwers per day. Both figures are imagined a nowhere near the truth. A handful of veiwers, a handful of readers.These fake figures are used to fraud potential advertisers into believe they are paying for something worthwhile.

Drew helped a friend sell hotdogs but claimed it was much more. Dan sold coca cola and had a job in a post office, but claims it was much more.
Drew had made up Mangus Evans {and others} in his newspaper answering his own questions. Thaivisa has the Dr, pinkpanther 99 and a myriad of others. Both are used to deceive their readers.
Drew used his newspaper to lie and trick people,such as trying to con Joe into putting his house into Wanrapas name.
Thaivisa has also been exposed for being selective with the truth when they have stood to make money despite claiming they are there to help expats.
Both have spent considerable time writing about themselves gloriously on the net. The long winded sentences full of drivel almost sound like they were written by the same person. Both seem to struggle with the English language.
Drew Noyes is American. Dan Cheeseman is English. I hope you wont be easier on Dan because of this.
And where did Dan get his money? Selling Coca cola? Working in a post office? Inspire|is hardly inspiring. So where from?
Pattaya, the town that just keeps on giving.
Drew Noyes reeked havoc on many peoples lives. But Thaivisa is a lot bigger than Drew Noyes. Please dont ignore this Andrew.
Thankyou for destroying Drew Noyes.By doing so you have saved countless future victims. It is very admirable the work you do for little or no financial reward. Please help keep these others honest. You are probably the only one who is capable. If they know the fearless Andrew Drummond is watching them, it certainly helps limit deception.
The deceptive, made up stories on Thaivisa drum up rascism towards Thai people. Then the fake posters drum their own lies up further. For what?

Observer said...

Hi Andrew, my understanding is that sentences can be reduced if the individual was confined in prison leading up to the conviction. Drew to the best of my knowledge did not do any jail time. Based on this it appears that the sentence reduction from 24 months to 16 months is something similar to a buy "3" get "1" free at your local Big C store. The keyword here is "buy". I guess the Pattaya Court is trying to emulate Big C in providing their customers value for money sentences. Wanrapa got excellent value for her money.

Megalodon said...

I find it sad, depressing and disgusting (in no particular order), that lots of money in brown envelopes may have secured reduced sentences and acquittals.
Absolutely dreadful. Are decent, honest Thai people going to continue to allow this to happen?

Nigel Holmes said...

I actually don't think I will even need help from Andrew Drummond.
I showed some of the posts to my staff, they were amazed by a lot of the content. We have spent the morning copying the more offensive posts, especially the ones deriding the Prime Minister.
We have also copied some of the posters entire profiles and all their posts.
My staff are convinced the owner of the site will be jailed, along with the moderators and their posse of racists trolls.
Considering a farang pimp was able to bring action against Andrew Drummond for merely being described as a pimp by a poster to this site I think that Thaivisa will be well and truly screwed for hundreds of attacks on the Thai Prime Minister who doesn't take kindly to false allegations.
Two of my staff are currently translating the worst of the worst in to Thai language. They can not believe what they are reading and are amazed it has been going on for so long.
I can imagine how these racists will handle being stuck fifty to a cell, with a bucket as a toilet, and how they will be treated by the prison staff and fellow inmates once it is known why they are there.
Much of what is written would not only be libelous in highly sensitive Thailand, but would also be libelous in an American court and this is what we are concentrating on.
We should have the translations finished by next week. My staff says the current government has actually set up an office for this sort of thing. They will hand deliver it when it is finished.
Watch this space.

Steam Punk said...

Maybe both verdict and sentenced were appealed...?

Andrew Drummond said...

I believe I have stated that.

D. Farang said...

Andrew has all but delivered a much-anticipated and delicious "coup de grace" to Noyes. It reminds me of the bullfighter (Andrew Drummond) and the (one full of) Bull (Noyes) - as the bullfighter readies the sword to stick through the neck and into the heart - the Bull on its last, rickety legs..

Ally said...

I think we should not forget the person who finished the old paedophile off was the good Dr........well done Mike in your dogged determination. I know even today you are facing false charges brought by the Ozzie Jock pimp Hank's.
A discussing old fat dumb individual who hung of the coat tails of both sexual deviants and convicted criminals, Noyes and Goldie.
Yes Drummond was responsible for bringing the old fat hobo Noyes to our attention but Dr Mike dealt with him in the only way good, honest, decent people can.

Andrew Drummond said...

No dispute there - but the courts in Thailand and iun Pattaya particularly have repeatedly shown, er, why people do not use them

beebeepatts said...

Does anybody know how Noyes is making a living now in the States?

Did he steal enough money over the years in Thailand to retire in the States?

It can't be easy for a 60 year-old to find employment in America.

Bob Kneale said...

Can you give an update on the new AD, It shows no comments, is it there just for easier access to read without having to use a VPN or will it eventually be showing the same content as the original site? Which one is now the "real" AD or do those of us in Thailand have to consult both?

Observer said...

A good question but I doubt anyone would really know other than Drew himself. That's based on the premise that he's still got it together... (smile) The good news is that being stuck in the United States with 5 kids in a poor neighborhood is making life difficult for him. Drew works best when he's physically in contact with his valued "clients". The "Drew Noyes is one of the most credible, friendly, reassuring professional to make Thailand his home" has kind gone out the window! Pretty difficult reinventing yourself with an extortion conviction and other misdemeanors. I don't think the "Trump" brand has anything to worry about .. (smile).

Gerry westerby said...

What a creepy little man you are.

Billy Black said...

Yes creepy indeed.He uses a fresh G+ account and from his boring little post reading between the lines he is either Goonie or Noise or another equally butt hurt deviant who doesn't like the truth when it is exposed.

Steam Punk said...

What do you know about American law, and who really cares anyways.

Unknown said...

no employment, just more scams perhaps.

jules in KL said...

Drew was a fantasist, nothing wrong with that and there are a lot in Thailand including Mr Cheeseman.
Where Drew went wrong was to represent himself as a lawyer and defraud people.
ThaiVisa is a grubby site but it does no harm, why would you want to start a vendetta against them? Have you been trolled on Thaivisa?