Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In its continuing onslaught against foreigners Thailand has cut short the annual holiday of British journalist and author Maurice Jones and told him to get packing in seven days.

Jones, a well-known and feisty journalist front the north of England wrote the amusing novel ‘The Last Resort’.

The novel was based on a scheme by the leader of a cash strapped local council to outsource its care for the elderly to Thai resorts – on the basis that it would be cheaper that running ‘Old Folks Homes’ in the UK,

Jones is now retired and spends four months a year in Thailand and as usual he says had applied for a 90 day visa with the assurance that it could be extended by 30 days. 

This assurance was given by the Thai Consulate in Liverpool.
The Samui immigration Office has told him no – he has seven days only. Jones,70 from Waterfoot, Lancashire wrote to the Bangkok Post.

“Warmth, friendliness, beauty in many forms, exquisite cuisine — and the ever-present sanook. That, for me, sums up Thailand. 

“If I may update Dr Johnson’s famous comment about being tired of London, the quote for today’s world should read: “He who is tired of Thailand is tired of life.” So last week came as a shock. 

After visiting Thailand for almost 20 years, I was told that a written visa entitlement, granted and paid for in Britain, was being over-ruled by the Koh Samui immigration office.”

He adds that he has written his letter more in sorrow than anger:

“ I and all people of goodwill towards Thailand, want to see the country progress and continue on an upward path in the years ahead — hopefully realising its immense potential.“

He certainly understands Thai culture but alas not everybody is up to speed on what is happening in Thailand at the moment.

The trickle of foreigners wishing to leave has turned to a stream – and others are simply being made to go. I am not sure its going to be a flood.  There will be people gripping on my their finger nails.

Maurice edited ‘The Miner’ of the National Union of Mineworkers under President Arthur Scargill AND they did not always see eye to eye. He is a former Yorkshire ‘Journalist of the Year’, and is by no means na├»ve.

He seems to have a fascination for Koh Samui, an island I would only go to in the last ten years if paid by a newspaper or attending a court case

His satirical novel is about what goes wrong when pensioners are sent to care homes in Thailand. 

In the book they died in sex acts and in other  more mysterious ways and the subject of euthanasia was also touched on. 

The cover shows a pensioner with his Zimmer frame ogling a girl in a bikini on a beach.

Foreigners will not get a tremendous amount of sympathy from the local population I am afraid, though resort operators will be concerned. 

A few of my Thai friends have commented recently that they are either sick of or boredThai Police Logo Immigration with tourists.

Actually my old sparring partner Mr.ThaiVisa is quite a good source on what is happening in this area at the moment as are other websites. 

However the people who seem to be affected most are not the foreign criminal community who can cross palms with gold, but genuine tourists, and less well-off people like teachers.  Foreign criminals do not bother with visa runs so this will be interesting to watch.

The immigration department is now printing forms for foreigners to sign demanding such details as what vehicle you drive, your social media profile, overseas addresses, bank accounts , locals who can contact you, where you ‘visit regularly’. That will certainly set the alarm bells ringing for a few Thai Visa posters.

Forget about Thai equivalent of the Data Protection Act. Once you give this information to the Thai government you are giving it to the world. Such is the corruption there is always someone who will release it for a small fee.


Gerry westerby said...

Err, the visit visa regime changed last year, the details of which were publicised widely. Essentially, one is offered a choice between a single visit visa valid for three months which confers 60 days entry or a multiple visit visa valid for six months which permits any number of entries within that period with each stay limited to a maximum of 60 days. I don't think it is policy to extend single visit visas, as they did under the old regime when one could apply for a single, double or even a triple in some instances, since this would obviously undermine the point of the multiple visit visa.
Bit of a non- story Andrew and from my own recent experience of Jomtien immigration no one as yet has asked for details of my social media interaction although banks details were required not least because one requires a bank account to qualify for the lump sum route for a retirement extension.
Mr. Jones could always sling his hook off to Penang or some such place and return to obtain another 30 day entry.

Andrew Drummond said...

Bloody journalists

Man on Samui. said...

Non-Immgrant visas can not be extended unless for one year with proper financial documentation or by 60 days if married to Thai national or have Thai children
Never been the case.

Gerry westerby said...

Err, he didn't have a non-immigrant visa. He was attempting to extend a visit visa by thirty days which was quite permissible up to last Oct/Nov.

mark kling said...

sounds like he didn't have a tourist visa, but the one you would get, based on age, that you would attempt to get an extension on for a year, with proof of funds. He was trying to game the system, failed, and is now

Marlo Stanfield said...

How dare those Thais ask for information that may help to protect their borders. They've been plagued by transnational crime. When Britain or Europe does it, it's fine but when a brown country does it, it's seen as an attack on bwana.

I've never been asked for any social media details, nor have I been asked to provide a list of the places I frequent.

People like this are all over Thaivisa bitching about the apparent ignominy of having to do 90 day reports when, in their words, they do "so much" for Thailand..... what, you mean like bringing in a goat-cheese fixed income that just about stretches to a daily graze at a Tesco food hall, a half lager-top at happy hour and supports a single mother with kids by 3 different dead beat fathers?

The rules apply to all. I don't give a stuff what he's written or what award he's won. If he'd adhered to the criteria, he'd have been fine. He didn't so he wasn't.

Gerry westerby said...

Lest anyone actually believes for one moment the current infestation of Thailand by foreign criminal classes is attributable to lax immigration law, it may be prudent to reflect upon the well known fact that nothing really happens in Thailand without the complicity of someone in authority who will directly benefit from their presence. From gangster fugitives laundering their ill-gotten gains to boiler room conspiracies, from property fraudsters to pimps, they're all here because some influential Thai person or organisation gains financially.
Ninety day reporting is as absurd as it is futile and benefits no one but does satisfy the Thai propensity for silliness and bureaucratic inertia.
'A goat-cheese fixed income' remains baffling but animal husbandry has never been my strong suit.

Man on Samui. said...

It says he had a 90 day visa.
Only non-immigrant visas are 90 days.

Man on Samui. said...

Visa exempt entries for 30 days and 60 day tourist visas can be extended with 30 days.
Only change in Oct/Nov was that before that you could not extend 30 day visa exempt entries with 30 days.

Man on Samui. said...

Social media interaction is only is for my those on extension based on work for a BOI company.

Gerry westerby said...

I think we are at cross purposes but on checking with the current MFA website it states quite clearly that single visit visa holders permitted 60 days entry can still apply for an extension of up to 30 days. I had assumed this practice had ceased after the introduction of the new multiple visit visa last year but evidently not. Maybe our tyke has pissed someone off in Samui.

Man on Samui. said...

It says he was on a 90 day visa, only non-immigrant visas are for 90 days and can not be extended.

Gerry westerby said...

Somewhat confusingly, folk often refer to visas in terms of their validity rather than the limit of stay conferred by them. Although one cannot rule it out, there are not many who only intend a winter sojourn and obtain a Non-immigrant O visa to facilitate it....

Dick Headley said...
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Bob Kneale said...

Err, err, lest anyone gets the wrong impression, Andrew, could you confirm that you have not merged with Thaivisa? The stream of comments here looks horribly similar.

Andrea Sisaran said...

maybe the Thais have got it right. Thailand is Thai the rest are mere visitors.
Something maybe UK should look at.

Andrew Drummond said...

I am more than happy to clarify. I was much more interested in the 'Last Resort' and the council plans to bundle off all its pensioners to Thailand