Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20, 2016
He's been playing with guns and boasting about his senator approved trip to the White House

But still the noticeably absent publisher of the now defunct Pattaya Times newspaper Drew Noyes must stand trial for libel according to the Thai Appeal Court.

Noyes, who fled to the States, but not before a payment to the notorious Pattaya court,  after being convicted and sentenced to jail for extortion, is of course unlikely to turn up, however,  despite leaving some of his children behind.

So yet another warrant is expected to be issued for his arrest.

Together with notorious Scots fake barrister Brian Goudie he is accused of libeling oil worker Ally (Alastair) Cooper by calling him a drugs pusher among other things and various libels against Andrew Drummond (yours truly) and Kanokrat Nimsamooth Booth, who had been aiding in legal actions against the con man who was first exposed in the Wilmington Star in North Carolina twenty years ago, for shady property and share dealings and sexual harassment.

Ironically Goudie is alleged to have libelled Cooper by publishing a story on his pseudo legal website 'Casewatch Asia' that he planned an attack on Hilary Rodham Clinton!

Drew Noyes was however much more interested in his Thai wife's reaction to the Monica Lewinsky episode.

But he too has fled fraud and embezzlement convictions and a three year jail sentence after also paying Pattaya Court 'bail'.

After multiple complaints from foreign customers of his quasi law firm PAPPA Co. Ltd., later to become the One Stop Service Center trading also as, we started exposing his frauds on this website.

Noyes had falsely claimed to have been invited to Thailand to work for the Bank of Thailand during the 90’s economic crisis to help the country out of its problems.  He courted the local judges and the local Mayor Ittipol Khunpluem, whose term of office was this week terminated by the military government.

Noyes was involved in a number of libel cases and counter-suits involving myself, Nimsamoot Booth  and Cooper, until he was finally forced to flee back to Wilmington, North Carolina last year after being found guilty of attempting to extort the owners of the Thonglor Clinic out of 7 million baht – on pain of a police raid when illegal substances ‘would be found’.

Noyes had heard that the clinic had been raided and shaken down for cash in Bangkok and was working with corrupt police to make a killing in Pattaya.  The police consumer dept officer in charge of the case in a raid which subsequently did take place was subsequently transferred as is the usual practice.  

No substances were found.  But officers had been informed of the local police investigation in which Noyes was set up in a sting and arrested as he took the first ‘down payment’ in the News Restaurant in Jomtien.

Noyes posted an incredible phony biography on NAYMZ claiming to be a marksman, a skydiver, a member of MENSA, an authority on Thai law, property and the recipient of multiple Royal awards etc., but was little more than a moonshine salesman, who donned a suit and tie to con the local authorities and his clients.

In Wilmington, NC, he has recently been boasting his connections with the police on Facebook and recently posted that he is now an ‘expert’ marksman having been trained for a week by an instructor from Fort Bragg.  

This may be a snipe at the US weapons instructor who recently had an affair with his wife and co-defendant in extortion case – Wanrapa Boonsu.

In a further comment alongside a photo of himself with his latest he added: “Its really very hard to find someone who loves you and stands by you in life whatever life deals".

I'm guessing he must have picked this up from one of his ex- bar girl mistresses.
He also boasted that his local senator had provided him with a private tour of the White House.

But that of course is what everybody needs to do for a 'private tour'.

Will they catch on across the pond or be duped again?

Footnote:  The legal action is of course academic as it is unlikely Noyes will return but as it has been paid for will continue until a further arrest warrant is issued.


Statmonkey said...

Too rich. I believe there are 5 or 6 ladies that would agree with him, it is apparently very hard to find someone who will stay with you through thick and thin.

So he managed to dupe another one and get her into the states? Amazing.

Statmonkey said...

While we are on the subject of fakes. I see that they have rejuvenated the career of Khunying Pornthip. Shake my head. It just keeps getting worse.

Ian McFarland said...

Noyes knows he can't return to Thailand without facing arrest and imprisonment, and yet he still insists he's soon returning to be with the children he abandoned.

It's his abandoned kids I feel sorry for.

D. Farang said...

How Drew became the veritable poster boy for "Teflon Man," despite his record and what he has done to people - is anyone's guess. I've no clue myself, else I'd say.

It stumps this farang Dummy.

Hwy 66 said...

We all know how much noyes loves his photos... Where are the photos of the white house tour?

NOT Drew Noyes said...

A known homophobic moron bragging about assault weapons training and visiting the White House. His timing couldn't have been better. If he wasn't on the Secret Service's radar, he is now.

Anyone know if our second favorite fake barrister, wee Brian, has made a runner yet?

D. Farang said...

5 or 6? I would venture to say that thousands of destitute (but decent) Issan ladies would gladly jump on Drew's bandwagon. As a master manipulator - he can fool people, has, still does - and will.

Sam Burno said...

I agree. the saddest part of all of this are the kids. They are the victims, who cares about the White House pictures, Or the assault weapons Training,
That is his private FB, all the other stuff he is getting punished everyday, am sure he would rather be living in. sunny Pattaya, with all his family, It will all catch up to him, It's just time, I only pray his children will be ok.