Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Police in Somerset have been in touch with police in Bangkok over the case of Mark Hallett – a British scammer first exposed on this site as one of the new ‘sophisticated berks of Bangkok’.

Hallett, 48, skipped the UK while facing 11 fraud charges related to a Ponzi’ investment scheme. His father was a scrap dealer in Somerset.

Hallett giving the finger
He is now under arrest on immigration charges and has been transferred from Thonglor Police station to the Immigration Detention Centre.

In Bangkok he was involved in escort agencies flogging ‘sophisticated’ Thai woman to a ‘sophisticated’ foreign clientele. Well I doubt either was sophisticated, but that’s how the service was advertised.

Then he joined forces with a Lord Geoffrey Bond to find investors for the Wolf Bar and Grill and Spanks Club in Sukhumvit Soi 22, Bangkok. Geoffrey by the way was not a Lord.

This should not be confused with another similar sounding bar run by Harlan Wolff  which was opposite ‘The Vault’ in Soi 11.

The Vault was another ‘sophisticated bar’ in Bangkok run by British and Irish criminals where the owners were not likely to be arrested and which was also the occasional hang out of Thai military and police generals.

The ‘Vault’ was of course one of the Bangkok boiler room spots where a shaven headed Brummie courted Thai 'hi-society' having sold out his interest in a British football club.

It helped him relax from his other more notable business - Nana Plaza sex tourism centre.

Yeovil born Hallett apparently scammed people out of £3.9m – so he should have enough to pay himself out. But it looks like he was arrested as a result of a tip off and held on immigration charges.

The official line by the Avon and Somerset Constabulary is merely that they have been in dialogue with Thai police. I am sensing they are feeling a little optimistic though.


Lancashirelad said...

I feel you have hit the nail on the head here, AD; "appears to be the hangout of Thai military & police generals."
Until this endemic corruption in Thai society is eradicated, Thailand will forever be known as a cesspit where dross like this piece of scum can operate with impunity.
Incidentally, has there been some encouraging development in the Red Bull heir case?

D. Farang said...

People, be one hundred percent certain of death, taxes, karma, and that Mr. Hallett feels precisely the same way about his victims as (infamous Wall Street Ponzi King) Bernie Madoff, when he famously dissed his hapless investors from a well-appointed jail cell (he milked his victims out of billions of dollars - several committing suicide as a result - including his poor son no less) by stating to a reporter, "F--k my investors!" Nice guy huh? There's zero remorse there, nada, zilch.

These two basically incurable reprobates are birds of the same despicable feather, of the identical ilk. These people are inveterate psychopaths, with the concomitant empathy and compassion of a plastic flower - or a beady-eyed vulture, about to gulp down a tid bit of rotten, maggot-covered carrion.

Hopefully, Hallett's soiled wings are now clipped permanently, and he's metaphorically covered in gooey, thick black oil, to permanently keep him "grounded" in a Thai prison cell (read overcrowded Dormitory - where you sleep sideways like sardines - and if you go to relieve your good self in the wee hours of the morning - you lose your spot on the concrete floor. Nice that).

And with any luck or karma what-so-ever, Mr. Hallett may just dine on well-fed rodents after all, while he "enjoys" his incarceration - for the standard fare is arguably worse.

For sure these types fluff their feathers of self-importance on the inside (jail), all in vain mind you, and to an audience of one (themselves). Vanity is funny that way, ha ha ha..

But it's really nice to see another garden-variety, farang boiler room cockroach (and that's rather high praise) potentially going down, "biting the dust" in Thailand - on a slippery-sloped, hot road down to hell - where he surely belongs. Karma is working again, and as always, it's working to a "T."

Andrew, thanks for covering and helping to expose these sordid cases of alleged wasted skin. Hopefully a few of them will reform and do good, but that infers a conscience, honesty and integrity, so don't hold your breath.

Summer is nigh, and like justice, it's arriving just in time, so enjoy those strawberries, shorter skirts, and perhaps a little tennis, not necessarily in that order. A guy can never stop looking (and dreaming big dreams), or what's the point?

Megalodon said...

I am of the opinion that people who get scammed only have themselves largely to blame. Greed is their driving force - very often.

Andrew Drummond said...

That is the view the boiler room boys take. Meet the victims.

D. Farang said...


In my case you are partially right. I did well for years on the markets, then went from a conservative approach to a risky one - so a lot of it was my own fault, although I was lied to by a mining company president, just a little extenuating circumstance.

In my mind, I do blame myself, for trusting him. At any rate - have yourself a great day!


Horizons said...

Indeed. So when it happens to Hayward Inc. they will only have themselves to blame. Imagine that, the most notorious scammers getting scammed. Imagine that.

D. Farang said...

In addition, I hope you are just stating your sincere belief, as opposed to double-dipping - "trolling" or "baiting" us many poor victimized "suckers."

As my glass is half full (it took about 3 years to get to that point after I was ripped off - lied to - scammed - but I take the blame, nevertheless, hard on myself I guess), I choose to believe that your motive is not to throw salt on the wound - but if it is, fly at it! We do harden you know, like good tempered steel, and it's all water off a duck's back.


Marlo Stanfield said...

That's a typical, idiotic, smug Thaivisa forum response.
It's not "greedy" to invest
It might be foolish to invest in something sold to you over the phone by someone you don't know but it's not greed.
Besides, what's wrong with wanting to put money to work? When does it get greedy - when you take it out of the bank paying 0.1% interest and put it into, say, the stocks of Exxon in return for a nice dividend??

Wake up and educate yourself.

Megalodon said...

My immediate reaction is to say I understand your anger, angst, whatever, D. Farang, although you (and others) would probably be entitled to ask me how could I possibly understand as I have not been a victim of such scammers.

All I can say is that what I stated is my sincere belief - I am certainly not "trolling" or whatever the current appropriate term may be.

I hope I do not come across as arrogant when I state that I have not been the victim of these scams. I do live in Asia, though not Thailand, and have done for over 40 years. Does that make a difference - not living in Thailand?
Possibly, but I assure you that there are scams reported every day in the country where I live in Asia -as I guess there must be everywhere in the world.

Not wishing to gloat - I honestly believe many scam victims are victims of their own greed. I have the utmost sympathy for someone who has been burgled, mugged, robbed, whatever.
I just find it difficult to muster the same sympathy for someone who has fallen for the smooth talk of a complete scumbag - which I recognize these scammers to be.

Loiner said...

Try telling that to the victims of the LM Investment Management fund scandal. Kiwi fraudster Peter Drake eventually took that same view while he was salting away our millions in his dodgy personal loans.
His bottom feeder IFAs told all of us the same lies about 'safe as a bank' and 'doubly regulated in good ole Aus'. None were investing in a get-rich-quick scheme. Everyone only wanted safe returns on pension pots and life savings.
So which type of monster shark are you - fund manager, boiler room boy or IFA parasite?

D. Farang said...

Looking for sympathy has to be the bottom of the barrel. Sympathy is vastly overrated, unless something positively tangible comes as a result. I always laughed when the Pastor said he would pray for someone - DO something instead, hahahahaha.

I had sympathy for some old people long ago, at the rest home where my god mother resided, so I helped them by buying extra food and delivering it to them - my Mom told me to stop helping them, that I was way too generous - she told me that if I ever lose all my money no one will give me a bean. She was right on, a right prophet. My little wee rant is over now.

It's peace of mind we all seek, not bloody sympathy - and most of us find it. I have. It took a while.

Megalodon said...

None of them. (Reply to Loiner).

Megalodon said...

You might claim that it is "foolish" to invest money in something sold to you over the phone by someone you don't know, Marlo. I call it plain "greed."
Whatever happened to "due diligence?" Would you buy a car, or invest in property, by handing over a large sum of money to someone you don't know, in a city or country where there is very little protection for you as the invester or buyer?
No you wouldn't. So why hand over large sums to scam artists - other than because of greed?
Nothing wrong with wanting to put money to work, especially (as you point out), when returns from banks on investments are so low.
But I repeat my earlier point - due diligence is required. Otherwise it becomes difficult to refute "accusations" of greed.

the truth said...

what about people that been coerced into so called good"investing",pretending to be "a friend" for a while with a good deal as often happens here too....the seller(friend) makes a fortune in commission while telling there friend that they were unlucky as what they invested in went down(as they knew would happen)as in boiler room scam,many older guys in thailand been fucked like that and lost there life savings......yes they shouldnt "invest " what they cant afford to lose but that is an outright robbery as there money never even went to anywhere where was even a chance to wi or get money back,just sent to a pre conceived set up where no one can win..poor old fuckers lost there future for scum to spend on shit,most investments you dont lose all ,you just maybe dont win but get your money back,this scum take all and give excuses...thats robbery and out of order whether the middle man or not!!