Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 14, 2016

Investors particularly in South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand need to be careful of a current boiler room fraud operating from ‘rooms’ in Manila, Cebu, and Bangkok.

Two fake companies are actively involved and have websites pretending to be in New York and Portland, Oregon. 

Capital Trust Management claims to be operating out of West 33rd Street, New York, but you won’t find their telephone salesmen there – but much closer to a palm tree or two. 

They are currently hawking Uber – the ride home people – but the only people taken for a ride will be those transferring money.

The government of Thailand and the Philippines have allowed these boiler rooms to flourish for nearly 20 years and they don’t do it for nothing.

My sources say they have been successful in pulling in punters from Australia and New Zealand.

Investors should also beware of a company calling itself Baker Bradley . This so called Oregon based company has offices in Makati and Cebu who are doing the same thing and have also been pulling in cash from Australia.

They are connected to Bangkok and were among the original scammers who operated there around 2000 shortly before the raids on the Brinton Group.

The Briton Group raids orchestrated by the Australian Federal police was an abject failure.  The bosses were arrested but released, then later fined for reaching Thai SEC regulations, and allowed to carry on again.  

The loaders were merely deported and many came back on the next plane and were paid for the inconvenience. No authorities touched the fraud money which was in banks in Hong Kong.

Since those days’ boiler room boys have been heavily investing their profits in Thailand’s sex industry, with one ‘Hong Kong Paul’ holding the master lease on Nana Plaza, which he bills as the world largest sex entertainment area.  

Currently behind Baker Bradley are Paris Batra, who is not far away from such characters as Alex Pagan and Tony Dunga - 'Wonga Dunga'. 

All are Bangkok British wide-boys.  Paris Batra used to own the ‘Bedsupper Club’ in Bangkok. 

Be careful out there. If it’s too good to be true. It is too good to be true. You’ll only be paying towards someone’s supply of San Miguel, and numerous hostesses and yellow Ferrari.

Uber of course have not issued any share offerings


  1. The gullibility of those who fall for the tricks of these shysters, crooks, wide-boys - whatever you want to call them - defies belief. Words literally fail me.
    Whatever happened to the expression "due diligence?"

    1. Or, more appropriately, "caveat emptor" ?

    2. Wrong. Words obviously don't fail you Trollmeister - you have managed to blame the victim with a blanket policy paradigm.

      Not that's it's any of you're Fking business - but I did due diligence - tons of it - then the CEO of the mining company lied and did not drill the promised holes - even though it was published on a reputable site that they were - consider not acting like a General A hole Trollmeister.

      So far - you are doing a great job.

  2. Warnings and victim blaming about this type of con will generally be wasted on readers of this website. The targets of the boiler room scammers are usually located in Australia or Europe. The boiler rooms are 'hidden' in Thailand and Philippines where they can carry on with impunity.

    The conmen Thailand expats need to beware of are the locally based IFAs selling their supposedly genuine insurance and investment funds. No "too-good-to-be-true deals", but your savings are still gone when the funds run out of your money. And the IFAs have pocketed the commissions. #LMFundScandal

  3. AD - why do you not allow people to put forward THEIR arguments in THEIR defence?
    Why do you not permit people to rebut the allegations or whatever made against them?
    I have attempted to point out that D. Farang was taken for a right plonker because of his own greed - but you have not seen fit to publish my reply.

    1. Probably because you cast all victims of boiler room fraud as stupid or greedy Trollmeister, or indeed those who fell victim to the major American banking 'frauds'. They are victims because law enforcement in the financial sector is woefully inadequate and banks, which harboured the cash, are bullet proof.

    2. In essence, it was my own greed Trollmeister. Lost 1.2 million canadian dollars - about 90% of life savings from 35 years of work. You can't throw salt on the wound, though you may try mightily - it already healed, LOL.

      Now I go with my Thai wife to Thailand every second or third year, instead of annually. Saved a lot of money though, hahahaha..


  4. I can assure you I have no desire whatsoever to throw salt on the wound - if, in fact, that is what I am being accused of doing.
    For what it's worth, (not a hill of beans, I realize), I actually feel sorry for you. That is a mind-staggering, or mind-blowing, sum of money. I cannot comprehend how the loss occurred; I know it did - you have mentioned it before on this forum.
    And at the end of the day; again, as you have mentioned before, it is none of my (or anyone else's) business.

    1. As you are surely cognizant sir,(mental) health trumps money every single time - unless you're say the president elect of the USA. In any case, your colors are good, unlike "despicable" Donald's..

      Signed, true colors

  5. Every year these conmen get more slick, those websites look well put together.

    The acid test is whether they actually name anyone in the company. Real companies mostly do, a single accountable person in charge. Conmen don't.

    I used to be approached /called 2 or 3 times a week by conmen selling financial services. Few could answer the first question in this list, only HSBC International got to the bottom:

    - What is your full name?
    - Name of your company?
    - Office Address?
    - Are you licensed?
    - What is the name of your boss?

    My sympathy to anyone taken in, these people are scum.

  6. Yellow sunglasses, yellow cars, yellow ironically and coincidentally? Yellow only and karma kills. Paris? I refrain from calling him a criminal and to be honest the cocktails at Bed were well made. The place itself was of course a pretentious nightmare for anyone with another mind. Jam song time will tell.

  7. Yellow sunglasses, yellow cars, yellow ironically and coincidentally? Yellow only and karma kills. Paris? I refrain from calling him a criminal and to be honest the cocktails at Bed were well made. The place itself was of course a pretentious nightmare for anyone with another mind. Jam song time will tell.