Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday, September 04, 2016

The wealthy father of a 23-year-old American woman who fell off a cliff face in Krabi Province while allegedly fleeing a sexual attack from her Thai guide is understood to by flying to Thailand to her aid.

Hannah Michele Gavios is currently in hospital in Phuket after being transferred from Krabi. It is understood she is paralysed from the waist down.

Photo - Manager Magazine

An unofficial guide 28-year-old Apai Raingworn from Trang Province has been interviewed by police and according to media reports. He himself is reported to have injuries to his arm and face.

Park officer Boonnam Chuyradom said: ”Apai Raingworn, admitted that he had made sexual advances toward a tourist while taking her from Railay to Tonsai.”

Ms Gavios was at the time understood to be on leave from a teaching job in Vietnam and had taken a holiday in Thailand. Apai had offered to escort her from Railay to Tonsai Beach, near Ao Nang in Krabi Province yesterday.

To travel from one beach to the other normally requires a boat trip, but there is a path over the small mountain separating the beaches. The cliffs above Tonsai beach are a rock climber’s Mecca.

After most of a day and a night Ms. Gavios, a graduate in art and fashion,  was found 45 metres down a 60 metre cliff. She was able to tell rescuers she fell while fleeing a Thai man who was sexually harassing her.

Hannah’s father is Aaron Gavios, founder of the New York Gavios Realty Group and Square Foot Realty.

No charges have been placed against Apai at this stage.

Evil Man of Krabi

The province of Krabi and local police received considerable negative publicity in 2012 when a young Dutch model was raped by a local Thai guide. 

In the wake of police inaction against the perpetrator, whom it turned out had been jailed for murder as a juvenile, the model’s father a musician wrote a song, produced a video and put in on the internet where it went viral.  He later withdrew the video 'Evil Man from Krabi' when the culprit was finally arrested and jailed for 20 years.

But it was widely copied and circulated.


D. Farang said...

Thai boys are usually very spoiled as children, and are therefore not used to getting "no" for an answer - when hormones are raging - when something in their pants is stirring.

Don't get me wrong - I am not painting all Thai men with the same sordid brush - but if you look at sexual assaults in L.O.S. - there is an issue - same with Thai police sometimes blaming foreign female rape victims by saying they were dressed too suggestively - or drunk.

Precisely why many of the victims don't even bother reporting these crimes. They just vote with their feet - and never come back to Thailand.

But why should T.A.T. (Tourist Authority of Thailand) care one iota? - in a bean counter world - and with Thai tourist numbers up again this year - over 30 million for the first time

Bob Kneale said...

Apart from hearsay, which obviously doesn't count, what makes you say that "many of the victims don't even report these crimes" and how can you even know about unreported rape cases if they are not reported? Either the victims must be reporting to you instead, you are privy to some statistics that no one else is or are you must be making up the unreported rapes bit?

Your comment about Thai boys usually being spoiled and the inference that they are more likely to rape ("there is an issue". Really, says who?) is a myth trotted out regularly by ignorant contributors to certain farang forums and carries absolutely no weight at all. The accused in this case hasn't been a boy with raging hormones and issues for many years.

What has TAT's lack of care (in your eyes) got to do with this, in fact what has this incident got to do with TAT at all, what would you expect that organisation to do even if it was involved?

Andrew Drummond said...

I can vouch for the fact that there are many unreported rape cases. The other stuff is conjecture.

D. Farang said...

Hello again Bob: I've been around Thai families, up close and personal - lived in Thailand for over a decade off and on - and seen with my two eyes how Thai boys are spoiled to the max. New Thai baby boys are the talk of the town in any Thai family for years, and these youngsters always get their way. Someone always rocks the cradle for these babies dutifully - even when they sleep soundly - and there is no need to rock - but they do BOB - they do.

Now go right ahead and twist that one to suit your inherent needs sir. I just transparently report what I see, not what I want to see, or to suit an agenda..

D. Farang said...

If you don't like living in Thailand anymore Bob - perhaps try Syria, Iraq, Yemen, any number of African countries - or even Albania on for size.

T.A.T. and the military government are almost two peas in a pod Bob. They co-exist, like you and I.

Steam Punk said...

Interesting that many of these Thai boys become shemales, often encouraged by the family at a young age. Different value systems... But no means no!

johnjay david said...
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johnjay david said...

I'm not defending the would be rapist, I'd be happy to watch him hang. But, would this lady walk around in Chicago at midnight dressed only in a bikini? No? Then why did she do it in Thailand? Like so many socially engineered nitwits that show up here, she needs to have her head examined.

Andrew Drummond said...

You sound a bit like the General johnjay. Midnight in Chicago is not quite the same as midnight in tropical Krabi

D. Farang said...

Chicago - Murder City USA - it took over from Detroit.

But it's acknowledged that hordes of tourists take on more inherent risk in Thailand than in their home countries, like not wearing a safety helmet on motorbikes - on arguably the most dangerous roadways on the planet.

johnjay david said...

I replied to you 36 hours ago Andrew but it has not appeared. Is this site having some problems?

Andrew Drummond said...

Not everything passes the censor here

johnjay david said...

Who censors? The General? I didn't use any offensive words, or formulas, or mention 'tabou' subjects. So, what exactly should I avoid using?

johnjay david said...

Once again my reply has not passed. Trust me, there was nothing to censor. Site must be having problems