Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I have been having a little hibernation organising my files and doing some private writing. However recent pictures of Hollywood B movie actor Steven Seagal posing with Thailand’s dictator General Prayuth Chan-Ocha caused a retching moment.

It’s not that I can stand the sight of this guy or his B movies which normally go straight to vdo. He may well have a big fan base. It’s the utter hypocrisy of the occasion.

It was one of those Glenda Slagg of Private’s moments. ‘Don’t it make ya sick!’

Seagal, it was reported, had come to pay his respects to the late King Bhumipol of Adulyadej. 

He is also reported to be a devout Buddhist, lover of peace dogs, and all things good. On the other hand, he represents the Russian arms manufacturer ‘Orsis’ making promotional videos for the company and has described Vladimir Putin as ‘one of the greatest living world leaders.’

Alleged victim Kayden Nguyen (CBS)
And his Hollywood career has been littered with complaints of sexual assault and harassment including allegations of keeping Russian sex slaves, sex trafficking and sexual assaulting a Vietnamese American woman he had hired. Just Google. it’ll keep you busy for half an hour. 

These he has successfully fought off with expensive lawyers and reported sizeable under the table payments.
He has also been described as the biggest jerk to have been on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the U.S.

Now, he says, he plans to make a film called ‘Attrition’ in which the hero will assist Thai police hunt down human traffickers.
Some mistake here surely. Were not the Thai police and army THE human traffickers of recent Thai history?

General Prayuth and Steven Seagal seem to have a lot in common humour wise. Top officials of Thailand’s Department of Public Relations were there hoping that Seagal could improve Thailand’s image.  Some foot shooting going on here.

Enjoy Seagal's 'Attrition'

Having been in Bangkok for many years during his visits. I can say with confidence it’s true he does have a special love for Thailand and especially Thai women.  

This and his activities at the Sheraton Hotel, Sukhumvit, between the Cowboy and Nana sex entertainment areas (though I do not think he personally entered these area) were the source or problems between him and local facility companies.


Steam Punk said...

I fail to see the "hypocrisy" you are referring to elucidate?

Andrew Drummond said...

A remarkable number of people on whom the King of Thailand has had no bearing at all are jumping to pay homage. Seagal's forte has not been in human rights, women's rights, or even the 'Divine Right'

D. Farang said...

"Seagal's forte has not been in human rights, women's rights, or even the 'Divine Right'"

He pays homage because he's probably got an agenda, an ulterior motive

Almost amazing that he got an audience with the General

It's because he's perceived as a "big (Hollywood) Fish"

And he was going there anyways..

I guess it's not all talking down to the people - all of the time

Statmonkey said...

I was going to let this one slide because I thought it was common knowledge, clearly it isn't. I know for a fact that my personal interactions with Mr. Seagal are not one-offs.

This is, to put it kindly a person of "low moral character". My 1st acquaintance came during the 90's when he attempted to buy a couple of my businesses, he unfortunately didn't think paying for them was a prerequisite for ownership. After he had ruined the businesses, drove off the employees (including unwanted advances on female staff), etc. the court allowed me to repossess them. He never made any payment except the down payment. His reason? "I don't do that. I'm Steven Seagal" followed by a preposterous menacing glare. "My attorney informed him that there was a difference between acting badly and bad acting and only one was legal." We still laugh about that line.

Lots of other tales I could tell but that gives a picture.

He is not a big fish in Hollywood or perceived as such. Proof? A few years ago I was at a party in Bangkok with some pretty big fish (a couple of people with Oscars, a couple of actors, etc.) and someone mentioned that Seagal was in town. This caused a near riot as nearly everyone in the room said in near unison "That piece of S...? He still owes me money". Which also caused everyone in the room to break out laughing. For the next three hours the 20 or so of us stood around swapping horrible human being - Seagal stories. Google (Seagal - Kelly LeBrock). It was particularly memorable for me because the party was for a buddy of mine with cancer and it was the last time we were together.

Seagal is no Buddhist, he is first and foremost a Seagalist. Like so many others appearing on this site he has played on/misrepresented his small, unlikely fame and used it to take advantage of all and sundry. He is welcomed to the Drummond Rogues Gallery with the typical fanfare. North Korea has Dennis Rodman and the Monochrome Kingdom under General Happy has Steven Seagal. They both get what deserve but I think Rodman is a step above Seagal, he's at least taller.

D. Farang said...

Stephen makes the good General look downright anorexic.

Bob Kneale said...

"A remarkable number of people on whom the King of Thailand has had no bearing at all are jumping to pay homage."

I am no fan of Mr Seagal but I would like to ask you why shouldn't he express his condolances? What has it got to do with you, AD, whether the King's death has any bearing on anyone, man in the street or household name? Since when have you had any right to judge people's right to mourn? To give you a commoner's analogy, I lost my father a couple of months ago, I hated the man and his death has no direct bearing on me but if I wish to mourn, sincerely or otherwise, that is my decision and my right, and you do not have any more right to criticise Seagal than you would to criticise me or anyone else for that.

"Seagal's forte has not been in human rights, women's rights, or even the 'Divine Right'"

So how does any of that have any bearing on his meeting with the PM, has he claimed to have 'fortes' such as those and what do you mean by "the Divine Right"?

Apart from gratuitous mischief, I wonder what the reasoning was behind your decision to identify the location of one of the most well known hotels in Bangkok, as being between Nana and Cowboy? As you said yourself, Seagal had no connection to those areas as far as anyone knows.

Andrew Drummond said...

I'm sorry to hear you hated your father. I missed his death however. Perhaps that's because there was not a full PR operation in force and General Prayuth was not there. I did not say Seagal had no connection to the areas in question, just that he did not visit them. This, I guess, was mainly because he would be recognised. He had a comprehensive knowledge of Bangkok's twilight zone.

leave Thailand to the Thais said...

The General would have Gary Glitter by his side if there was a baht coin in it

JusticeBrit said...

He has a new film coming out next year where he has to save a thai girl with special powers lol he is promoting

Dave Jack said...

Met him in Rivas in the Sheraton a few years ago.
Slimey sleazy man completely full of himself!
My friends in the band there introduced him as Jean Claude an a joke..... he walked out.....with his body guards!!

Trollmeister General said...

Dave, please clarify. Are we talking Bob, the General or Steven Seagull here?