Monday, September 12, 2016

Monday, September 12, 2016

The notorious Canadian low-life scammer Harris Black is at it again in Thailand. Now he’s offering jobs to foreigners – at a price.

He has been flooding Craigslist (Thailand) with  job opportunities for foreigners among whom there is no shortage of people seeking to extend their stay by working.

He’s been advertising jobs for foreigners as front of office and reception staff at the Dusit Hotel Group, greeters for San Miguel Beer, and as kindergarten teachers.

Those seeking an interview are asked to make a donation of Bt250. Its hardly anything but if he gets 50 replies a day from multiple free ads – well then he does not have to work does he – and let’s face it he never has.
Harris Black with Rose Chaiyachon Nangpreeda - Drew Noyes' paid for Thai coirt interpteter

Needless to say Dusit do not advertised on Craigslist – and they have their own training scheme. 

This is a variation of an old theme. Years ago in the nineties  a Brit, Michael Clarke, announced the production of the film ‘Invasion Thailand 2000’  and put out ads for extras and co-stars,

Everyone was offered a job – then came the crunch. They each had to pay £20 for filming personal insurance.
He made thousands. 

I caught him in Thailand posing as a tourist policeman working old drugs and ‘angry husband’ scams. He would raid apartments where tourists or expats had taken their bought girls for the night.  

The victims either had to pay for ‘drugs’ which would be found, or pay off the angry Thai husband who accompanied him.

Variations of these scams have been going on for years. They always find victims.

Clarke got sentenced in the Philippines to over sixteen years in jail for promoting sex tours. (See video below).

But actually Harris Black is worse in my book than Clarke.  Check out this warning site.


D. Farang said...

From a fellow Canadian - despite Canada's generally good reputation - we also have our fair share of inveterate losers that emanate towards the LOS - Karma will get this reprobate-scumbag Canuck in time.

That Canada's former Prime Minister Lester Pearson in effect started the United Nations in the 1960's does not make us better than any other country, exemplified by Harris and his ilk. To wit, a company I am involved with here in Canada has an alleged quasi-criminal Canadian for a CEO - so there's additional "proof" that we are all the same as everyone else on this veil of tears - with many good, bad and indifferent people making up this gigantic country.

Signed, Same Same but Different

jules in KL said...

Clarke was a certain type of scumbag Brit that you see plenty of in Thailand, an ex-con with dreams, lost them quickly and any money and ended up sponging off his family and anyone else to keep going with scams and rip offs. Thailand lets them in and stay!!!! Thailand seemed full of dodgy geezers in the early Nineties, perhaps I do not get out enough anymore as there seem to be less around.

The later Paradise Express venture (sex tourist tours) in the Philipines was I recall subject to an ITN or BBC expose with an undercover reporter which was picked up locally by CNN, (probably News of the World and Sun), became a major furore in the Philippines due to the underage girls possibly involved and there was a manhunt for this guy.

Needless to say, they caught him and found him guilty. 15 years. All seemed a bit contrived, more to do with pride and image than actually tackling social ills.

He eventually found God and became a devout Christian in the jail in the Philippines. He died in jail just before release about 10 years later.

And the moral of the story is, never defraud a local and never embaras a nation.

Horizons said...

Cyber crime of this ilk emanates rife from Pattaya at this time. Clearly the MO is rip people off for what they can afford, and then bore them with bs until they move on, not suicidal at their loss. Marginally smarter than rip people off for everything and actually cause suicides, and then spend the rest of your life 'rich' and living the consequence, but very poor form nonetheless. For the math, there is one here in Dubai which charges 91 Canadian (just the currency they quote, maybe taking advantage of the good name of Canada) for an auspicious-sounding job placement. Very popular site and they manage to fly under the radar by not charging GCC locals for their 'service'. Lots of out of pocket people, mainly Indians, a lot of whom can't actually afford it and a job in Dubai is of course the big 'dream' in terms of the basics of taking care of their families: 91x100, 91x1000, 91x19000, etc. Mentioned site has pocketed much more than 91x19000. Easy. Until it all catches up on ya.

Lancashirelad said...

It is my understanding that foreigners in Thailand are not allowed to perform or "do" certain jobs. (I know that the part-time work in which I am legally involved elsewhere in Asia, for example, cannot be performed by a foreigner in Thailand).
Surely if Black is advertising some of these "banned" jobs for foreigners, the latter would know that legally they cannot "do" them and would not waste their time applying for them?
Or is he only advertising "jobs" which can legally be filled by foreigners?

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

There is only one rule in Thailand....If you can't buy your way out then don't even sneeze on the wrong side of the road.
If you do happen to sneeze on the wrong side of the road then you admit you did it and pay the fee...For the Mums and Dads protesting their mins innocence is merely banging nails into their coffin.
When will people learn. Amounts and shouts of innocence don't count in Thailand.
Pay up or your 4 years becomes 50.
no iffs. no buts. THAT'S THE ONLY REALITY