Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

With the confirmation of the conviction and jailing of Drew Noyes, former publisher of the Pattaya Times newspaper – and the conviction and new arrest warrants for fake British lawyer Brian Goudie, aka Goldie, now is the time perhaps to close the book on these two low life scammers.

The wheels of Thailand’s legal system screeched, and groaned and came off the rails on numerous occasions demonstrating how primitive it is and how easily fooled.

But finally they have had their come come-uppance.

The only person of this group who has sued me who is not yet in jail is David John Hanks, the former owned of the Masquerades Brothel in Keysborough, near Melbourne, who played the part of the not too intelligent  Scottish ‘heavy’ for both of them.  But I am confident his future is limited.

Drew Noyes is kicking his heels in the United States and faces arrest if he comes back to Thailand. He ran again as expected. Just as he did after the Wilmington Morning Star (now Star-News) exposed his ‘myriad of lies’, property fraud, share fraud, and sexual harassment way back in 1995.

Brian Goudie also disappeared and failed to keep to the terms of the bail while appealing a very light three year jail sentence for defrauding a 78-year-ld woman out of approx US$240,000.officially, but more like US$300,000.

We had exposed Noyes for re-inventing himself as an American lawyer, an American financial expert who had come to Thailand by Royal Proclamation, and for cheating a wide variety of people in different ways.

Similarly with Brian Goudie, who claimed he was a qualified British barrister and former office in the Royal Marines, we exposed him as Brian Goldie, who had been jailed for six years in Australia for stealing from the company that employed him, who had had an arrest warrant issued by police in the UK in connection with a fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland – and who had fled both the UK and Australia for the easy pickings of Thailand.

Goudie is in breach of his bail terms and has new warrants of arrest out for him.

These guys will turn up like bent pennies somewhere else and no doubt commit more frauds because they cannot change and Thailand, despite convicting them, has failed to adequately deal with them,  

Good luck to those who have to deal with them in the future.

I won't be forgetting about them forever of course - If they start new scams and I hear so will you.

Meanhile 'Brian Goldie' - Swindler Scot goes to air in the UK on Your TV, 9pm. (Freeview).

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Lancashirelad said...

How can you suggest that now is an appropriate time to "close the book on these two low life scammers," when neither of them are in jail for the offences for which they have been convicted?
Its all very well saying that warrants of arrest have been issued for both of them, but the fact remains that as we speak they are not doing time.
Were Noyes to return to Thailand, and were Goudie to be arrested, how can you say with certainty that the right palms would not be greased and they would stay out of jail?
You say that Hank's is the only one who has sued you who is not currently doing time - but this is patently untrue.
Methinks you speak too soon.

Andrew Drummond said...

There's little I can do about the Thai justice system except comment LL. It gets a lot worse than the cases of Noyes and Goudie. If Noyes were to return to Thailand and evade jail of course I would take that up and so would a lot of people. The same goes for Goudie. The other matter is clarified. However the only other person to have sued me in Thailand is history and regretting taking the action he did.

Andrew Drummond said...

And of course I won the principal case. But surprise surprise the court kept the bail money

jules in KL said...

Well done AD, your tenacity was impressive.

I forecast three years ago on this site that the Thai justice system would catch up with these two to utter disbelief from posters who assumed the entire system was corrupt and verdicts for sale and some who even believed that Noyes, a fantasist, actually had influential people protecting him.

Thai courts are not wholly incompetent and the judges are not fools or unbelievably corrupt but the wheels are indeed rickety and wobbly in an underfunded system in need of change. The system would inevitably catch up with pretend lawyers.

soiCzar said...

LanC, what exactly is "patently untrue" in this article by AD?

And, lets be clear, any new, emerging details on the 3 Stooges should make the headlines on AD news site, we should all look forward to frequent and entertaining updates.

TOOK TA said...

Mixed emotions on this one Andrew. Glad that these 2 have been well and truly exposed but sad because they are so f***in' interesting. Both are like characters in some dime novel and of course I will miss The Weapons' hilarious photo-shop pics. Like someone has already said, they will pop up somewhere else and then perhaps the spotlight will once again be upon them. I do wonder where Bwian is holed up right now...maybe we should call Dog the Bounty Hunter to investigate. Still, job well done Andrew.

Lancashirelad said...

Obviously I will have to spell this out clearly soi. AD clearly states that "the only person of this group who has sued me who is not yet in jail is David John Hanks, the former owned (sic)...."
The salient point here being "who is not yet in jail."
Oh I know there have been convictions, and I'm glad to note them, but the fact remains that none of these men AS I WRITE are doing time in jail.
I repeat my contention that from what I understand it is entirely possible that in Thailand palms are greased & people do not "do jail time."
Jules in KL seems to think he has all the answers. Good on him.

Steam Punk said...

Sure, they are both wanted fugitives, SHOULD be behind the pipes in a Thai jail, but they are no less than jail escapees. So, picky picky... They are still jail birds.

Steam Punk said...

Yeah, they are not in jail because they did a runner, failed to show up and are now considered escapees from a custodial order, they are jail birds, but are on the lam, AD may have misused an adjective or verb, but fact is these two are fugitives from jail.