Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


I was expecting to see more considering the infamous Eclipse Group has for a long time been linked to banks in Panama but currently the only named ‘Bangkok boiler room’ fraudster I can see revealed in any 'Panama Papers' investigation by the ICIJ is the late Glen Bullard.

Of course the boiler room guys specialize in putting their assets
into the hands of nominees so that is not too surprising.

Glendon Richard Bullard was of course one of the ‘Bangkok’ Five who for years topped the list of boiler room fraudsters operating out of South East Asia for the last 20 years. His death in Pai, Mae Hong Sorn province was of course reported on this site.

For a while he was President of the Thailand Chapter of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club. 

He had intended to take over the Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok where he leased some 12 bars including Angelwitch, but was pipped at the post by Briton Paul Hayward, also known as Paul Hilton, from Birmimngham, who remains the strongest survivor, after the death of his partner Mark Hutcherson, reported in Texas last year.

Paul Hayward
Hayward recently was forced to relinquish control of Crawley Town Football Club in the UK to a Turkish steel magnate  after campaigning by this site and a last ditch attempt by him to claim he had the fans interests at heart and that his favourite story was that of David and Goliath.

There are however enough Thai names on the list for the Bangkok Post to have a field day.  The local press may however be restricted by threats under Thailand’s Computer Crime Act.

I am currently requesting information from the latest findings.






Megalodon said...

Thailand's "Computer Crime Act" must be repealed immediately. Any "offence" under this Act, (presumably alleged libel or slander), must be deemed a civil offence - NOT criminal - as it is in more enlightened jurisdictions.

D. Farang said...

Being an apex operator-predator, Paul ain't Jello - but he is a little harder to pin down, except on paper. His connections and concomitant payments enable him to fly under the radar longer, but there's an expiry date on every soiled paradigm.

Thai Dude said...

Paul Hayward? Is that the bloke who has his minions call up regarding selling carpark spots at Glasgow Airport?

Andrew Drummond said...

Coold well be - the airport scam is an old one. If u have any information contact me privately

john mccleary said...

PAUL HAYWARD is living in a dream, his opponents are either runned out of thailand, put in prison or dead! He gave me more credibility with the authorities here in the US now by hiring lawyers to try and harass a lawyer friend who's trying to help published a fictional book (the first book ). Now Paul Hayward has put himself on the radar by trying to stop a fictional book before it gets published. Paul Hayward Hayward has been masquerading as a legitimate businessman about 2 years after he had his corrupt thai authorities and highly corrupt American embassy officials kidnapped my brother and me at the American embassy on Thursday April 12th 2007! Now the authorities here in the US are suspicious again and they don't care what connections he has in thailand or at the American embassy! Because some of his business partners who died mysteriously were Americans and there's no statutory limits on murder in the US. I told them that Paul Hayward would try to stop my book, he did it earlier than I thought he would, I was expecting it well after new years but he initiated his harassment before Christmas. Thanks Paul Hayward for giving me more credibility to my story! Remember crooked Hilary didn't win so Paul Hayward's American buddies have a lot to worry about now, the private swamp will be drained soon! Thank God you can't have it your way all the time Paul!