Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

Police in Hua Hin are to present the results of their findings into their investigation into the death of American academic James Hughes, 58, at a meeting at the United States Embassy in Bangkok this coming Friday.

The Hua Hin Superintendent Police Lt. Colonel Sittichai Srisophajaroenrat has again stressed that, despite press reports quoting a police lieutenant in Hua Hin, the enquiry had not been closed and work was continuing in the case.

The death of James Hughes became controversial because of the high number of injuries which had been inflicted on his body which was found in the Poung Pen Hotel in Hua Hin on September 6th.
The policeman was quoted in the ‘Bangkok Post’ as dying not from the wounds but from ‘underlying’ illness. 

However, no such illness was revealed in the post mortem.  The Bangkok Post withdrew its midweek report but published a special report in the Sunday ‘Spectrum’ indicating the family believed that a murder had been covered up.

And a story expressing serious misgiving was also published on this site but stating that the Colonel had indicated that the investigation was ongoing.

Further the administration at Webster University where Hughes lectured imposed a black out on discussion of his death threatening miscreants with police action.

The Hua Hin superintendent stressed again that the inquiry was not over – and not over until the full report had been placed on his desk.

The medical examiner has been called in to explain the cause of death which he gave as ‘failed respiration and blood circulation’ which is why everyone dies.