Sunday, August 14, 2016

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Brian Goudie, the pretend English Barrister, Scottish Advocate, and officer in the Royal Marines, has announced he has landed in Scotland via an Emirates flight from Dubai.

Goudie,48, born Goldie, had fled Thailand while appealing a three-year jail sentence for embezzlement and fraud, and also from two other warrants for his arrest on charges of fraud and ‘revenge porn’ and criminal libel.

In a short comment on Google Plus Goudie complained of the cold weather back home in his native Scotland after landing at Glasgow airport. However, his presence in Scotland could not immediately be confirmed.

With the warrants out for his arrest he could not leave Thailand legally without the permission of the court. The fact that he says he flew ‘Emirates’ suggests that he took a flight from Bangkok – but of course he could have made an illegal border crossing to Cambodia, or Malaysia. 

If he is indeed in the Scotland it is unlikely he will stay there long. He fled the country in the 90s after which warrants of arrest were issued for him and two other Scotsmen in connection with an alleged fraud on the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Christine Spence
All three fled to Australia where Goudie, who was then still Goldie, boasted to his new Australian girlfriend Christine Spence about his scam against the Royal Bank.  

Australian immigration authorities attempted to deport him, but he led them a merry dance by continually appealing to the Australian Immigration Appeals Tribunal, where a judge described him as ‘not a man of good character’.  

He left the country of his own volition skipping his last hearing at which a deportation order was expected.  He had meanwhile served over two years of a six-year jail sentence for stealing from his employer – a Perth mining company, confirming the Appeals Tribunal judge's comment.

He spent his time in Hakea Prison, West Australia.

By this time the warrant for his arrest for the alleged bank fraud had been cancelled. It would have been impossible to proceed because his co-defendants had also disappeared.

With the name Goldie now tarnished, Goldie (junior) the son of a machinist Brian Goldie (senior), who became a local candidate for UKIP in Falkirk and President of the local Burns Society,  changed his name to Goudie. 

After a brief period running a company which he claimed cleaned the guns of the US Navy, he headed to Thailand, now calling himself Brian Goudie and announced he was both a barrister, a Scottish advocate, and set up his own law company ‘Alba Laws’ employing an economically efficient Thai lawyer to process his cases.

He trawled the local prison Nong Plalai near Pattaya for clients and successfully took on the case of former Ulster drugs trafficker Jimmy ‘Doc’ Halliday who was serving time for assault and had contracted the flesh eating disease ‘necrotising fasciitis’ while behind bars. 

Halliday could not be saved but Goudie did get him to a hospital where under guard Halliday signed his ‘Power of Attorney’ over to Alba Laws, which Goudie used to strip him of his property – a pub and guest house called the ‘Blarney Stone’, two apartments and a car. 

Halliday died of his illness in the hospital.

Jaggie Thistle
Goudie re-opened the bar as the ‘Jaggie Thistle’ but was not successful as a landlord and continued to milk his legal customers. 

He cheated a 78-year-old American woman, Barbara Fanelli Miller, out of nearly US$300,000 in legal fees for representing and to pay bail for her son who had been arrested on child sexual abuse charges, promising to get him back home to Madison, Wisconsin.

In fact, people on similar charges were being released by the court in Pattaya for as little as US$10,000, but Goudie had no intention of paying even that. He pocketed the cash and the accused Greg Miller, 43, died of heart failure while serving his sentence.

Goudie's sexual harassment victim makes a complaint to Technical Crime Suppression Division Police

It was on fraud and embezzlement charges in this case that Goudie was sentenced to three years in jail – but he was also being pursued by two Britons and a German, two other clients he had cheated, and was on trial in that case, and a warrant of arrest had been issued by his former girlfriend and managing director of the holding company of ‘The Jaggie Thistle’ for posting pornographic pictures and videos of her on the internet when their relationship soured.

The Bangko Criminal Court had also issued a warrant for his arrest for criminal libel.

Goudie’s criminal exploits in Thailand had been exposed on this site and in the Sunday Mail in Scotland and later became the subject of a television documentary. 

Goudie sued me, but not the Sunday Mail, and his case was dismissed. 

As a witness and as his representative he had appointed David Hanks, a fellow Scot from Girvan, Ayrshire, who had emigrated to Australia where he became the owner and licensee of the Masquerades Brothel, in Keysborough, Victoria, on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Goudie and Hanks were also exposed on this site when they got together and tried to con former American millionaire Bill Monson out of £7 million in a case in which they told him they could get the US$30 million he had been conned out of by Thailand’s former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra.  

Initially another con man Drew Walter Noyes was party to this plot.

But the two Scotsmen ditched American Noyes, who himself ewas convicted of extortion and who also fled while on bail from Pattaya court while appealing his conviction and two year jail sentence.

Hanks and Goudie with their economical Thai lawyer

Shinawatra had gone into business with Monson, and as often happens in Thailand kicked the foreigner out of the business – even having him arrested for a short while.

If Goudie is indeed in Scotland expect another name change soon.

Right: Goudie/Goldie was the subject of the syndicated crime investigation programme 'Brian Goldie - Swindler Scot - in the series 'Serial Swindlers'.


Billy Black said...

I would be inclined to take Goldie's word with a large pinch of salt, If he says its raining outside i would have to take a look myself.
Personally i couldn't see him returning to Scotland or the UK, My guess is he is hiding in a shitty little village with his girlfriend "Oui"and reminiscing of the time he had money in the bank as he now couldn't afford a flight from Knackon Knowhere to Glasgow.

Kevin Quill said...

As Andrew says, it's quite possible he has returned to the U.K. for legal purposes, such as a name change. He may give Thailand a wide berth for now or simply relocate to the islands or the North of Thailand and set up shop under a new name.Guys like this push the envelope as far as they can.

D. Farang said...

Wonder how he evades justice and out of court settlements? Ah well - revenge is best eaten cold anyway - ice cold.

Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal. said...

Goonie is still here and the 100k reward fot his capture is still on offer.

NOT Drew Noyes said...

Knowing that he is rotting in a Thai jail would be a reward in itself. I would donate the 100k to develop an app. Maybe GoonieMan Go! or NoisyMan Go! Gotta catch 'em all!

jules in KL said...

Do you know that for a fact or guessing?

If still on offer I may organise a small game safari.

Drew Noyse is a convicted criminal. said...

I have it on very good authority that Goonie recently attacked his girlfried. This was after her mother refused to support and fund him any longer. This happened in Thailand.
Latest sighting reports received place him in Pattaya.

Andrew Drummond said...

That would make sense