Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Tuesday, November 01, 2016


Australian James Guido Eglitis, aka James An, who was first exposed on this site as a boiler room fraudster in the U.S. and wanted on kidnapping charges in Australia, has surfaced in Bangkok after escaping robbery charges in Cambodia.

In Bangkok yesterday. In mourning?
The 70-year-old career criminal and con man slipped into Thailand at the weekend after being released by Cambodian police.

He had been arrested in October last year in Sieam Reap with New Zealand national Brett Michael Hastie, 44, for the alleged September 29 robbery and assault of British man David Scotcher. 

Scotcher was reported to have left the country in fear for his life. Hastie was released some time ago. The details of Eglitis’ release are sketchy. 

Under arrest in Cambodia with Hastie

Eglitis is well known for impersonating police officers included the FBI and Australian Federal Police.

Newspaper reports claimed that Australian authorities were considering seeking his extradition from Cambodia.   But they made no attempt to do so.

Whether they would seek extradition from Bangkok is also questionable. Relationships between the Thai military government and western governments are strained and there is little dialogue.

He made a chapter in this book
The Australian government may be reluctant to call in a favour from the Thai military particularly for a person of such little significance as Eglitis despite the seriousness of charges brought against him in Queensland.

In 2007 a Brisbane court committed Eglitis to stand trial in a higher court on charges of kidnapping, deprivation of liberty, robbery, impersonating a police officer and possessing restricted items. 
But for his full colourful background follow this link.


file pic
Meanwhile Eglitis has been circulating around bars in the Queens Park Plaza area of Sukhumvit 22 in Bangkok and strolling between the Holiday Inn there and the Honey Guest house and knocking back a few in the Joy Bar and Butterfly, er, down Honey Lane.


leave Thailand to the Thais said...

you missed the short time in soi 33. AD

D. Farang said...

"..knocking back a few in the Joy Bar and Butterfly, er, down Honey Lane.."


..with one of the biggest stashes of Viagra in South East Asia - by the looks of this worn out, nefarious monkey poo..

Megalodon said...

I think the Americans have the right idea when it comes to bail jumpers - although to be fair to AD he does tell us that we don't know the full circumstances regarding how Eglitis "escaped" from Cambodia.
Was he even released on bail? If so, was this Court bail (released by the Cambodian court after being charged)? Or was it Police bail, (released by Police pending further enquiries)?
Do the Cambodian authorities, in fact, even have such procedures in place, which are the norm in more enlightened (read Western) jurisdictions?
Returning to the Americans; if bail has been put up by a bail bondsman, & the arrested person (AP) jumps bail, a bounty hunter can go after the AP.
It would be satisfying to see Eglitis being brought before a Cambodian court -dragged behind the back of a horse with Clint Eastwood in the saddle.

Horizons said...

Just another punk in Thailand. Another predator preying. All these crawling creatures, the boiler room scum, the police, the bully transnational mafias who somehow think themselves slick, and the untouchable dictatorship, will all be shot at dawn if they don't wise up to the fact that if you needlessly sabotage people's lives, they'll come hunting for you. And it's 'I know where you live' reversed. All these assholes are very lucky that most people fend off their primal instincts of bloody, and often justified, revenge or retribution and as futile as it may seem, cos the courts ain't gonna help you, adopt a form of thinking which is along the lines of 'Well, it'll catch up with them'. Continuity will prove that correct. Crime is a niche game, complex but generally a victim list. When all the criminals, real men all of them (they are either bullies or cowards) decide to nest in Thailand, a country which shows almost no interest in real justice, expect both an overload of crooks and therefore no longer a niche success. If I were young and without a conscience I'd start a new online religion, in Pattaya. But life has taught consequences of action and respect for people's - whoever they are and wherever they're from - right not to have their thoughts hopes dreams finances sabotaged by a bunch of self interested scum, be them of boiler room variety level, gangster scum bully level, or governmental scum level. This is not the story of Singapore.

Horizons said...

The Untouchables. How light they must sleep.

Unknown said...

Good stuff and ACCURATE!!

Gerrard Oxley said...

FYI Mr Eglitis is now enjoying the hospitality of the Bangkok IDC and will be extradited back to Australia.