Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016





The Scandinavian sex dating King Lars Castenlund Svendsen has been reportedly involved with two serious brushes with the Thai law in the last fortnight at his lavish ‘Electric Mango’ resort, restaurant and nightspot in the resort of Hua Hin.

The first incident at the resort which is marketed under the slogan ‘Expect the Unexpected’ was when police raided and took away one of Castenlund-Svendsen’s deputies, fellow Dane Karsten Reinholdt Jakobsen and three members of staff and on drugs offences - allegedly cocaine.

Karsten was reported to have been released later with as the drug involved in the end turned out to be 'merely weed' - 'No bullshit!'

This is an understandable mistake for the RTP.  But I understand the file is not closed.

The second incident happened last week when a Turkish national died during a ‘foam party’ at the resort.  I understand that is down to 'natural causes'.

Neither incident appears to have attracted any press publicity. 

Danish Lars was in partnership with George Mastronikolis in ‘Hua Hin Today’ and the ‘Black Lotus’ property company.

This perhaps was not an attractive choice according to many people in Hua Hin as Greek George (above) is involved in law suits from home buyers who appear to feel let down let down by him. 

It appears that both George and Lars themselves have now fallen out and are involved in suits and counter-suits.

But the arrival in Hua Hin of Lars nine years ago, where he also owns ‘Hua Hin Butler’ – a meal delivery service from a range of local restaurants  (and Karsten Reinholdt Jakobsen’s project )  created some rumblings among the foreign ‘movers and shakers’. 

In Denmark he is best known as the boss of Scor.DK an erotic dating site which took over Sweden’s  IX and he runs what he calls the Global Network of Love.  Rather than use his dating site he came to Thailand looking for love and he found a new ‘wife’ and  fathered three children. They are now separated.

The Global Network of Love is promoted in a video showing Thai Police gunning down ‘Cupid’ as he is about to shoot one of his arrows at a couple who meet over a couple of melons (nudge nudge) in a Thai street market. 

The message is 'Don't rely on cupid'.  Get your love from the Global Love Network.'

Perhaps Thai Police, who are shown to be rather trigger happy, did not like the video. But in any case Lars is out of the frying pan.

Lars claimed to have a strict no drugs, guns, violence, bullshit, etc., policy at ‘Electric Mango’ and he promoted  classier tourism than that offered across the Gulf in Pattaya.  

But one could take the view that he should not have had any trouble with the police at all as among the guests of honour at the launch of Electric Mango  by the Mayor of Petchburi were Lt. Gen. ML. Punsak Kasemsant, Assistant Commissioner Royal Thai Police and Lt. Gen. Manoo Mekmok, Commander In Chief, Office of Police Forensic Science, General Royal Thai Police.

(And local police and city officials are regulars at the resort.)

Currently lawyers and forensic scientists are questioning the competence of the Thai Police Forensic Science Division over its investigation of the murders on Koh Tao of Britons Hannah Witheridge and David Miller and the sentencing of two Burmese Wai Phyo and Zaw Lin to death.

Police Chief Manoo also featured in an amusing New York Times article by Thomas Fuller in 2011,  which began :

 ‘Give me your drug dealers, your money launderers, your felons on the lam yearning to breathe free’ and recounted how Thailand had fast become a place for the world’s ‘wretched refuse’.

Manoo, who was then in charge of the Immigration Police Investigation Division was quoted as saying that the system had been changed:

 “Fugitives will find it hard to get in.  Quite simply they’ll have to find another destination.”

(I should make it clear that there is no suggestion that Lars comes under this category. And by stating he has large tattoos and is a member of the ‘Nine’ motorcycle club people should also not take this with any derogatory connotations.  I am merely pointing out a blatantly ridiculous police statement.)

On the contrary Lars told the Hua Hin Today in a not surprisingly exclusive interview: 

“My life in Thailand so far has been eventful and full of amazing experiences; each one of them has brought me closer to what I now see as where I belong – creating an amazing lifestyle project where I myself can feel at home – something that has, so far, been hard to find in Thailand, and especially in Hua Hin, hence Electric Mango was born.”

Seeing happy faces on a ‘Children’s Day’ at Electric Mango inspired him to have a Children’s Day every second Saturday and he was now also giving to a woman’s breast cancer fund.

Added to Lars' Scandinavian sex dating empire his company Scor.Dk also hosts  ‘Escort-Guiden DK’ where if you can’t find a date on the Global Network of Love or Scor.DK, to have sex with, you can go and pay for the service.

But at 1600 Danish kroner for a  30 minute sex date with these two young women – about 8600 Thai baht  or £168- it’s easy to see why some Danes are relocating to Thailand even though the price margin is narrowing.

Lars remains unscathed. But is it possible that Lars love affair with Thailand is coming to an end. Has he become 'too big' - as they say.

I messaged Lars. He replied: 'Hey bro! Knew it was a matter of time. Did not read your msg yet...Just responding.|'

I'm still waiting.

He could of course take advice from fellow Dane Niels Storm Martens Colov a former Copenhagen pimp and gangster who across in Pattaya reached the giddy heights of becoming appointed chief of the Pattaya Police Foreign Volunteers.

Colov also likes Scandinavian biker ganga and is taking things easier in his old age and has remarried to a woman who is now the mamasan in a massage parlour. Now there's an economy.


Phillip Bean said...

the favorite place for the degenerate scum bags of the planet to live and operate and scam people and rip them off . Thailand is toilet stuffed full with big nasty farang turds who deserve nothing less then to be drug out in the street and beat to death.

Andrew Drummond said...

wow - written with feeling - :-)

Megalodon said...

I have to say, Mr. Bean, I am somewhat surprised that AD let that little diatribe appear on this forum.
I've never seen anyone "drug out," incidentally.
I reckon you've come up with a new expression there!

soiCzar said...

this blokes tat looks like it was done in a kindergarden finger painting class.

D. Farang said...

It's AD's prerogative what goes in and what stays out. I can say that about 30% of my contributions never see the light of day - but it's not a complaint - rather a casual observation.

Almost all of the time I know why it was left out too..

But I have assimilated some Thai culture along the way - the good stuff.

"My Bpen Rai Khrap," as the Thais say to most anything, from miniscule to huge..

Bob Kneale said...

Yes, odd isn't it? I commented along exactly the same lines as Megalodon re that first comment dragging this site down to the level of another forum, or worse. Selective censorship, I suppose.

Andrew Drummond said...

YES/ selective censorship Bob. I should probablu have cut completely but MR BEAN was the victim of boiler rooms and corrupt Thai CSD officers

D. Farang said...

It's totally understandable, given Mr. Bean's circumstances. It's not funny (the other Mr. Bean name not-withstanding), and it usually takes plenty of time to get over those things.

We victims all have to move on from these scams in time, by degree - but it is normal for victims to lash out at similar perpetrators of scams from time to time - as I have been guilty of in the past. Guilt by asssociation, both ways.

At some point, we realize that health trumps that lost money any second of the day - and it ain't so bad after all - in fact it's very good, very, very good - seeing the glass half-full..


soiCzar said...

Mr. bean has stated a pretty accurate assessment of the cailiber of MANY foreigners in TH. Most are not the most stellar of achievers or most of them would not be here. Their MO would not fly in the western setting, hence they ply their trades here. How many successful farang lawyers are here in Thailand...none... cause they cant make money, so why would any professional acct, lawyer, doc, eng, etc with a solid reputation in the west come to thailand and earn peanuts.

Murray said...

I second that Andrew - best laugh I've had all day! Wonder what's behind that 'feeling' though????

Andrew Drummond said...

read on

Unknown said...

I wanted to contact you (AD) via your contact page, but it keeps rejecting me after I enter the verification code.

Andrew Drummond said...

try andrew at this website