Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


For those who are not aware there is now an appeal out to help all those arrested by the military in Thailand on Lese Majeste charges or insulting the monarchy.

Funds are being raised to make life a little better in prison for those who have been taken away certainly not on the orders of the ageing and infirm King Bumiphol Adulyadej  - but because it is politically expedient to Thailand’s military junta.

To read about this link and the former prisoner behind it go to this link at Khao Sod newspaper online (English) or to this link on Indiego 

How your money is spent will be published on this site – but it’s in Thai.

It may well be that many Thais who want to support those people who have arrested will be scared to publicly make a donation.  

It is clear they do not such social media as Facebook and how far it will bow to the military junta.

But just small donations from foreigners can make life a lot more sufferable in the inhumane Thai jails. Nothing much to lose – a lot to gain for freedom of speech.


Statmonkey said...

Thanks for pointing this out Andrew. I noticed in translating the FFA pages that there were several articles there by Pravit so I am comfortable it's legit. Sadly their funds don't seem to be growing, I think there are worse wastes of money, few if any of these people should be in jail. I am sure you are right, if I was a native I would be pretty nervous about donating to anything that might be construed as against the current dictators wishes. I do hope people will help them along, they are only trying to raise a small amount to make things better for those wrongly jailed.

Just call me said...

the king is head of the Thai military, its never mentioned in the media but it needs to be remembered because it explains why coups happen