Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday, August 09, 2016


The Bangkok Appeal Court issued two more arrest warrants today for the two phoney lawyers, American Drew Noyes, and Scot Brian Goudie, after they failed to turn up to face criminal libel charges.

Warrants have already been issued for Drew Noyes, who was convicted of extortion but fled while on appeal (which he lost) and Brian Goudie, for fraud and embezzlement, who also fled while on appeal.

Noyes,60, now of Green Valley Drive, Wilmington, North Carolina, sentenced to two years in jail (reduced to 18 months on appeal. 

Goudie, aka Goldie
Goudie, 48, from Falkirk, had been sentenced to three years. 

Both had issued libel writs against me and oil worker Ally Cooper. The arrest warrants issued today related to counter suits we both lodged.

I counter-sued Noyes for a story which he published in his now defunct Pattaya Times website in which he claimed that my Press accreditation and card had been withdrawn by the Thai authorities. 

In fact, my accreditation and card were never withdrawn, but continued to be re-issued, and were still valid several months after I had left Thailand.

A government official at the Public Relatons Department testified on my behalf.

Ally Cooper
Ally Cooper, a supporter of this site, sued on allegations made by Noyes that he was a drugs dealer.

Noyes had developed a habit of turning up at court with a Thai military colonel who testified that he was an upright person and supporter of the military government who planned to hold a seminar on how to live in peace with the Thai government.

The lower court however initially ruled there was no case to answer against Noyes as he showed documents allegedly proving he did not own the Pattaya Times newspaper or website.

Noyes still boasts on the net about being the publisher of the Pattaya Times and he claimed to be the only American lawyer licensed to operate on Thailand’s eastern seaboard.

In fact he was nothing more than a con man who had even convinced the predominantly Thai-Indian Lions Club of Bangkok (Silom 310D) into making him their President.

Goudie also invented his own law degree, claiming to be a British barrister, to cheat people in the courts in Pattaya. In fact, he was an ex-con who’d been sentenced to 6 years in jail for theft in Australia under the name he was born with - Brian Goldie.

An arrest warrant had also been issued against him for fraud and in connection with ‘revenge porn’.

He had allegedly posted pornographic video and pictures on the internet of his Thai ex-girlfriend after she had been ‘disloyal’.

Footnote: I am of course totally opposed to Thailand’s criminal libel and Computer Crime Act libel laws but in cases where people take these actions to scare off people exposing them, it is the only course Thai law allows. All current actions taken by Noyes against those who helped expose him are now expected to be dismissed.


Lancashirelad said...

AD, I found your Footnote to be very pertinent and I am 100% in agreement with you. As I read your article, I found myself thinking that whilst I fully support you & Ally Cooper in your "fight" against these 2 criminal clowns, how much better Thailand would be without their "criminal libel" laws. I hadn't thought about their Computer Crime Act libel laws but the same sentiment applies.
One more thing though - perhaps I'm being naive but you mention both these bozos fleeing whilst on appeal following conviction.
Does the Thai justice system, or what laughably constitutes the Thai justice system, not have procedures in place whereby somebody released on Court bail has to surrender their passport; is subject to daily reporting to Police or is placed on a "stop list" at each and every Immigration post in and out of Thailand?
And will the Thai authorities institute extradition procedures against these two clowns?
And what, if anything, are the Thai authorities doing about extraditing the Red Bull heir to appear in Court? (Assuming he is still out of the country).

Billy Black said...

The dirty vermin Noyes is swanning around Wilmington pretending to be the loving father and important honest business man when he is in fact just a worthless con man.

jules in KL said...

No update on con-man Bwian's whereabouts?

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

Lancashire lad. Thailands fugitives escaping whilst on bail are no worse than British Governments on this by means of getting to Syria. And even worse. Being allowed to return

D. Farang said...

I'll bet my house that Noyes votes for Donald Trump - 2 bloated, lying birds of a feather - that appreciate the finer points financial scams and Eastern European mail-order brides..

Amazing said...

I hope any prospective Noyes employer googles his name before hiring him.

Horizons said...

Both are pathologically challenged and a severe 'danger on the road' to other, ordinary swimmers. What one wonders is why, in apparent Wild West Pattaya, nobody took these two decrepit con-men out of the equation over the years. Trifold: Pattaya is the Asian capital of con-men and lowlifes and those who might have grievances have too much to lose themselves - probably running a glitzy website asking for $91 offering a service which is in fact free on other sites. Go Fund Me, because I'm a criminal. I'm waiting for a new religion sign-up - there are no lows the Pattaya people will shirk from. The police, of course, and the army, they got their kickbacks but I imagine not so much - psychopaths have a way of manipulating the situation. Now that they're both gone there are others to prey on, long memory short when it comes to devious sociopaths like the Thai authorities. And thirdly, very sadly, they're good at what they do. Good at being the worst kind of human being, so well trained, a lifetime spent fucking people over, these people thrive on being called to justice - who, me? It's their perfectly placed demented forte to manipulate a depraved and corrupt legal system, such as the one in Thailand. I note that there are many decent people in Pattaya, and some of whom have had their lives reduced in quality by these two miscreants, and note that it's hard to hit back against criminals with 'the law' on their side. Difficult for sure. I have a feeling both will get their dues though.

Horizons said...

The Red Bull heir walks, of course, and no amount of pressure will likely change that. The Koh Tao disgrace is more worthy of attention as to getting to the crux of impunity and the criminal essence of 'Thai Culture', in my humble opinion.

D. Farang said...

What was Noyes President of anyways? - "The Pattaya Farang Reprobates Club?" Now he's left to chronically masterbate in the U.S.A. - as opposed to chronically scamming victims in "The Land of over 40 Smiles". Looks good on him - 55555

I know Andrew old chap - into the old circular filing cabinet again..

Best Regards Anyways..

D. Farang said...

Not quite worthless Billy Black - he has a crappy old car and a seedy hovel to hang his despicable hat - as he patiently waits for personal justice to be served him - in or out of court. Ouch..

Steam Punk said...

I'm quite certain there are specific rules and procedures in thai judicial system, but it is most likely secondary to corruption, at all levels, providing a "solution" or other means to circumvent the system for anyone willing to pay.

the guest said...

Thailand seems to attract the offcuts from society.